Gambling in Las Vegas

Avoid the Flamingo tables. Highway robbery if you aren’t careful!!!

Caesar’s and MGM are good spots, actually just stick to Caesar’s lol.

Any table is highway robbery if you aren’t careful. Your best bet (odds wise) would be at blackjack, but that’s only if you know basic strategy and have an idea on how to move with value. Also, you need a decent bankroll if you want to get anywhere with it.

Anyone play this year?

Anyone gamble on the table games this year?

I was up $20 one night and down $40 the next. Craps is fun, until you play $15 minimum craps.

Who is gambling this time…

Guess I won’t be at the EVO event (no badges), but you might see me in some of the casinos on the strip to include Mandalay Bay playing games. Most likely games involving some type of cards…

nice, thank you for sharing, dude. Gambling has been always a very big fun and it exists thousands of years but in different forms. I gamble from a you age too, because my uncle is a gambler and he taught me playing poker when I was 15. Since then I play poker very often and most of times online. To be in safe I play with gambling agent I don’t like crowded places so it is the best choice for me.

I wonder to see these videos and Find hidden wining tips there