Gaming pains; do you get them?!

You guys ever get gaming pains? Like after 3 hours your hand or shoulder starts to hurt?

For me, its my middle finger knuckle from slamming the buttons. After like 3 or 4 hours that knuckle feels like I jammed it or something. If I give it a good tug it pops and feels a little better, but still hurts.

It’s usually after 6-9 hours of continuous play that my hand will hurt a bit. That and sitting down for that long also tends to cause back pains. I just fight through it. :tup:

I’m new to the stick. Hell yeah.

Painting fence for 3 hours straight takes it’s toll on you. To cure that, you gotta jerk off more often. Build that arm strength.

Yeah, usually it just my head but other times, my neck really start cramping.

My right hand has a pain for life, after soooo many RB2 Yamazaki’s 5th level attempts.
You have to press a button 13 times then ABC to perfom it.

It was 8-10 years ago but now, if I try to do it again, my hand gives me some good real pain :smokin:

i used to get blisters alot till i switched to stick. now all i get is ignorable pains in between the bones in my right hand.

only thumb hurts after awhile. freakin jabs…

Popping your fingers and stretching your arms a bit can help prevent before playing, assuming you don’t do much to build up your arm area to begin with.

I have had 10 hour Marvel sessions. No pain at all. If you do experience pain, you are probably being inefficient in your execution. Pushing a joystick around and pressing some buttons should not be physically exhausting.

takes notes :smokin:


but for real:

sitting on the floor for a long time makes legs fall asleep and my back ache

im old D:?

nothing ever with hands, after a long session they do feel kinda warm

I got pains on the tips of my fingers that I use to hit the buttons. I hit with the points of my fingers as apposed to the bottom side. I know a few other people who do the same and we all got what I like to call arcade calluses. They are little but they are just a tad under the fingernail, more or less between the middle of the tip of your finger and your fingernail. When I first was developing them a really long time ago they made my fingers all tender and sore for a damn good while.


Well I used too get blisters back then (Super Street Fighter 2 on Genesis) and I’ve yet to get a stick so my hands still hurt (mostly because of Hokuto no Ken on PS2)

i just get massive headaches trying to beat cpu on ST

Practicing some characters in AC gives me pains. Especially I-No. My middle finger would be sore for awhile after practicing her BnB combos for hours.

I used to get fingers pains when im playing my nigga 'Rog on ST.
You always have to charge, sometimes its painful.

Pad warrior BTW.

This is pretty much it in my experience. I usually get mental fatigue but that’s about it.

HHAHAA! Thats real as hell lol

I sometimes get this like crazy muscle pain in my arm ( the flexors according to this pic ). I have to stop playing for awhile till it gets its shit together.

Too play on those systems compared to the arcade was a toll in itself. I could never reach the fierce punch button when I wanted to. What a noob I was back then…still am. Damnit.

Most of you are doing motions way too hard and wide if you’re actually tiring yourself out.