For shame Rcaido


First he denies it. Says he never uses turbo…then he goes on to say it was an accident because his cast hit it…I guess after he ACCIDENTLY turned on his TURBO FIERCE FOR HP SPD REVERSAL, he also ACCIDENTLY HELD THE BUTTON DOWN while ATTEMPTING to spd.

For shame.

If something is there for his defense, he DIDNT know there was n input watcher program, I got him as well in case someone doubts about the results,

i know there is an input watcher ggpo, like i said in the chatroom i dont use turbo…If it accidentally triggered then that’s what happen. I dont appreciate this slander at all.

the term u r looking for is libel, not slander, stop being so ignorant, or stay simple n use the term defamation

No one is slandering you, you got busted, tried to lie and now are trying to play the victim. You had no idea about input watch because its not called input watcher ggpo. Just stop trying to lie and admit to it and save a little face like others have said.

drama son, I love this game.

Uhh i already know you can watch for turbo on ggpo, i hear you guys talk about it all the time…Why would i put turbo on while so many people are watching. You even said you’re going to watch the match & record it…

The only way it may have happen if i was mashing too hard cuz im wearing a wrist protector on my left hand due to having wrist pains the past few weeks. Again i dont use turbo, please remove this thread.

Forever disgraced.

This is forever disgraced




What kind of stick could you possibly have that would let you accidentally use turbo? Furthermore, why would you be holding hp down if turbo activation was an accident.

-trolls suck-

Where does it show that i was holding it down? I ask Pasky to upload the video while the input watcher is on but he wont do it…I think that would show when if the turbo got activated…Was it during the match? Was the turbo on before we did our 1st to 10?

Its one button which is HP but why not MP or JP too…I just got done playing Bob a 1st to 10 against his Ken, why wasn’t the turbo done on that. Why dont i map my PPP & KKK?

Again i know you can watch & record input in GGPO & pasky said he’s going to record, why would i still activate turbo?

As a person who has been playing fighting games for 20years , i love the competition i do not cheat. I would rather get beat downs over & over to stride to get better everyday.

Please delete this thread.

hmmm i’m here not to judge anyone… but i think rcaido has the right to defend himself, you can prove you’re not a turbo user uploading a vid and pasky can do the same uploading a video of that session proving he’s cheating, we can decide if rcaido is a cheater or not.

Maybe both of you don’t have recorded vids of this, but at least this is warning to cheaters, DO NOT CHEAT.

There is no need for me to record as there is an input watcher on GGPO. The question is if i hit turbo intentionally to cheat. I would like to see the whole video upload to show when & if it got activated. Did i try to reversal all the time by holding down HP?

I main gief & the stick i have is a TE stick…The turbo button is on the upperleft, which can be triggered accidentally due to the 360 motion, this also can happen with the guide button…I also have had wrist problems on my left wrist past few weeks & been wearing a protective device to ease the pain/keep it in place…I may have rested my hand & not know it was on it.

I think if Pasky puts up the video, it will show my innocence…

Um it doesn’t matter, why are you holding hp down other than cause you won’t get rapid jabs on accident. Maybe you didn’t think pasky was actually gonna record.

The point is, input watcher doesn’t go red unless you got an inhuman rate going.

Fucking bullshit. You cannot activate turbo on a te on accident. You have to hold the button down and then press the button you want. I have a se which is smaller and I don’t touch the turbo button ever.

-trolls suck-

I know for sure DSP is a turbo user. I actually don’t care if online warriors use turbo.
If they want to cheat and pretend they are good, let them be and they will never learn how to properly tick throw/ reversal / counter throw.

But cigarbob is renowned to make one wants to turn on the turbo though. He’s a master tick thrower / counter thrower.

Again, I’m not judging you. But there is no way you can accidentally trigger TE turbo. You have to hold down the turbo button AND press the fierce punch.

Then again, ultracombo triggered laugh’s converter button mapping mode THREE TIMES @ NCR. ( 4 buttons + start)
I really don’t know. Maybe you guys used more than 2 hands to play this game.

[edit: you know you are addicted to GGPO when you see pasky’s screenshot and you wish he would minimize the game windows so you can see the chat, lulz djf i’m talking to you]

[edit2: fuck you guys 3am you bunch of fools won’t come out before I go to bed, hi kuroppi]

when you piano then trying to spin the stick yeah you can, you just have to press the button down the same time…I lost a round in a tournament cuz i accidentally hit the guide button, so i know its possible…

Like said if Pasky post the vid we can further judge it…

If you’re clumsy as fuck or literally have hulk hands. Even at my sloppiest I can’t accidentally hit the turbo button on my SE which I know is closer to my hands than the turbo on the TE is to yours.

-trolls suck-

Well it has happen to me before at a Portland tournament, i hit the guide button by accident, which would be harder to reach…Bob got me dizzy a couple of times & i was mashing really hard…Wiggling & mash buttons, i dont see how its not possible.

Again if Pasky post the video, it would show me abusing the HP for reversals. That’s all im asking is if he can post the video & allow people to judge for themselves…

Dont you agree that would be the fair thing to do, instead out right accuse someone?

Input watcher spoke for itself when it turned red, which meant turbo was on a button was held down for a while.

Did he record with a camera or with ggpo input record?

-trolls suck-