Game bugs/glitches/anomalies/exploits

I’ve read about/experienced quite a few repeatable incidences of unexpected behaviour but info is usually sketchy or scattered around the place. Maybe it’s a good idea to list this stuff somewhere. Know of a bug/glitch? List it here.

Zangief has a short jump ability

Abel has an infinite against Chun/Rufus

Akuma supposedly has an infinite with s.lp [edit: apparently it’s repeatable but not infinite]

Ryu can “teleport” through Boxer by FADC’ing a close standing roundhouse

Blanka can cancel from a rock crusher into a forward hop through every character except Guile (he lands on the same side)

Pressing Viper’s Taunt 1 repeatedly causes her to “hop” back a bit

Spaced just within range, there’s a slight probability that crouching forward or roundhouse will whiff against a standing opponent (any more info on this?)

Pressing 3 hits/kicks doesn’t always register as such. eg. lp followed quickly with 3p registers as lp followed by mp + fp. It doesn’t appear to have any effect on gameplay and I don’t know if this is exploitable

Any more (especially character-specific info)?

El Fuerte vs El Fuerte, there is some very strange properties doing his RSF into a slide, I think if you only do two hits and then a slide, or some reason you slide through him and just pop out on the other side. (Might be wrong on two hits, could be three or four but I think it’s two.)

As Bison against Akuma there’s some weird stuff with popping right through him periodically, I don’t know the circumstances but it definitely happens, it’s kind of like the Akuma-Sagat teleport glitch where if Akuma teleports and Sagat does a Akuma pops back out in front. There’s also a glitch if Akuma does an EX air fireball, gets hit by Bison’s ultra, and then the fireballs hit Bison, it does some weird stuff to Akuma (he basically gets hit by the ultra without a cutscene).

the akuma/bison glitch also causes akuma to get knocked hella high in the air, allowing for a followup combo/super :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the same happens against Seth when he gets hit out of his magic legs move. Akuma will stay stunned in mid air as if being hit but he doesn’t take any more damage.

all the stuff listed is useless without data or video

Been posted countless times before, but I’ll try to find vids anyway.

Posted vids for most of the stuff I mentioned. The others should be easy to confirm in training mode.

There’s some bugs with Sagat’s standing HK.

I know that in some circumstances, if you do Sagat’s standing HK and do an Akuma Ultra at point blank range, Akuma magically appears on the opposite side of Sagat and his Ultra wiffs.

It’s documented somewhere in this forum, I think Adeel or maybe EdMa discovered it.

Vega’s wall dive will sometimes will just keep going and not cling to the wall.

I saw that last night for the first time. It’s like he drags the stage with him but never reaches the wall. I’m gonna try to recreate it to find out when it happens.

i’ve definitely seen the glitch where cr.rh goes through the opponents legs while i’m playing as balrog. seen it quite a few times. i always attributed it to latency issues since i’ve only seen it online.

It also depends on the opponent’s stance though. Some characters have dynamic hitboxes (eg. Dan), so I move might hit in one frame but miss in another, even if they haven’t moved. That said, I’ve tested this with Balrog as well and if you’re just within range the c.rk does sometimes whiff. Although, I’m not sure if it’s a case of the move hitting when it shouldn’t, or missing when it shouldn’t.

My guess it is when the view perspective changes slightly as the character move towards the ends of the stage.

on certain characters with big hit box, i.e. Sagat and Zangief. not sure if it’s infinite but definitely can be repeated several times. i will try to find the video.

I think this is caused by the characters idle stance. I know this was the case in 3s , and ive noticed it in SF4 training mode as well.

If this is the case tho , it should work with moves other than crouching mk\hk as well ( and i seem to recall testing this , but dont take my word for it )

You mean their hit box changes during idle animation? I know this is the case with Dan but Ryu’s doesn’t appear to change. Unless there’s stuff going on the background that doesn’t manifest visually.

Akuma doesn’t have an infinite. Jab falls out of range eventually, midscreen and corner.

Sagat’s ultra does not complete vs. rose


I can confirm this one…I think I’m the first one posting it on the Blanka form…

Bison and Akuma glitch mention earlier. Did it one just now