Funniest Service Ever

Now all of you nerds can pay to play games with girls, officially the gayest thing ever. I would pay a fair sum of cash to crush a sorrority chick in GG though.

heres the site.

heres an article on this travesty.


This isn’t gay, its genius from an entrepreneurial point of view :tup:

First you get teh women, then you get teh gamers, then you get all teh money!

I would MUCH rather be playing some video games against some ladies, than my lame ass friends.

Damnit…why didn’t I Think of that!?!

LOL this reveals a lot about your personal issues.


(j/k man couldn’t resist)

It is a pretty ingenious idea. 10 minutes isn’t a whole lot of time though. Imagine if you wanted some girl to go on a raid with you $$$

If a girl ends up liking a guy, is Bill Gates gonna punch her in the mouth for gaming with him for free?

This is not funny… I would love to get some strippers in my bedroom and play Halo 3 with them… I mean seriously what else are you supposed to do with them?:bluu:


this thing seems ridiculous, just the paying part seems bad imo. I just cant picture anyone being like, its a friday night lets drop some cash to play halo with some hookers.

Pretty sure that story about the kid hiring hookers to play halo was proven to be false, more like the father passing blame on his son so that his wife doesn’t kick him out.

or why not just pay women money to bang them

i dont really enjoy hanging out with most women anyway, let alone game with them

So you set up a date for ten minutes with one of these girls. Then this happens:

“Ah fuck… I gotta go set my buttons. Brb”

5 minutes wasted… it’s the equivalent of trying to get the condom out of one of those stubborn wrappers.

now that i think about it we could do something like this on SRK, like have people pay to get games in with Sabre and Valle.

fuck id pay to get my ass whooped by Valle.

JWong was doing this, back this summer. I can’t remember the price, but IIRC it was like $20 for a FT5 set with him and he would give you tips on where you are messing up.

I talked to one guy who really did use this service and said that Justin was actually super helpful and played longer than he had to. Seems like a pretty good way to get rare experience against a top player that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

Sooooooo, just the girls get paid? What about us guys? Shouldn’t it be both ways?

Just saying.

The person that thought up of this is gonna make bank.

You could probably set up a business to do cooking and cleaning for women. Who the fuck would want to do that though. People who need the money. Same reason these chicks are doing it, although I’m sure they love playing games with fat ugly gamers.

Very true, very true. Although part of me does wanna try it out just to see how it goes. lol.

Pathetic. Truly Pathetic.

He’d/She’d better not. This is the dumbest idea I could think of people paying money for and it scares me to think it might actually end up being successful.

I keep thinking to myself: You’re seriously going to PAY someone to play a game on the grounds that they have a vagina between their legs?! Not to necessarily use their vagina, no no no… but to engage in an activity gamers (both male and female) have been doing for YEARS while receiving NO monetary compensation unless they had some worthwhile skills/insight to go along with it (even then there’s no guarantee).

Get paid to press buttons for fun and chat with someone online. Block whoever you want. No training required.

…Ugh. People are gonna pay money for this. My head hurts.:bluu: