Florida's "True Console Warriors" Tourney Live Results


  1. Alex Navarro
  2. Trent Van Deven
  3. Alex Walbert
  4. Alex Jabailey
  5. Anthony Wright
  6. Robert Rios
  7. Rick Stalvey
  8. Cheng Chow Choi

Alex Jabailey Beat Robert Rios both for money and in the tourney, no one believed he could except for Rick Fucking Stalvey!!! LOL:lol:

Trent and Alex Navarro in a dead stalemate in the finals, took like 40+ min to finish the the finals.


  1. Eric Johnson
  2. Justin Zhao
  3. Ozzie Delisle
  4. Edder Rodriguez
  5. Trent Van Deven
  6. Peter Nguyen
  7. Adam B “Sugar Man”
  8. Robert L.

Trent beats Edder??? Megaman is officially TOO GOOD!!!:evil: :lol:


  1. Alex Garvin
  2. Lovell
  3. Chetan
  4. Mark H
  5. Alex Navarro
  6. Andrew

was trent doing roll canceling?

LOL yeah!!! No more than that cheater Navarro!!!

Thanks for holding this Alex/Chris/Rick. I had fun. Can’t wait for the next one…with 3s :smiley:

Just like I said I was going to win all the tourney I did:rolleyes:

Lovell and Jose are lucky I didn’t get them in GGXX!!!

Thanx for holding the tourney I had fun. Can’t wait for the next one…with Halo!!!

I am going to hold you on your word Chris.

Next tourney hopefully i go so there could be some skill for GGXX:)

that was fun…
good job winners…
thanx for the tourney guys, it was great.
see ya next weekend rick :smiley:

Tetris Attack for Apex! That game is too good.

My thoughts

It was cool to see everyone again, Ed, Ozzie, Ft.Walt Steve, acesmith, muffin man, etc etc.

Back and Fierce has a new victim. Ozzie (TWICE!) :evil:
And yes, Trent beat Eder. It was crazy folks, pure madness.

For those of you who didn’t stay the results of Gville vs Orlando Team “Tournament” ( I do use tournament loosely)

Teams where


15-9 for Gville.
Although Gville took the title again, Eder took Justin’s dead presidents. What was it Justin? 20 dollars this time? :lol: John also lost on side bets between the Eder/Justin money matches. And against the Orlando Blue Bomber, Trent. Proving once again that you can’t play for money against that beast.

The tournament was nice, although it wasn’t cool I had to play Eder FIRST FUCKING ROUND! :wtf: was with that? I play Eder on a regular basis at least set me up with someone that lives an hour or so away from me… :bluu:

Dispite that, I had a cool time.
I beat Ozzie TWICE with Team Back and Fierce, did decently against Ed’s team Strong, and whooped on Yop for my troubles. :lol:

This tourney was fun as hell. Congrats to the winners.

Alex N.: I don’t know why I seem to beat you in the winners and then you rape me in the losers, go figure. Congrats on first place and thanks to you, Rick, and Dwayne for letting me chill at your place.

Trent: Good job, those were some of the closest matches.

Tito: Don’t worry about today’s tourney. Jebailey just had your number. I’m sure you’ll show him something crazy next time.

Jebailey: You are officially hilarious. That golf cart was the shit. Nice job in the tourney, random is tooooooo good.

Ozzy: Nice job getting 3rd, I thought you could’ve had this one. Ahh well, at least you’re getting back into the game.

SHafted: Good matches man. You were better than I expected. Hope to see you guys again.

Rick "Fucking!: Stalvey: HAHA, rick I think the best part of the tourney, was the commentary. We had too much fun just talking shit in the background. If there was a tourney for that, we’d definitely win.

Adam Warlock: It was cool to meet you and your friend don’t know what his name was though. Sorry I lost you guys that dollar. Jebailey’s randomness was just too good, lol.

Justin and the Gville crew: Nice job on getting the top two spots, I see why you guys placed so high. Take care, hope to see you at the next one.

BshidoHeat: It was nice to meet the real “Bshidoheat”, don’t know who that imposter was at Invasion. Your captain America was too fuckin good.

Mr. ED: I don’t think you know me, but I was just watching casually in the background, and I played you a couple of times. Mad fucking props for doing so well with that team. I couldn’t believe some of the shit you were doing. Good shit man.

PSL crew: It was cool to chill with you guys. What happened to Halo? :smiley:

Great tourney guys, if I forgot anyone its cuz I’m tired as shit.

I wish I could be in the tournament… want to play cvs2 so much since last tourney… and no cvs2 in my new school… shitty… How many ppl were there on Sat?

Umm… that asian looking dirty mexican looking guy walking around with a Kenshin bag and trading eye glasses with Shinma-sama? Why did he steal my idenity again!!! :mad:

Awesome tournament. Lots of fun.

Walbert- Close matches. You’re eagle is scary. Get back on live! :lol: Sucks Rob couldnt make it i was really looking foward to playing again him too.

Tito: Jebailey rocked j00!! :lol: j/k. You totally had that match, your bison should have wrecked that hibiki shit. Good seeing you again.

