Funniest Service Ever

That’s the majority of gaming society for you.

I have almost never enjoyed playing video games with any of my girlfriends or friends who were girls. There are a few exceptions.

The only game that I’ve ever enjoyed playing with a female is the Mario Party joints on N64. One of my friends brought this chick over that would manhandle that analog stick into oblivion. Her HJ skills had to have either been nightmarish or plucked from the heavens.

Don’t get it fucked up, I was more than willing to find out.:lol:

Beautiful women should be paying US for street fighter tips

just sayin’

And you’re calling other folks nerds. lol Classic.


I won’t be surprised if it becomes a better way to make money than prostitution.

This idea is retarded and brilliant at the same time. Like the idea itself is horrible and pathetic, but the potential money they can make with this is brilliant. :rofl:

Maybe I should set up a service online where hot sounding guys role play as vampires for fat goth middle school girls.

My buddy had this girlfriend that would school anyone at Mario Kart. It was awesome. Too bad she died in an ATV accident. She broke up with him, she started hanging out with the wrong people, he had some ATVs, they were drunk. :frowning: