Forget MvC3, what about TvC2

What kind of changes would you like to see to the game? Some things I have tossed around in my mind are thing like:

  1. Lets get some assist options, there are so many people that could have had better assists if they had the choice to choose for three of their specials. (Ippatsuman, Doronjo, Trigger, Frank just to name a few.)

  2. Of course I would like about 6 more players, but not too many more than that simply because I still only want 2v2.

  3. This is something I have been thinking about a lot and so far this is what I have come up with. Set the bar limit different. Keep the Megacrash at the same amount, make VAR half a bar(this is one of the coolest if not the coolest thing I have seen in a fighting game and it needs to happen way more), Keep counters at 1 bar and the damage nerfed. If you could not reach 5 bars you would MC less if your player had high health I was thinking only 3 bars but in my head it makes lvl3’s, VHC’s, Death DHC"s all less useful than they already are. The five bar limit seems like it is better for much faster games now. 3 bars was the norm until MvC2, and this is not MvC2, so drop the bars. If you do make it four then have it be like melty blood and once you get to the max point in begins to drop down but you gain extra bar abilities until it decreases to empty, where it should reset you back at two bars.

  4. Make a really cool extra mode with 4 player fights. I mean really really cool. This new exchange button seems like it could be cool it they added it to this kind of mode, this could just be me but I see something like, QCF+exchange button can activate a separate bar which allows your teammate to be on stage with you to use attacks freely and use supers and specials. They said that the exchange button was a launcher for all players (3+exchange), it could also slam them to the ground to continue combos (1+exchange), then TvC could use it to call assist and tag out and VC the same ways as in TvC with the partner button (you could not call assist in 1 or 4 before but now you would not be able to do it in 3 either. The more exchange moves you connect with the more bar you gain. It seems like it could be really cool to me. There is only one other fighter on the wii that has a scene and that is brawl, they offer 2v2’s and it works, Keep this game on the wii and add this mode!!

There are many other things but these are good to start right? I just figured we should have something else to talk about rather than when TvC will die and such.

Yeah but I don’t think you get it. We don’t want TvC 2 to be like another Marvel. We want it to be different from other games but still attract people. Some of the things your saying are like previous older Marvel things your saying. They will probably end up adding 6 to 8 characters or maybe 10 since it is going to be a whole new game. I think just adding more assist types would be just good enough.

Uh…they need to fucking tweak megacrash, too.

No ability to combo off of it at all, and even higher meter/cost requirement and negative backlash if its to remain.

well you can corner combo it but it is scaled. Mega crash was much more broken in the Japanese version. Well if they make it higher meter cost to use then they will have to nerf damage output because matches will be way shorter than they are. I really don’t see what is so bad about mega crash because you already take damage using it, 2 bars and it is risky to use. If your down to 3 bars and use mega crash then your down to 1 bar which is bad for this game. Bars are important in this game. You can mega crash bait if you have baroque too. Seriously mega crash is not that good.

I really have no clue what you are talking about. If you do not understand 3 or 4 just say so, and if you agree with 1 and 2 just say so. “Just adding more assist types will be just good enough,” What? You really think that is all they need to do?

I really think that if they bring down max bar limit it would really help with megacrash being so “dominant” for meter use. It will still be a really good tool but not as much as it is now. I really think it should be 3 with a melty blood style 4th meter, and reset you at 2. (changed from my original post of 4 max bars) This would really help megacrash to be toned down some, while still leaving all the cool points of it. I really like it how it is now but once you get to 3 bars, it really is the best thing to just continue to stock pile them up until you get to five. If you could only stock up one crash at a time max it would help a lot overall with cooler stuff going on in the match.

I understand, and agree its not as dominant as some people make it out to be. I also know its way better than in the CGoH but its still not perfect, far from it. Yes, the damage is scaled but like Keits brought up its not the damage but that some people can make back meter they lost if they combo off it. The ability to combo off of it shouldn’t have been left in at all.

Not “dominant?” Marn is by far the best in the us at this game, have you ever seen him VAR? What about DHC? Has he ever used a super other than lvl3’s? He builds bars and crashes with them. Jwong did the same in CGoH, it is because they could get to 4 bars and once they get there they are untouchable for 2 clean hits, and by the second time you are close to the which ever corner and can be combed. If you could just not do that then it would only be good to crash in the corner or to avoid a large baroque/extended combo. With 5 bar max it is a get out of any combo free tool.

Maybe, when you reach max bars,(3) you enter the “extra” meter mode and lose the ability to crash, until you get out of this mode. Or even that a crash in that mode would result in a loss of all bars.

