GameClucks Thursday Night Fights (Streaming every Thursday!)

<span style=“font-size:1.17em”><b>GameClucks Thursdays Night Fights</b></span><br>
<i>Part of the Pacific Northwest Road to Evo 2013</i><br>Organized by <a rel=“nofollow” href=“”>Chris Anderson</a> and <a href=“” rel=“nofollow” class=“bbcode_url”>GameClucks</a><br>Streamed by <a href=“”>Loz</a> (<a href=“”>tLozSEA</a>)<br>Community: <a href=“” rel=“nofollow” class=“bbcode_url”>Facebook Group</a><br>
</b>GameClucks Thursday Night Fights is a weekly event in the Seattle area. It is organized by GameClucks and is (often) held at Another Castle Video Games in Edmonds, WA (just 20m north of
Seattle) and sponsored by Another Castle Video Games, NOS Energy Drink,
Plantronic Gamecom, and Eightarc. We started out these events as just a place to meet up and get games, but have since grown to include weekly tournaments and a stream as well.<br><br><b><u>Who’s Coming?</u></b><br>Most of the discussion takes place on each week’s <a href=“”>Facebook event page</a>. Invites are sent out to all members of the <a href=“”>Northwest Street Fighter</a> group. Most players do not RSVP until the day of, but we typically have between <b>10-20</b> attendees. Every week we have 8-14 entrants for a $10 AE 2012 tournament. Our 8-man UMvC3 tournaments have been $2 entry until the scene grows. We have KOF XIII most weeks (discussion happens in <a href=“”>KOF Northwest</a>) ranging from just casuals to $2 tournaments, to 8-man $5 tournaments. We recently held a 8-man $2 SFxT 2013 tournament. Finally, some players show up for P4U casuals as well. Most players do not arrive until an hour before their game starts, we highly recommend you do the same.<br><br><b><u>Community</u></b><br>You’ll find that attendees are very welcoming and we can easily give you
advice or let you know where to find games near you. Our players range
from some of the best in our region (such as <i><i>Riki-Oh</i></i>, <i>Finelikewine49</i>, and
<i>SRKUW|Fawwaz</i>) to players that are new to these games and
are looking to level up or just get casuals in.<br>
Venue: Another Castle Video Games<br>
Address: <a href=“” rel=“nofollow” class=“bbcode_url”>23303 Washington 99, Edmonds, WA</a><br>
Another Castle can be found 20m north of Downtown Seattle<br>
<b>Note: </b>Every fourth Thursday, we’re at <a href=“”>GameClucks</a> in Lynnwood instead. This falls on March 28th for this month.<br><br>
<b><u>Date & Time</u></b><br>
Date: Every Thursday<br>
Time: 5pm until 11pm-ish<br>
Players typically arrive an hour to half an hour before the start of their event<br>
<b><u>Venue & Entry Fee</u></b><br>
Venue Fee: $5<br>
Entry Fee: Varies, see below<br>
Venue fee includes casuals; however, true spectators are free<br>
If we do not have enough entrants for a tournament, entry fee will be reduced to $2 or $1<br>
<b>Note: </b>Registration ends 30m before the start of each event. “Late
registration” will then be open until we fill up the bracket or are
advancing through losers. If you will be late, please contact Loz
through <a href=“”>Facebook</a> or phone <span style=“font-weight:bolder;margin-right:4px”></span>(425) 967-3740.<b><br>
</b>5pm: Doors open<br>
6pm: SFxT 2013 ($5)<br>
7pm: UMvC3 ($10) and KOF XIII ($5)<br>
8pm: AE 2012 ($10)<br>
5 or less: Winner take all<br>
6-11 entrants: Top 2 (75%/25%)<br>
12 or more: Top 3 (70%/20%/10%)<br>
<b><u>Bracket Structure</u></b><br>
5 or less: Round Robin<br>
6 or more: Double-elimination bracket<br>
<b><u>Other Notes</u></b><br>
All games are played on Xbox 360<br>
Winners and Losers Finals are best 2 out of 3, Grand Finals are 3 out of 5<br>SFxT 2013 and KOF XIII is 2/3 the whole tournament<br>
UMvC3 is 3/5 the whole tournament<br>
Event is BYOC, but players are able to lend sticks/controllers if needed<br>Players typically don’t arrive until 1 hour before their event starts.<br>
Tournaments are streamed live at <a href=“” rel=“nofollow” class=“bbcode_url”></a><br>
Replays can be found on <a href=“” rel=“nofollow” class=“bbcode_url”>YouTube</a> or <a href=“” rel=“nofollow” class=“bbcode_url”></a>.<br>
Brackets are online at <a href=“” rel=“nofollow” class=“bbcode_url”>Challonge</a>.<br>
All players who pay venue earn a raffle ticket good towards a chance to win a sponsorship to EVO 2013 (drawing to be held at Northwest Majors 5).<br>
<br><b><u>Questions?</u></b><br>Feel free to ask Loz through this thread, PMs, or Facebook. If you can’t make it out, I hope you check out our stream or replays of previous events. Support your scene!<i></i>

Seriously? That’s it? Might have to drop by if I can get the time off of work next Thursday.

I’ll be there this Thursday with a friend. Bringing AE, Marvel, MK, and 3S.

Is this a weekly thing? We should take advantage of this

This is an EVERY Thurs thing.

Weekly Weekly Weekly

If people want to organize tournaments, MMs, RRs whatever at this, go for it! If it gets big enough I will get more involved in making sure we have something to do also! SO lets get this cranked up!!!

Sticky this???

so you host mortal kombat on thursdays?

Anyone down to play some MvC3 on thursday?

hell yes

Had a good time last week. Can’t make it tomorrow (sick), so no setups or sticks from me. I’ll see you all next week.

Lets start getting more ppl to this!!

I’ll be there all evening with BotPM who’s not feeling himself after getting 3rd at the PAX tourney. Bringing the usual along with 3S OE. Definitely want to get Marvel in too.

Good shit to those that came out last week. Didn’t expect that many! A few more and we could probably start running small tourneys. I’ll be there Thursday with BotPM to get more practice in before the tournament. Also have a MK guy coming with us who’s bringing a PS3 setup with the game. Don’t have any PS3 sticks, so bring 'em if you need them. Hope this’ll have the highest attendance yet!

Edit: BotPM and I will be there close to 3.

I’ll be in later tomorrow. Probably around 5ish.

I’ll be in tomorrow. Have to work something out with my work schedule though.

Armand and I are here. It’s his last night in Seattle before heading back to Olympia. Also streaming from GameClucks at

Me and Mike are going to start holding Fight Nights at AFK Tavern on Tuesday nights in order to spread out and garner more interest. If Mike doesn’t have to work tonight we should be in around 11pm.

I should be there between 3-4. Been grinding out a lot of training mode, so looking forward to some real games!

Edit: More like 4:30.

what kind of set up do they have for MVC3? im interested in going but i what to make sure they have tournament ready equipment.

Xbox 360 with all the patches and DLC characters on CRTs. They have monitors as well, but my recording/streaming equipment is all SD. It’s the same equipment we use for the monthlies.

Edit: Just got word that GC is opening on time at 3. I should be in around 4:30.
Double Edit: We also have a guy bringing a PS3 now, so whatever system you prefer would work.