Gambling in Las Vegas

Before you go to EVO this year, make sure you watch this:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 6
Part 7

What do you guys think? I see that 1 person liked it…

Nice little documentary. I’m guessing that you may not be getting a lot of responses since this is only tangentially related to EVO, but I like documentaries, and I enjoyed this. I don’t gamble much, and if it wasn’t for the tournament, I wouldn’t come anywhere near Las Vegas. Everyone knows what their business is, and there is element to it all beyond the saccharine gloss that kinda makes me want to take a shower after a walk down the strip. It just isn’t my town.

However, there is a lot to be said about quitting while you’re ahead. I was fortunate enough to be up about $200 at the slots during EVO 2012, and I put it away immediately. When I got back home, I used that money to order a new Eightarc stick that I’ll be using this year. Like it was said in the documentary; if you want to gamble, go in with a budget you can afford to lose, don’t be afraid to quit while you’re ahead, and you’ll be fine.

Go with friends and just hit on bitchezz and spend a couple hundred for fun. dont go wild on the BJ or crap table. just have fun. the guy in the vids is a douche. my bro is a poker pro and he won a seat for the main event in june. he invited me to go with him for fun. he’ll buy me a plane tix too. i’ll probably go but i wont be going crazy. just never been to vegas before, so it’ll be cool for me.

I just got back from Atlantic City playing poker and watching people play BJ and shit. I gotta say, people will never win at those games. anyone think they can win need to wake the fuck up.

Actually if you’re a blackjack pro then you can win loads of money. Same thing for baccarat. If you know how to play then you can and will win.

Who all is going to gamble? I just read the schedule for WSOP 2013 and realize that play in the main event to top 9 will be on EVO weekend!!! Guess that’s why EVO isn’t at Rio. Is Rio any good?

Family friendly type of casino/hotel. They have awesome sized suites, and the price is reasonable. The bad part is it’s way off the strip and isolated from all the other good casino/hotels.

Evo did 2 years at the Rio. It’s probably still my personal favorite hotel due to the food choices, room prices, accommodations. It isn’t on the strip but it’s a 10 minute walk to the strip, it’s connected by a short sidewalk to Caesar’s Palace.

I say Rios is still one of the best EVO I have been (I only went to 2, but it still counts for something), food is “relatively” cheap (compare to fucking Ceasar last year, almost 15 bucks for a fucking nachos), the rooms are nice, and its not really that far from the strip (its only 10 min away anyway)

Another rule about gambling at Vegas, if you’re hot and they switch dealer, be very careful, cause once you start losing with the new dealer, its time to leave the table. AND NEVER TRY TO WIN MONEY BACK from gambling, IT NEVER HAPPENS

EVO is not at Rio because the WSOP is there now. You guys should check out the WSOP main event finals as well. Are you guys at EVO gaming (gambling) as well?

I just saw this:

LOL funny. This documentary was made in the same hotel EVO will be in 2014:

Wait, what? After watching this video again… are Alan and Dan the same actor pretending to be high rollers LOL

Will anyone play this:

Anyone playing any of these games while at EVO?

In all honesty, I’ll probably give baccarat a try this year. I’ve got a bit more funds to blow this time, and I be more inclined to give it a go, especially if I go 0-6 this year. After all, if you gotta go out…go out like Bond, amirite?

i hardly gamble more than $50/trip anymore. it’s just bad business, you’re supposed to lose.

I’m a local, born and raised in Vegas. If you want to gamble here I highly recommend doing it off the Strip. The Strip is the center of large casinos that tourists manly visit. You’ll notice it by the massive buildings. It’s very difficult to win money. Casinos off it is were locals play for cheaper rates.

However, you should go with a small group at night. Never alone. Vegas is very dangerous off the Strip in some parts. We have an extremely high violent crime rate. Muggers will kill there victims as a standard practice. There is safety in numbers, and it would be wise to be cautious during your stay here.

Well this video apparently was made where EVO is held this year

Anyone played this at EVO yet?