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how many of you here use Gamefly? I’ve had it for a few months now and I’ve mostly been disappointed… not getting games until a week after a return, never getting the game I want despite med-high availability, etc. another friend of mine is having the same issue. who else?

I’ve contacted them and they said it was my fault for ‘not having enough games in my queue’. hmph.

I’ve used gamefly a lot in the past and really liked it.

the reason why it really is your fault for not liking it…

not having enough games in my queue

I love the service. I do think it is too expensive however.

Back when I had it, I loved it. Probably because I live close to a distribution center. Had no problems getting or returning games.

Don’t know what it’s like now.

Some of my colleagues (and my boss) use it, and they all seem to like it.

6 games listed isn’t enough games, by their standards? :tdown:

What works for me is tweaking my game queue often. Game availability changes quickly so if you login more often and move things around you’ll probably solve these issues.

I’ve had games that show low availability one day ship the next. A little proactive tweaking of your queue ought to solve the problem.

I personally really like them and have been using them almost as long as they’ve been in business. The way I see it, even if you have some idle time on your membership or you wait a little longer for a game once in a while it’s still a ridiculous savings over buying games retail. Case and point:

Say you go through 4 games a month on the 2 games at a time plan. The math breaks down to this:

4 games a mo. @ $23/mo. with gamefly = $276 yr.

4 games a mo. @ $60 buying games retail = $2880 yr.

Even if you cut that retail example in half to factor in used title prices you’re still in the hole almost $1500.

Kinda hard to argue with that math, especially in a lousy economy. I wouldn’t be able to afford to game if I didn’t use gamefly.

I agree with the logic Kijosan but who has the time to go through 4 games in a month?

I was wondering about subscribing to gamefly and thankfully the OP posted in a timely manner.

I agree with the savings aspect because I find that most games that I have played are short lived and to spend $60 only to trade it two months later for much less is a killer. I do enjoy whatever single player games I have played, but I find that most of the time after beating it, I am done with it. I’ve played 6 PS3 games all of which I have beaten in less than 4 weeks, so that totals to $360. With gamefly, I can swap out when I am done and boom, new game for cheap.

Honestly, the the only games I would buy are the franchises I am totally dedicated to (Castlevania, Metroid, MGS), and fighting games, but other than that, its a big no purchase wise.

I think the negative thing about gamefly is that they dont get new games on the first day of release, no? I was doing some engine searching on their website for RE5 when it came out, and I didnt see it there at all. Was it just a bad day for them or do they not get new releases?

He he he… yes, I know. It was a best case scenario. I truthfully only manage to go through 2 which still ends up being a considerable amount of cash saved. But then, there are those months where you rent stuff and you get a few lousy games that you send back right away so, in reality it might not be too far fetched.

The way I see it, every time I can send a game I don’t like back to gamefly it’s more or less paying for the subscription. I mean, if you buy a game from Gamestop or whatever other retail place it pretty much loses at least a quarter to half its value the minute you remove the shrink wrap. With gamefly you’re not out anything and can get a replacement game right away without any additional cost.

No, they get them. In fact, they shipped me RE5 the day before its official release which they’ve done before with other releases. Weird you didn’t see it. Coulda just been a glitch cause I put it in my queue at least 3 weeks prior to release. Pretty much as soon as it showed up on gamefly’s site.

I’ve used Gamefly for the past…four years or so I believe. Haven’t had one bad thing happen with them yet surprisingly.

what $14 bux a month is too pricey? :lol:

Had it for 3 years, back when it first started, any game…any time. Then I just didnt have the time nor the effort into gaming…

The service was good, but the high profile games were hard to come by when I stopped.

I remember trying to rent PS2 Marvel vs Capcom 2 when it first came out. It never came :sad:

I pay thirty something for the three game plan. Only having three slots is kind of crappy when you have a PS3 and a 360 and you happen to feel like trying out two different games. Four game plan would be better but I’m not going to pay close to fifty dollars a month for it.

If they did something like eight dollars for two, fourteen for three and twenty-five for four it would be much better.

6 games in your que is why you aren’t getting shit. You need at least 10-20 at anytime due to the sheer number of costumers they have. When I had used Gamefly I never had a problem with it.

They’re like night and day from the early days, back when they had only one distribution center. Now they’ve got 4. Popular titles aren’t hard to get anymore really. I mean sure, once in a while you’ll have a longer wait if you haven’t added something to your queue in advance of release but even then, I think the longest I’ve ever had to wait is maybe a week.

I like Gamefly. My girlfriend used to run that shit because she would never play through a game more than once(she still does that). She switched to Blockbuster’s service because she hated the waiting for the game to come, but honestly, I preferred it. Blockbuster’s selection blows, and some asshole was hogging the only copy of Resistance 2 for a goddamn century before she got her mitts on it.