Gamepro street fighter mini comic

Does anyone know what issue that little comic was in in the gamepro magazine? Even better does anyone have one for sale i looked on ebay and even went to the gamepro webstite and i cant get my hands on one :sad: I think it would be fair to put a link to it on here somewhere solely based on the fact that it is impossible to read otherwise. Nobody would be losing money or anything by someone posting a link or scanning it and sending it around online.

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The man in charge has already declared that no scans will be allowed of this comic. I can tell you though that the comic appeared in October 03 issue #181 and you can probably get a back-order copy from Gamepro if you email them or something.

I already tried emailing gamepro and he said he has no more left. does anyone have any scans they could e-mail me. I know its illegal or whatever but i dont see why. It is IMPOSSIBLE to read it otherwise. You cant find it ANYWHERE. Nobody would be losing any money cuz of copyright infringment or anything.

i also tried to get it from somewere. spend hours and hours of time to find it, but it is really impossible!!!
please UDON or somebody else, give me an opportunity to get ist like the cammy short story that was mae availible on an artists homepage a while ago!!!
i would even PAY for that. i mean these are just 4 PAGES!!!



As far as i am aware, the Sagat vs Ryu promotional story was in issue #0 of the SF comic. Again, this issue was in limited supply but it means that if you can get hold of this issue, then you can get the Ryu/Sagat story. So Udon have in fact given you the possibility to get this story, you just might have to wait till an issue turns up on Ebay or something. It certainly would be nice if Udon made these pages more available tho. :confused:

Er… #0 didn’t have the Ryu and Sagat story, #0 was pretty much building the story of Gouken’s murder, #1 had Joe Mad’s Ryu Vs. Sagat as a back-story. I couldn’t tell you if its the same story from GamePro.

I have issue 0 and 1, And I remember seeing the 4 page comic very briefly before i was interested in street fighter comics and I remember that that story is not in either of them.

I’ve got that issue of Gamepro, it’s a small backup about Sagat who’s struggling with his defeat at Ryu’s hands. The art is great btw.
I’ll see if I can scan it but it’s gonna be tough since it’s in the middle pages of the Gamepro issue.
But i’ll give it a try.

You probably shouldn’t post the scans here. Udoneko looks down on that sort of thing.

In reality, you’re performing an illegal act and infringing upon the rights of the artists as well as…

Oh fuck it, PM me the scans please. It ain’t like we’re going to see the story anywhere else, and despite my love for Udon, I am not paying a cent to Gamepro no matter how much SF comic is in it. Gamepro fucking sucks.

I’ll buy that gamepro from you. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease. If not can you PM or email me thae scans. my email is [email protected] thank you :pleased:

ok so now somebody give us the link to the sagat promo story of Gamepro #181 (Oct. 2003) please
or contact me othervise: [email protected]

What BBCampbell said. Please and thanks.

PM me your email adress and you’ll get it ASAP.

what happened
somebody else give us the 4 pages!!!

Hey Martino Love, didnt he send you the 4 pages? If not i can email them to you :pleased:

please email them to me!!
[email protected]
he didn’t send them to me, actually
i am waiting!!!
thanks, my friend!!!

Well… I see all people are so generous here. Soo can somebody e-mail those scans to the poor guy from Ukraine??? Please??? Or I will go to the Chernobil power station with some TNT… And you can say good bay to the whole Europe!!! Grrr…

P.S. Almost forgot, my e-mail is [email protected], btw you can see some hot Ukrainian chicks in photo section of


Please OHHHH PLEASE some one who has the scans, could you send them to me … [email protected] … thank you forever if anyone can do this for me … PLEASE ONCE AGAIN … I’m TYPING ON MY KNEES! PLEASE!

All above should have it now… :smokin:

thank you …

Thank you all for the pictures. Very much appreciated.