Flow charts for characters besides Ken?

The illustrated Ken flow chart was absolutely hilarious, any for the other characters?

Only 1 other one worth while:

Of course you COULD try google: sf4 flowchart and see what you find like a normal person >.>

Not SF4, but very pretty



Those charts are awesome, guys! I haven’t played blazblue much, but even I know the importance of curse. The Gen, Fei Long double flow chart is the best…especially seeing the expressions on the players themselves.

Google search showed a bunch of flow charts out there for SF4, this one is pretty good.


holy mother of god this is amazing. I swear to god I feel like this every time I played ranked. You are my hero <3

these all suck :coffee:


i wish i could do one for cody but he needs to think for his damage :frowning:

jk i hate vortex chars but im learning their setups so i can own the flowcharters! but an ibuki bud of mine is making me look perfect;y free when i get knocked down :(. still cody is too sick if you can stay up… [but i cant :(]

It would probably be: … = Frame trap? with some visuals

I can’t take credit for that Gen vs Fei flowchart. It was posted on here months ago. I don’t know who the original creator is.


Made one real quick

here i made one for balrog in ranked matches


Wait, let me do a real one for Boxer in Ranked

E: There
Hilvl japanese play

E2: Damn, I forgot the occasional Jab mashing

i wish i can make one for dudley players but they usually just mash on Lp Machine gun blow and when they have meter they always go to the other end of the screen and do the EX MGB and mash ultra during it

made one for seth


i think that seth flowchart is a little too complex

Seth Two-Face?

zang flowshart !