Fox News commentator calls Obama a 'skinny, ghetto crackhead' on air



he doesnt look ghetto at all

lol nigga was slick wit that comment. let that slide outta his mouth without missin a beat.

I like the jab at the dudes show. “Only 45 people watch so who really gives a fuck?”

lol fox news and msnbc both suck.


Faux News being Faux News as usual. Say something bad about a republican and they’ll smear you because you didn’t say it about their opponents such as Obama. Fucking propaganda machine needs to be destroyed. Not that I’m standing up for Obama or anything. Fucker is a Trojan horse that’s just as bought off as the rest of the government.

Also everything that guy said about Newt Gingrich, I wouldn’t put it pass him. Dude is straight evil.

Obama is the whitest black man ever. Any accusation of him being ‘ghetto’ in any capacity stems from some kind of subconscious racism.

Bryant Gumbel? Wayne Brady? The Damned?

No that would be Michael Jackson.


Fox news?


People watch fox news?

Whitest black man ever? When did he take that crown from Carlton Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Pfffffft. Just because a black man is intelligent ni@@as want to call him white…


Damn. That video is raw.

Did anyone not watch the video? It was hypothetical.

Chris Matthew gets to call Newt a car bomber, and that’s fine. If Sean Hannity said something like towards Obama, in this case, skinny ghetto crackhead, then the person would be fired.

And this is proven through this thread, people are already outraged, creating a thread over a hypothetical situation against Obama. But, we don’t see threads about MSNBC calling Newt a car bomber do we?

It was on Fox News. Whoever takes that shit seriously is retarded. MSNBC is in the same boat as Fox. Mainstream news is just for entertainment purposes…

I dunno, if I was a black man and I got called white I’d be honored.

Also the worst slur you can label a white man is black. Maybe you guys need to get together and think about that and where black people are going in 2011.