For the lulz: Your dream character

Ever found a character that was perfect for you? How about one that was one some small, stupidly frustrating flaw short of what you’re looking for? Preferably so that the flaws buy the character some other advantage you just couldn’t give a damn about?
Sponsored by yours truly’s curiosity and frustration, I (alongside trusted companions me and myself) ask: What would be your dream character?

For me, it’s something inbetween Ryu and Evil Ryu. I like the good, solid buttons, but Ryu lacks the multihit fireballs to keep up with some other characters’ zoning games and I’m addicted to a good walkspeed. Evil Ryu fixes those… and botches up his sweep kick and makes low forward different for the sake of having combo insanity that is not super broken ;___;
Why, Capcom, why can’t I have Ryu’s sweep (and then tatsu to eliminate the combo madness) and perhaps on Evil Ryu? Or why couldn’t you have thrown that delicious and shaku on Ryu?

Alpha 3 Gen + SF4 vanilla Gen + AE2012 Gen = top tier Gen.

A Gouken with safer palms and better normals. Bigger hitbox on cr lk. I hate that I’m touching ankles on the opponents ankles and no hit.
A derpier st cl hk so i don’t struggle anti airing with it on nj.
A LP palm that travels forward really fast for a short burst so its actually useful.
Old kongo back. A kongo that can’t be armor broke’d on reversal (cause other specials get armor break on reversal.)
Backthrow back
Good recovery back on demon flip throw.
Change J HP to not a piece of shit.
Controllable from tracking EX demonflip. <— This one here by itself would shoot gouken straight into high/top tier

Juri with an SFxT dent; f.s.MP special cancellable + hitting after Divekick, JCable c.HP to give her damage on grounded Antiairs, s.Jab hitting all crouchers.

Vega with an invincible reversal. 'Nuff said.

seth with 1200 hp

Yea Vega with his ST that worked as good as guile flashkick for AA and reversal.

divekicks from rufus + combo game from yun + looks, style and moron laugh and maaaaybe footsies of adon ;D (oh and the ultra 2 ofc, love it when u hit some1 that he laughs his a** off ^^)

man that would be an OP char dreams

Addendum: Dream SANE character :stuck_out_tongue:

Dhalsim with the following:

  • Ultra 2 with kicks grabs opponents in midair but not on the ground. Ultra 2 with punches works the same.
  • EX Yoga Blast juggles, Non-EX versions removed. Causes hard knockdown if no juggle (no change).
  • EX Yoga Flame does more damage than non-EX versions in combos again.
  • Medium slide from max range is comboable again. I miss being able to slide into Super like in vanilla.
    That’s not really asking too much is it?

Yay for more stupid dumb random ultra 50/50 gimmicks, we definitely need that. Not enough bullshit yet in SF.

Vanilla Seth with normal HP, Stun, walk speed, hitbox size, and the buffs to his crouching forward, far forward, close strong.

HDR Honda without the giant hitbox.

ST Claw with a walldive that hit on the way up and a move similar to a Shoryuken.

R.O.B. with faster fast-fall speed, a down air similar to his up air, no recharge time for his laser, more knockback on his forward smash, and a side B that doesn’t suck.

v-13 with a GTFO move

α Patroklos with easier just frames.

Cyrax with Cyblax’s teleport.

Guile with an air grab and a no-recovery sonic boom. Would be cool if he could put sunglasses on as well, maybe as a custom taunt.

Sagat with faster walk speed.

Remy, Q, Alex, Urien, and Oro.

Accept no substitutes.

Evil Makoto.

AE Ken with his Vanilla damage.

Juri with a GTFO move.
Makoto with more speed/reversal options.

Other games:
Hugo with better buttons.
Taokaka with MOAR DAMAGE. Also health I guess but her glass jaw is part of her charm in some ways.
Lizardman/Aeon with…anything. :’(

Dark Sakura with demon teleport and raging demon. Also a dive kick

Didn’t mean for it to be a 50/50 guessing game. I’m fine with it having an obviously different animation that let’s people avoid it as easily as they avoid the current version. I just want another use for it, and there are plenty of times when I want to grab people out of the air but can’t. Sim has to be in the air to do the ultra anyway, and I can see there being a lot of fun setups with it. That and Sim’s ultra 1 is a dumb random 50/50 gimmick, like you said, so barely anyone uses ultra 2 as it is.