Gambling in Las Vegas

If I go this year then I’ll try baccarat. Isn’t it ironic that MKX will be held at Bally’s hotel. Midway/Bally’s used to own Bally’s hotel and Bally’s Total Fitness. they were all the same company. Guess Bally’s became too big and thus collapsed. Now it’s owned by Harrah’s.

Baccarat takes more luck to win if you plan on spending a lot of money gambling.

Just saw this about Bally’s. This place has that arcade feel in the beginning…

Is anyone going to gamble this year?

I’m a born and raised local here in Vegas. Most locals that do gamble here do it off The Strip. The local casinos out side The Strip have a slightly better chance of braking even in general.

Safety is a major concern for visitors. The Strip is relatively safe, but stay as close to the main streets as possible. Try not to use short cuts. Especially at night. Travel in groups of three or more people. If you go off The Strip this is a must. The homeless and gangs are active more at night and out here they will take your life regardless if you give them what they want. The are desperate people and go to great lengths if it’s needed.

The New York New York casino has more gang activity then most other casinos on The Strip. I would recommend avoiding it if you can.

Since EVO is here during the summer you will need water if you travel by day. Try to find a food store and buy in bulk. They charge on The Strip an average of $5 a bottle.

Gambling is not worth it here to be frank. It’s more a waste of money to play. It’s common at EVO during finals to place bets before a match up, and more fun at that.

I see. Good info here

What about the poker rooms on the main strip? Any Monte Carlo bonuses or bad beat bonuses?

What the fuck is this…

Did anyone gamble there?

Let’s take over some of the NLHE tables at EVO this year. Who’s up for it?

I usually bring a bag of change and sit at the penny slots just to abuse the free alcohol they give you. Yeah, they’re watered down. But a decent tip ($10 or so) to the server gets you a better pour and more consistent service.

Usually when I gamble I play with free slot play or just $20-$40 and stop when I reach the nearest 100th or between 60-80. When I plan to come over for EVO I plan not to hit the Casino since I will be cosplaying the whole weekend pending on weather.

Cosplaying as what? Those video clips in the thread are from the Westgate Hotel and Casino (2016 EVO HQ)

What casinos/hotels are everyone staying at

Anyone watching WSOP main event irl right now @ Rio?

Since WSOP will be going on at the same time as EVO this year. Who is joining some of those WSOP events…

Going this year?

Yo this shit is Legit, Last year was my first year at Evo/vegas and Gambling BODIED me. This year, i plan on gambling but gotta remember that drinkis + gambling is a bad combination, learned that the hard way last year,

You get free drinks just for sitting at a table or slot so gotta be careful with that too. Even if you’re not going out to the bar and buying first, they’ll find a way to butter you up into getting shit in your system

They just assume you’re playing so if you are just there to bum free drinks, then it’s fine. If you’re wanting to play for any serious amount of money you’ll want to pass on those drinks.