That is not what I said; why don’t you go back and read the post before trying to lecture me on something I’m already aware of.

I was referring to people that didn’t play the game that say untrue things about Megacrash, not that it wasn’t terribly flawed. Thank you and good night.

You’re so full of ideas, why don’t you make a sequel?

Like Devilchrist said, adding more characters and assist types will be more then enough to make a new game. The other suggestions are not nessecary, thought-out or sensible.

For starters, VAR should not be half a bar because that’s way too low a price for the reward. They’re not just about cool looking aerial raves; they’re also useful as a safe tag-in, something that normally cost two bars.

And no Melty Blood 4th bar. This isn’t Melty Blood, it’s TVC, and it’s part of the Magic series where there is no Melty Blood 4th bar.

As far as the over-the-top-super-special-awesome-4-player mode goes, I don’t deem it necessary to change the game format just for 2 additional players to get into the mix. They could simply allow the standard 2v2 gamplay to support 4 players, giving the inactive players the ability to use their own character’s assist when it’s availiable. If they decide to bring back Variable Cross, it would be a nice additional for 4-player matches but they should not turn it into a 4-man free-for-all because again, this is not Smash Bros or any other game, this is TVC.

this speaks volumes sir. Volumes.



…What is the purpose of this thread :stuck_out_tongue: he just wants MvC2… I mean TvC2 excuse me.

I didn’t want to start a new thread, so I decided to revive this one. IS there any info on a possible sequel, or will this end up being a standalone game? I would really love a follow-up so it stays relevant and more people play it.

they said if it sold well they would make a sequel. after the game came out in the US seth said it sold better than expected but not way better. i would assume a sequel will be made. especially since capcom churns games out like crazy nowadays.

Mega crash is fine the way it is. Do you really want to take away even more damage options from people like Karas? I mean REALLY…that guy would be doing ass for damage if it weren’t for megacrash loops. If people want to blow 2 bars + a sufficiant chunk of life to extend a combo, then I don’t see anything wrong with that.

I don’t want MvC3’s exchange system coming anywhere near TvC. It’s basically a horrible rock-paper-scissors in the air that rewards dumb luck.

Also, whoever said that Vair needs to be half a bar should go sit in the corner and think about what they’ve done. Vair not only is a safe tag in, it also resets damage scaling to a degree, often making it a better use of 1 meter than finishing a combo with a level 1 super.

Omg squirl is alive. Irc now

Well if you want TVC 2 to come out, go out and buy Marvel 3 because if that sells well we can look forward to TVC 2 in the future. If Marvel sells well which I think it will, the guy will start working on TVC 2 and Darkstalkers for future games. Whoever said Marn is the best at TvC is quite hilarious because he is good but not the best.

I’m sure sales in general do affect what the company puts out but I don’t necessarily think if one series does well they’re be sure to make a sequel for another series. I think we should all just go buy out our stores stock of TvC to boost sales.

that is not the point, watch the interview about MVC 3. He says if he wants to work on future projects such as Darkstalkers or TVC 2 it will depend on how sales of MVC 3 sell. Djjizzdrinky you really need to read the site more thoroughly. Oh yeah and actually it does affect the sales since it is the same guy who is working on Marvel 3. If it was a different person then yes you would be right.

^ Yeah, I’ve gotta agree with my man. Because of the fact that much of TVC’s fundamental gameplay is reliant on meter (Mega Crashing, VAR, Cross-Over Counter, Super, etc…), high-level players tend to rely less on Mega Crashing and more on the other meter-consuming options. I tend to notice a trend in TVC players: casual or beginner players will absolutely, unashamedly abuse Mega Crash – I know I sure did. lol However, tourney caliber players instead learn how to play safer, allowing them to avoid situations in which they’d need M.C. This allows them to opt for things like VARs for, as Squirrel said, the scaling reset and safe partner tag.

TVC has a genuine strategy to it for sure. In my opinion, there’s a very right way…and a very wrong way to play it. People definitely complain about M.C., but I suppose folks will find something wrong with every game. :wgrin: I see it simply as a part of the game that is meant to be used in a very specific way just like the rest of the unique mechanics. I, personally, am going crazy waiting to play Marvel 3. :woot: I feel that in certain respects it sort of will be sort of a TVC2-ish. However, a genuine TVC-qual would make me the happiest kid on the block. Long live the Blade/Ryu army!!! :woot:

Yea but with baroque you can bait mega crash, it is tricky but you can. When you do it, it feels great but I am still working on it.