Gamestop Winners Round 3: March 14th

I won my Gamestop round 1 and 2. Who else is going to Washington for round 3?

BTW-Nice to see you again Val and nice to meet you new people I didn’t know posted on SRK

If all goes to plan, i’ll show up to Washington. I am going to do some serious training in the meantime, though. I hear Seattle don’t screw around. Hopefully I can pull this one off…

I’m the other guy who won at beaverton.

Me and Alvin took Round 2. At Easport

If we go to tukwila. You guys wanna carpool???

not sure if im going yet cuzz a bday party that day…

Yea it’d be cool if we can go up there together. Yea I won the Hillsburrito one. Yay :wgrin:

Somebody needs to be taping this, of course. I can loan people a tripod so we can have fixed footage (hand-held sucks).

I won the Eastern WA tourneys, and I’ll definitely be at the Tukwila one. Hope you guys can all make it! I only know a couple of guys who are into SF competitively, and it would be fun to meet some more people.

Good luck to everyone!

I’m definitely in for car pooling but don’t have a reliable car.

So any of you peeps that were at the Tukwila Round 2 set: how were the pads? Did they put out brand new ones for you guys to use? Or did you have some half-ass broken shit. I know the peeps that are coming from Oregon and Eastern WA would definitely be pissed if they can’t throw a fireball in such a higher-stakes round.

I read that Wizard/SRK staff was trying to supply TE sticks to the final 16 stores so they could have Round 3 on sticks/pads of their own choosing. Dunno how firm that announcement is, though.

Anyway, I’ll be there, ya’ll! I want to hang out with some SRK peeps I haven’t hung out with in years. It’ll be cool to chill with everyone again.

Zach: Unless you’re gonna make it, I can take some videos. I’ll bring my tripod, but I’ll just be using my little point&shoot to take videos and I don’t have a memory card big enough to get ALL the matches. Nutshell: it’ll be shitty quality and shitty quantity as well. …eh, you might want to show up to capture. :rofl:

If it’s this weekend (I think it is?) I’ll be in Detroit. :smile:

Nope. It’ll be the weekend of the 14th.

So you guys have been beasting on pad the whole time?

Anyone know how many people are expected at the tourney?

It took a little getting use to but yea.

If we could use joysticks on round 3 that’d be cool.

If we go i’ll roll my car.

  • When the Gamestop tournament was announced, the very first rule was that the 360 pads were going to be used.
  • I’d imagine it’ll be a pretty big field as we’ve got peeps coming from all over Washington, Oregon, and I think Idaho and Montana. Haven’t checked the district layout, but I think we’ve got the ENTIRE Northwest US meeting up in Tukwila.

the gamestop i was at said that we could use our own stuff in round 3… I also remember hearing we could use the pads we won (while not a stick are still better than 360 pads). looks like the official rules say in store controllers only.

I just called the gamestop in Tukwila and they said they MIGHT let us use the Fightsticks they have in back. I actually don’t have much experience on a stick so I think I’ll ask for a controller. I have a pretty easy time using the 360 pad, the only trouble I have with it is incredibly precise stuff but I don’t rely 100% on precision. If it IS just the Fightsticks I’ll just have to practice with a friends.

Yeah I won Round 1 and 2…i’ll see you folks at South Center area. Pad or stick, its all good to me.


I wish you knew how much i fear you

Ooh, the** Jason Cole is gonna be there! Awesome, can’t wait to get my ass kicked by one of the best! Ha ha this is gonna be a fun tourney. :nunchuck: