Gamers today... what are they capable of?

I remember seeing a thread a while back called masters of their craft. however, though it sounded like the type of thread I wanted, it didn’t tell me what I wanted to know. what I want to know is, what is it that makes these players who they are? what can they do that makes them a threat?

I don’t mean the blanket empty shit like “Oh, that guy just kicks ass!”. I’m talking about… HOW, exactly, do they go about kicking that ass. for instance, Daigo from my understanding generally likes to play the role of counterattacker and he’s damn good at it. Justin Wong’s a pretty advanced player who can attack and defend with very few mistakes in between. What about the others? I got no idea what Alex Valle, Sirlin, and Choi are like for instance, don’t know much about them.

edit: not asking for a tutorial or to be trained; I’m asking about top gamers and their unique talents in specific

[media=youtube]6OEXzKk5gkQ"]just ask Tomo[/U[/media]

Sirlin slows down time.

They love competition
They play against other who love competition
They have retarded reflex
They’re willing to travel 1000 Km to test their skill against other player

Fighting game it’s like playing guitar … You won’t ever improve if you don’t try to improve.How many of us know someone that play guitar and play the same song for now 90 years?WHile that 21 years old play some hardcore stuff?

Because that kids want to learn and improve … while uncle bob just play for the hell of it.

Me right now ive hit a wall in Street fighter 4.I don’t improve anymore . But i don’t play against advanced player and i’m not at all in any online or offline competition.Theory and reading don’t make you the best . Hell i’m still keyboarding at street fighter 4.I don’t purchase a stick simply because the online competition ain’t worth the price tag of a stick .Not because they’re not any good player.Because of how the online work and how the ranking system’s …How can i feel connected to the multiplayer community of sf4?Outside of shoryuken and some streaming … The community’s dead in my book .

THe whole thing’s simple…Daigo,Justin WOng,GOoteck ,Edma are a lot involved into offline competition.If you’re not … ell online can work in some game but for sf4 it’s not going to happens.

don’t forget the power of [media=youtube]QtdqJ9hHlcY"[/media]

interesting read, thanks dude. I’ve heard about its martial arts application and wondered about its possible use in gaming. You can get a similar feeling of time slowing down if you can access your adrenaline… I’ve been able to do that but it’s not easy reaching that state and it’ll die down if the fight isn’t moving quickly.

edit: mb hadn’t finished reading the article. Apparently it IS adrenaline-based… that explains why it can’t be done for long periods of time

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I think it’s a good question. I think aside from tangible things like good reflexes, experience, good execution the other and maybe REAL reasons why they rise above the rest are a bit harder to describe.

They are able to read situations and the opponent better, have better adaptability. Those things are kind of hard to quantify compared to say, someone not missing combos often. They just have a feel for things.

Kuroda reads minds and has perfect defense.

Sirlin is a dork.

The best players have discovered the fourth layer of yomi.

I slow down time by drinking, and my 4th layer of yomi is headbutting the cabinet to startle my opponent.

I think it’s a good thread idea, too bad it’s getting shit on right now but that’s SRK :stuck_out_tongue:

The “technical”(lol) term for “Slow-mo” is “Flow”, also more colloquially “The Zone”

It’s a function of the brain related to survival combat where perception of time slows down but reaction time doesn’t. You by-pass the cerebral cortex in order to engage instinctual reflexes, in the literal sense you stop thinking and start doing. As a computer analogy, it’s like bypassing the FSB and connecting the CPU directly to RAM(which is what’s done these days) allowing the part of the brain that actually controls motor function to directly access memory, instead of going through a cognitive process.

You can train yourself to control it.

Once im in “The Zone” its pretty hard to control my drinking.

They are able to understand the great complexity of games like Halo 3. They also display excellent problem-solving skills in games like Fable.