FS: Orange ST (SSFIIX) A+B board

Hey guys I have a Super Turbo board. It is a Japanese SSFIIX vers 940223. It is unusual because it is orange (hispanic region) and a conversion from another game with Phoenix roms, so it doesn’t need a battery. It plays identical to every ST phoenixed version. It comes with both A+B board, has a nice repro sticker on it.

Will sell for $240 shipped in USA. Thanks!

Can this be reflashed with a cleanrom from http://cps2.avalaunch.net/ (by someone who provides that kind of service)?

Yeah, the roms are the same as any phoenixed ST romset, just combined so that the daughterboard unique to ST is not needed, so someone with the right ROM skillz could convert this to that romset, I suppose.

$240 seems very expensive for a bootleg st.I will give you $100 for it.oh and you actually cant sell bootlegs here watch our for mods.lol

That’s not hispanic its south asia

Pretty sure the South America boards are orange and the Asia “world” boards are gray. And it really isn’t a bootleg if it’s official hardware is it?

You’re correct. Orange boards are the “Hispanic” versions.

Blue = Euro
Green = Japan
Yellow = Rental
Orange = Hispanic
Grey = Asia

Blue is North America.

Orange is hispanic. If this is not allowed mods please feel free to close the thread, but the rules state no burned discs and this is something else. If the price is high I am open to offers. :slight_smile:

This is technically a conversion as opposed to a bootleg, right? Which is basically what all phoenixed boards are. So it should be fine.

I think the mods are asleep, been trying to get in touch with one for a week now.

I agree with Zenblaster that the price is a bit high for a non-original ST board, and a phoenixed board on top of that. All original, non-phoenixed ST A-boards have been seeing a max price of $250 recently, but more like $200-$225

ST is maxing out at 300 right now. 250 IF YOU ARE LUCKY. This is a conversion, that’s fine. It will work the same. I own a pro gear kit and a conversion and there is no difference. Also his comes with the B board. That’s $50 right there.

Just make the man an offer and stop polluting the thread. GLWS

A board. B is the game. :).

Jp ST is 235$ max for a non phoenixed original.get them ebay prices outta here.so I can buy a $25 marvel board and put ST on it then its magically worth $250?lol ok

Just to play devils advocate, I would love to see a 25 dollar cps2 game :slight_smile:

http://www.ebay.com/itm/111324609705?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 im turning it to jp ST only $250 if interested (jk)

I saw the listing for that board for days but when I read that the board has something rattling inside of it that is a lot of times a red flag that the battery has corroded and fallen off in the board and there is a good chance that there is battery acid on the board. I have got boards like that in the past and it sucks getting them open and finding out that they are not even worth $5.00. Hopefully this won’t be the case for you but I have a few of those ones. You can’t do anything with these boards if all kinds of traces are eaten away.

Feel free to make an offer if you are interested and think my price is high. Also I did not make this conversion, and I am selling it for what I paid for it roughly, I paid $75 just to get a matching orange A-board from Mexico. Also that auction is for a board you have NO idea what you are getting, you do not know if you can phoenix a board in unknown condition. You might be buying garbage.

Also as far as I know, the ROMS for this conversion board without the daughterboard has not been dumped, so no you cannot just take any cheap game and make this, which is why you don’t see any ST boots around (I bought this to see how it worked since I have never seen another ST conversion).

There is really no important difference between “Phoenixes” and “Conversions” and bootlegs on CPS2, all non-original games including phoenixed games, have non-Capcom code put onto EPROMs instead of MASKroms, so the difference between this boot and any phoenix is pretty much mental-they both play the same, and both do not have all original game code. A phoenix IS a bootleg.

Cool story bro.So has this very complex bootleg sold for this outrageous price yet?

This is the first ST conversion I have ever seen. Seems someone took some serious effort to figure this out and modify the code to make it work without the daughter board. If dumped it appears you could convert any cheap CPS2 board to ST now. I guess it was just a matter of time before someone did this.