Ft. Worth / Arlington players/arcades?

Are there any? I just moved from Austin where we had Einstein’s and I don’t know of any arcades in this area.

There aren’t any arcades here. However, there are usually games at Buktooth’s house every Friday evening where most DFW players gather. Check the first page of the DTX thread for an address and house rules.

Way too far for me. I live SW of Ft. Worth and go to UTA.

Then you’re SOL besides random gatherings in DFW.

Even then there’s people who make that drive on the norm.

It’s about the same distance to plano from my house as it is to waco.

Some people drive over an hour to make it to the Goons. If you’re that dedicated you’ll do the same because there’s not a whole lot else that goes on here. If you just want random/casual games in your area, Talk to Orochi Ryu (Eddy) maybe? He’s told me about some random CvS2 players and stuff in FW and he’s pretty beast at 3s/marvel. Seriously though, just find your way to the Goon’s.

I was looking for more casual stuff until I get better. Plano isn’t too terribly far from UTA so maybe if I practice some more I’ll drop by one day to check it out.

There is a lot of talk about a Ft. Worth/mid cities (hurst, euless, bedford, richland hills) Ranbat (Ranking Battles) about to start up on Saturdays!!!

Also talk with me. I’ve been looking for decent comp, but since I’m at the polar opposite of Plano, I only get scrubs. Just notify me ahead of time so that I can get my shit cleaned up. I do mostly SNK, but I can play some Capcom.

I’m in Bedford which is not far from Ft Worth at all. I’d be up for random casuals. I dabble in Marvel/3s/SF4.
And I know there are some people that play in arlington.

Ranking Battle tournaments are really fun…is that something you guys would want to do?

Focusflute: It was good to meet you at the the gathering last night, I am sorry I didn’t introduce myself, I was the guy in the white hat playing, Honda/Dhalsim/Rose and my name is Tony Huynh. Myself, Arikado, and Badtzmaru(who was not there last night) all live in Arlington. I am up for gaming pretty much with a couple hours notice and outside of normal 9-5 work schedules.

Hoffburger: I understand it may be a long drive, but if you are serious about gaming there is no greater pool of players to play in competitive fighting games then at the house on Friday.

Hey Tony! Ya dude it was great to meet you too. I was extremely impressed with how nice and friendly everyone there was! In other gaming circles (chess, MTG), many new players (especially of not exceptional skill) are looked down upon and not really “accepted.” I am very happy to say that Joel (HWrecker) and I did not feel that way AT ALL. Everyone who kicked our ass was very nice, offered tips, and encouraged us to keep training. Thanks for the thrashing! That Honda is MEAN!

Ya Joel and I are thinking about dong a RanBat series here in Fort Worth on Saturday or Sunday afternoons (so as not to conflict with the Plano one!!!) There are many people that we talk to on this side of the metroplex that want to find some good games, train together, and LEARN. We have a vision to unite DFW and hopefully we can get a scene going here that rivals SoCal (quite an undertaking).

Details coming soon. HWrecker and I have been a part of many different competitve gaming scenes for years and years. We have some pretty neat ideas and we talked to a few people about it last night and they seemed excited. Again details coming soon!!!

^^ I sometimes go visit my folks in Keller on weird weekends; it’d be cool to just randomly play a Fort Worth Ranbat. :slight_smile:

…just let the Fort Worth guys know that the H.O.G.'s is where the Metroplex comp is serious. :slight_smile:
it’s really great to see new blood; never hurts the scene to see new dedicated players…

GG’s, dudes.

<-- Viet dude with the Deception skull cap (aka dirty Dictator).

Me and like 4 of my friends play from North Richland Hills.

SF4 has actually brought me back to fighting games (played regularly in the arcades back in 92 when my dad sold comic books at the conventions). I am going to try and get serious about playing actually decently, but I have a good ways to go, that’s for sure. Anyway, I am looking forward to possibly meeting some of you in the future. As I live out in Carrollton, going out to those gatherings in Plano in the future shouldn’t be too much of an issue for me. Anyway, good to meet you all!

…haven’t seen your screen name in a while!:china:

I’m up for Fort Worth ranbats. Living west of Lake Worth makes it a stretch to get to Plano and back on Friday nights.

hey there is a plano gathering? when and where i live in frisco 2min away from west plano :slight_smile:

Yes there is a Plano gathering and it kicks ass! Check the DTX (dallas tx) thread on the first page. Its at House of Goons.

Ft. Worth announcement SOON!!!