FullPunish v1.0

UPDATE 10/28/2014

Nice work.

thank you will test today

Great work.
You don´t need to say that your work is horrible. At least you put a lot of time and work to create a very helpful tool.

Damn, I’ve just been tinkering around with this for the past hour. Its fantastic - a fine job Shabrout :smiley:

I was looking forward to this and you have delivered :smiley:

Thank you!


Nice work, you should submit this to the front page.

Very nice, thanks for making this

Cannot get this started on my pc. It gives me a warning that it is not compatible with my version of windows. Windows 32bit vs 64 bit. I just got normal 32 bit version of Windows 7.

Okay just let me a sec to make a 32 bits version and I’ll put it on first post.

And please tell me it works now :slight_smile: I have no way to check myself.

Nice work! :slight_smile: Definitely will let the rest of SRK know about it.

hmm i would love to use this nice program but i tried with both versions (32&64bit) and the dummy just keeps standing there no matter how often i knock him down (with trigger of course).
i followed all the instructions from the video, pdf and the info (set to human-button config for keyboard-activate) but i think the program somehow has a problem with my te. i use lb wich according to ahk is button 5. i tried other numbers and trigger variations but nothing


First of all, you are awesome and this is the greatest thing since cheese.

Second, I’m a poor peasant and I don’t have a stick right now (was going to buy one, but something happened and I was forced to post pone that a few months). Long story short, is there any way to change the keys the program uses? That would be all kinds of godlike, cause otherwise, sadly, I can’t use this (it partially uses the same keys I use to play). If a way is described in the video/pdf, sorry, you’re free to call me free/idiot and point me to it.

Many thanks.

Edit: Apologies but one more thing: Any plans to allow us to resize the program’s window? In my resolution it seems to cut the bottom part, without letting me scroll, apparently omitting some of the options (like turn around block).

check out this :

Are you able to use the dummy yourself using the keyboard, and are the lp mp hp lk mk hk correctly mapped to the good keyboard keys “i” “o” “p” “k” “l” “m” aswell as the direction keys up down left right to “z” “s” “q” “d” (for azerty keyboard) or “w” “s” “a” “d” (for qwerty ones) ?
This will tell us if at least you have set the Human/keyboard/ mapping correctly.

Use the trainer inside a text file instead of in Game. Open a new text file, anykind of, type a letter, anyone and on your stick do as you wanted to trigger the script in game. You should see the script write something in the text file.
This will tell us if the script is able to emulate keyboards input and if these inputs are the ones we want.

If the problem is not the keyboard or the link between my script and the keyboard, it’s probably the link between the Stick and the Script. Can my app listen to your Stick ?
Does the Home Stick button work to switch between both windows ? Is your Home button the n°13 (check with Ahk)?
Do you have several sticks plugged in ?

I completely forgot to talk about the keyboard mapping in the manual… what a fail. But it’s clearly explained in the App itself on page 2 or 3. I’ll patch the manual tonight with this little topic.

Great job Kineda, If I knew I would deserve a front page somewhere I may have choosen another manual title ^^.

This is awesome stuff. I can’t wait to get home from work today to tinker with this.

This is great. Thanks Shabrout!
All those hours wasted training safe jumps by recording your character then playing back…

Manual Updated, If I didn’t screw up with the Google drive Revision features, in the SRK front page, the pdf link will now show the new Manual with the 9th Page.
If not… well try the other links :slight_smile:

dopeness… wish i had pc running