Flow charts for characters besides Ken?

they really don’t compare to the ken flowchart, haha. mostly because it is the exact way some people play ken/ryu online.

Ryu’s flowchart is:

  1. Throw hadoken. Did he jump too late? Shoryuken.
  2. Walk around back in forth from optimum distance to threaten a hadoken until they jump, then DP into super/ultra.
  3. Keep hadokening.
  4. Did they jump? jump MP into super/ultra
  5. Throw some cr. MK in there

The end.

i don’t give two craps about blanka but Yamazaki/Shermie is an AWESOME team for KoF98! I’d just switch out Terry for Beni but that’s just me :smiley:

This thread is full of win.

Most blankas start the match by whiffing light Blanka ball into grab then they start that bullshit gimmick

The Akuma chart is pretty accurate, you’ll find a bunch of scrubby Akumas doing exactly that. The online Blanka chart is also very accurate and also a bit more annoying to fight.

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this is the worst thread I’ve seen this week

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This is one of the greatest threads of all time O_o

Can’t believe no1 posted this yet <img src=“http://www.jaybonaut.com/Stuff/flowchart/bison.png”>

This is true Bison flowchart:<br><img src=“http://i50.tinypic.com/iy04r8.png”><br>

Not enough throws!