Navarro- Came down to us massivley counter teaming each other :lol: 3-2, 3-2. Always fun.

Yeah, thats right… top 5. All you bitches got shot! :lol:

BTW, Erik is the fuckin man with Magneto.
So fuckin deadly… with MSS. Two words I’d describe Eriks Mags… slick and fuckin good. Ok 3 words, but it’s like god damn! WTF is happening gahhhahahahaha!

Hey hey hey!
You got shot in the team tournament! :lol:

My thoughts

hey ben,
its always a pleasure.
sorry i didnt chit-chat to much.
i was suffering from a splitting head-ache :bluu:
plus i was sucking bad in CVS as usual :rolleyes:
so i was bummed…
aaahhh what can ya do :slight_smile:
“when the going gets tough, take it up the ass some more”
:lol: :lol:

name’s Justin Zhou, don’t get it wrong in apex. cool tourney.

Ben teams tourney was “16”-9. Even though you can’t win, I hoped that you can count. Trent was the weakest link. Tourney was Dope. Eder can suck deez. Way too much shit talking and that’s why we still come to these things. Good job to Navarro and Stalvey. Pretty good tournament for a couple of white kids. I’ll post up more shout outs later. I can’t understand why it took me a full tank to get to orlando, but only a quarter tank to get back. WTF?

BWAHAHAHAHA! Having NO right to place that high. Trent placing 5th in MVC2? WTF is the world coming to? This tourney was crazy random.

Top 5 things that made this tourney worth attending:

  1. The look on anyone’s face who fell for Ed’s gimmicks.

  2. After having Shafted DOUBT ME, fucking beasting with Leland on some Tetris Attack. Tetris Attack for apex bitches! It’s the thinking man’s puzzle fighter1

  3. Watching Jebailey random the fuck outta Tito. Good shit Jebailey.

  4. The pre tourney show with the miami GGXX crew.

  5. Me not losing to anyone NOT named Alex. Fuck. It NEVER matters which alex it is. I’ve never beaten anyone named Alex in a tourney. :mad:

Now for the shoutouts:

Alex N.: Good shit and congrats man. you gave me the easy way out. “WTF did you expect? I was playing Alex Navarro!” :lol:

Rick “Fuckin” S.: I don’t know wtf happened man. The scrub Bison jump back roundhouse is too powerful! We need to get some casual on man, so I can learn some shit.

Chris P.: What NOW??? Tetris Attackin’ that ass CHUMP! lol. Nah, good shit for bringing the T Attack back man. I didn’t get to watch your matches in CVS2, but it’s not like anything special happened. I mean, it’s not like you got at least fifth or anything :lol: (god bless the brackets)

ServbotRollTrap: you were MAAAD different than I expected you to be. It’s all good about the dollar. Chris P. needed it for some new shoes anyway.

Leland: We’re bringing tetris attack to the forefront. Fuck the haters.

Jose: Good that we got time to chill, yo. Thanks for the GGXX lessons and I WILL practice. When I come down there, you’ll see the scrub slayer.

2nasty: Good shit on GGXX. Shit, you taught me more than Jose did. That fucker never even told me how to Roman Cancel :lol: You and your boy Ryan (I think) were mad cool. Looking forward to playing you guys again (and NOT getting ass raped).

Tito: You’ll get him next time. Turtle his ass. :evil:

Guinness: Good shit man. I backed you against Tito, and then you took it a step further and cost me a dollar. You owe me a dollar. :mad:

Ed: I’ve been repeating to myself since yesterday “There’s no such thing as tiers, there’s no such thing as tiers…” I saw sentinel’s fucking RUNNING from hulk and juggernaut.

Dan R.: Get those Attack skills up. Next time we come for blood!!!

Trent: WTF? I could’ve sworn your hair almost turned gold during the tourney for a second… MAAAD props to you. Without blind select you mighta had CVS2 (shit was SO fucking close), and you were wreckin shop in MVC2. Next time, for 20 bucks I’ll tell you who he plans to pick :stuck_out_tongue:

TroyBoy: What happened to you in GGXX? You were supposed to wreck shop?!?

Muffinman: Sorry you weren’t gettin your shit off man. You still held it down for PSL, even in the absence of Silverqueer.

Acesmith: I didn’t really get to holler at you, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you held it down anyway.

But Eder DID take 20 dollars from you right?

Muffin Man, don’t sweat it I was hella tired the whole day. I guess that’s why I kept shouting :lol:.

This is DBS. I accidentally posted on Mixups screen name.

First, I want to thank the tourny directors for running a smooth tournament. I definitely had a great time. It’s always interesting to see what new tricks everyone has hidden up their sleaves.

Ozzy sent me to the loser’s in the second round, breaking his curse, and it was a struggle from that point on. I had to play Ben (who had me worried for a second with his doom/storm DHC), Adam, Eder, Trent, Ozzy, and Justin. Good thing, Mike wasn’t there. I would hate to bump heads with him.

It was good seeing everyone again, and keep your eyes open for a G-ville toury towards the end of October.

BTW, Justin only lost $10 from Eder. My shirt said it all- “DAMN”


Good $h!t, yo… :cool: