For bananas and ham, john's your man

should i be worried that this movie about hot lesbians isnt making my dick hard

to my credit the one girl is insane

that depends

are they hot? and do they do things to eachother that make most men hard?

they are hot but they are preppy bitches

its on hbo zn

zn apparently stands for preppy bitches who occassionally fuck each other in between discussing the pros and cons of living a life according to confucionism in the modern world

the dichatomy is very confusing on the penii

sounds like it suks.

dont worry, i think your alright. But if you stop likeing lesbi porn, like actual porn, than panic.
from what i read that is the first step to either turning gay or becomeing a gentalmen. and i dont think you want either of those.

hmm, i agree

(tj posting) I hereby declare this the new Pittsburgh thread. That’s the best title of all time.

I don’t think I approve of this thread’s title. Also, what the hell happened to our old thread? :confused:

Firefox 2 RC2 is straight up pimp. If any of you guys haven’t upgraded yet, do it now.

how bout i upgrade my fist into your face hater

somebodys got a vibrater up their ass

hey, this is a hater-free zone.

whats up josh

see john, stop hating

andkeep crimson souls gay love fest out of our thread

how did he get through our anti-homo sheild

i suspect john of being a traitor

Umm… I <3 CrimsonSoul?

I had been trying to follow Nate’s School of Extreme Manliness, but I didn’t have access to Hajime no Ippo and could not realize my potential.

dear jami’s house

i am 99 percent sure that that black and white cup is mine

that is all

I think ill stay! Who the hell uses homo jokes anymore o_O


they blow

yo ami, can you mod ps2’s (swap magic styles)

run nigga, run nigga

duck nigga, duck nigga

run motha fucka run, run motha fucka run

run motha fucka run, run motha fucka run