Game Star Arcade - TUSTIN!

Game Star Arcade is now OPEN. 9-10pm

Tustin california in the corner of Newport & El camino Real.

Its a pay by the hour arcade

$4.99 per hour on "32 LCD TV

$7.99 per hour on "42 LCD TV

$11.99 per hour on "55 LCD TV

they have SSF4. they have PS3, Xbox & Wii set ups.

All console games are network together and can be played online. they have X-Rocker Pro Gaming Chairs.

My friend was just telling me about this. Earlier he heard on TV that a guy had to get something passed to build an arcade in Tustin. Later he too saw “Game Star Arcade” in Tustin. Maybe that was why. He also heard that they were going to have a Wii hooked up for the kiddies.

this might be cool, if it happens.

Update it’s now open it’s like a pay by our kind of place they have ps3 n xbox set ups I’ll post full info n pics later

sick!!! I might have to start jumping on this and host some events!!!

y not have turneys in Tustin n Santa ana.
Plus they have a bunch of TE sticks. so no worries about that…

good to know, now I just gotta check it out and then get it all arranged… Tustin is just hella far from ppl in L.A. even in South County. It will be a reach out for Irvine and OC players I guess.

I’ll be heading there this thursday to check things out.

@Ayochip. what time? maybe we can play some games??

I’ll probably hit it up tomorrow and have a word with the owner… and we can start an official thread afterwards and get some gatherings and tourneys going.

Definitely down to check this place out since it’s just up the street from me. If you guys are hiring then shit sign me up first!

you’re that vega player that came with his friends down to SHGL’s WNF that one time right?

I’m probably going to hit up this place tomorrow Noon-afternoon for about an hour on the 32" Monitor… have a word with the owner about tournaments/gatherings and such. I’m sure the owner would love some business flow.

Feomex, you don’t have the straight up address for this place?

I’m definitely down to check this new place out. I’ve always wanted to check out Tustin and the area recently. Its a drive, but not all too far. Andy know’s I’m there for sure.

Fasho… even tho this place is far as hell from you… its still a 15 minute drive at least for me…

Anyways probably heading up there today in the afternoon to check it out and figure things out. :slight_smile: Maybe I might run into one of you guys if you’re there.

Yessir that was me!

14001 Newport Avenue Tustin, CA 92780-7830

If ur down in TUSTIN today check this place out they have TACO TUSDAY there like $1.25 and huge with lots of meat.

14455 Newport Ave
Tustin, CA 92780
(714) 731-1111

this is 5 minutes walking distance from my place

I will try swinging by this place after work today. Probably be there around 8pm-ish.

Anyone who’s been there:
Are the setups lag free?

you still playin on pad? lol.

thanks for the address Feomex and that recommendation… I will probably try some today. I probably won’t run into anyone today but i’m probably going to be there between 1-3PM, rent an hour at most and talk w/ owner. And then perhaps stopping at the taco place. If anyone wants to meet up, post here or hit up my PM box. Get Hype fellas, i think we might have some cool events here if possible.