For bananas and ham, john's your man

I can’t wait until I get this video from Nate. I will sit in my room and pretend I am a member of the Dogg Pound.

“Fuck that I ain’t give a fuck about the law
Niggas say they wanna brawl
You would think that they wore bra?s
Believe in all the things that you never saw
In it y?all, been a Dogg, smoke you like a menathol”

Snoop 4tw. :tup:

john thinks hes hard
but mark says the chicks dont know it
according to him
hell never get them to blow it

i gots mad rhymes


It’s the first time that this new thread has been won.

Snoop reps Pittsburgh.

i was dissapointed that snoop backed of his anti nigga stance and stopped using nephew

snoop has shown he is an important enough man to ruin…err change the english language in the past

this lack of resolve worries me

edit: i lost my thomas crown dvd… this is fucking dissapointing

Fo shizzle.

Nephew was awesome too, I demand Snoop uses it again.

Nate, you should make up rhymes about everyone… :wonder:

I told Nate he needs to just cover the entire song. <<< that has to be the best Sol player ever.

a negative history of writing about underage relationship prevents me from writing about you tj

Holy shit, I didn’t know there were videos of me playing Guilty Gear on YouTube.

wow, your really good at this game.
i thought you played marvel

ill tell you what johns good at


That’s right. I’m even good at lying about what I’m good at.


which is the reason why so many people thing you are good at nothing

What goes around is gonna be Timberlake’s next single… Ami knows his shit.

that’s all.

i can never find this thread

i always say pittsburgh but i have to search up and down to see this fucking thing


I don’t think you can bitch about finding the thread considering you made the title… which sucks.

if i wasnt asian i could see better and spot the all lower case thread title

alas, i need caps to see

You’re asian?!

you base race of the size of your wang right

wait… fuck

If anyone hasn’t noticed, let me point out that Nate is no longer the breakout champ.

Get that trophy back Nate.