Fought "Gootecks" today on XBL and won with my 2000pt Chun li lol

i fought “Gootecks” on xbl today not sure if it was really him, i checked his friends list and i recognized the names Shizza and Filipino Champ. who knows…

OOoohhhh can you see SRK hate train rolling in?

good job that guy is hella good

Who did he use? If it was Balrog or Guile, good fucking job. If it was any other character, well done.

vid or it didnt happen.

he used Balrog. although i myself was suprised I won, maybe a friend was playing. either way it was fun.

And you make a thread for winning an online match? Now if this was tourney match offline then maybe

i made damdai rage quit once.

Granted the game was lagging like crazy, so I’m pretty sure that he was raging more at the connection than anything, but it was really funny to hear the other people laughing about it on their mics.

Then I played damdai in a real tournament a month later and lost ._.

+request video


wow winning a single casual match against gootecks, hard to imagine a mere mortal could ever accomplish such a feat

I’ve seen casual vids of Daigo losing, it’s possible. Their not always on tip-top game you know.

There will be an official Gootecks worshiping room at EVO. Gootecks will sit in his hotel room, on his bed while 15 other sf4 geeks bow, and offer him tidings of del taco and te sticks.

u mad?

Yea I played vs gootecks too he was hosting a endless room and we played 2 games, which both games I won vs his balrog… Shortly after he rage quit and left the room, I just figured it wasn’t really him… Dunno tho…

I can’t believe people pay $10 just to play a round with him lol

How good are you with Chun? Like virtually anyone can tell you sometimes it can be a lot harder to beat someone that is random and “newer” with a character than with someone seasoned with the character. This is simply because it can be very hard to read what they will do. Good job with the win but I am curious to see a vid of how methodically you use her.

omfg i know right? low BP ryus actually getting in damage bc its all random.

Also, it’s worth noting that tournament players aren’t always in tournament mode all of the time.

I have had the privilege of playing against some of SoCal’s finest since I go to Arcade Infinity, and they’re not always firing at 100% full throttle like they would be in a tournament. They’re looking to win, sure, but if they lose it’s not a big deal for them.

I would assume it’s the same for them online.

Was a thread really necessary for this? Can we get this closed?