Florida Gaming: Orlando Mayhem SF4/HDRemix/Brawl Tournament May 30th, Final Update

When: Saturday May 30th, 2009 ( Doors open at 8 am and event Closes at Midnight, SF Tournaments begin at 1 pm(Smash and Halo Tournaments begin at 12 Noon Sharp)
Live Bands Oceana and Broadway will be performing from 8 pm to 9pm SHARP. All Tournament matches will be put on hold from 7:45 until 9 pm and SF finals will take place from 9 pm on with extra TV’s Available for casuals.

Games: Street Fighter 4 Singles and Teams/ STHD Remix/ Smash Bros Brawl and Melee Singles and Doubles
Where: 1.5 Miles away From Disney World in Orlando Florida at
Ramada Celebration Resort
6375 West Irlo Bronson Memorial
Highway Kissimmee, Florida 34747
Inside of Paradise IV in Convention Center
How to Register: Go to http://www.imwiifit.com
All Information and registration form will be there.
Over $1000 in cash and prizes
Other Important Notes: This is BYOC/Sticks and or Converters, $10 Dollar Door fee to enter the event. Read below for Fees for each Game.
***UPDATE: Everyone who pays the 10 Dollar Door Fee will receive a raffle ticket. Prize is yet to be determined.

Street Fighter 4 Main Event Tournament $10:
Cash Prizes (60/30/10) *More Prizes and sponsorships will be added.
Start time is approx. at 1:00 Pm
This is Bring your Own Controller or Stick(Please bring appropriate converters from PS2 to PS3 if needed.
Double Elimination Random Brackets
Each match is 3 rounds and you must win 2/3 3 round games to advance
Winner/Loser and Grand Finals will be 3/5 matches.

All characters unlocked and selectable including Seth and Gouken
Winner Keeps same character/Loser may Change character
System will be PS3 , However we will have 2 Xbox 360 stations to accommodate you the best we can for Pad vs Pad players up until the finals.(Only applies to the SF4 Main event Tournament, all other tourneys will be strictly PS3 unless otherwise noted.)
ALL Finals will be on Playstation 3 ONLY UNLESS Both finalists are Xbox 360 Players. . A TE Mad Catz PS3 stick can be provided for the Finals for a contestant if need be.

Street Fighter 4 TEAM Tournament $5 dollar per player/15 per team (Both Systems)
Payout is 70/30 for Top 2 Teams
Team Tourney Will Start at 5pm
3 Vs 3 Double Elimination
Max of 16 teams(If less than 8 Teams Sign up, this tournament will become a Round Robin Team Tournament)
Each Team must have 3 different characters.
2 Teams will face each other. Player’s A From Each team play one match, and the winner stays. The loser will be the team with players no longer left.
Each Game will be set to 3 rounds(2/3) but not 2/3 matches since this is a double elimination Tournament with teams.

Street Fighter 4 Dan Only Invitational Tournament ($3) PS3 ONLY

1 on 1 Single Elimination Winner Takes all
Dan Invitational Starts at 6 pm
Each game will be set to 7(4/7) rounds and be 1 match win to advance.
Each player must only choose Dan and Taunting is HIGHLY Encouraged.
For the 2 finalists in the Grand Finals.
Here’s a special stipulation:
To the person who wins the entire Grand finals. For everytime you can successfully complete a Dan Taunt(In air, on ground or standing all count) during the final match, I will out of pocket give you a 2 Dollar bill. You can win up to an extra 50 Dollars in 2 Dollar Bills(Have set a max to stop from any sort of conspiring to let someone taunt repeatedly and split the money).
This will be viewed by all a part of the event. WAHOOOOOO

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD REMIX( PS3)(Two Xbox 360 Stations for Xbox players)
Starts at 6 pm
$5 To Enter
Payout: 60/30/10
1 on 1 Double Elimination
All Characters Allowed including Akuma
Matches are set to 3 rounds and must win 2/3 to advance.
Winner keeps same character loser may Change

All Top 3 players in Tournament Finals Will be recorded and played on a big screen Projector starting at 9pm.

-Please be respectful of others, Bullying or Blatant rudeness to other players will result in ejection from the event.
-Please take the time right away to adjust your buttons before each match. Any pausing during a match will result in a loss for that match
-If you are not involved in a match we will ask that you stand at least a foot away from the players when they are in a match. Interference will result in a loss on your next match.
Above all, Have fun with new and old friends alike enjoying a great hobby

Please Register your name and information at http://www.imwiifit.com.

Here is the Pre Reg List for all SF Games-Last updated 5/26/09

If there is an X After your name that means you are an Xbox 360 player or have a controller that works on both PS3/Xbox 360.


Adam Cruz
Adam LaRusso
Alan Aure
Alex Jebailey X
Alex Tsakanikas
Allen Hou
Andrew Quintero
Andy liu
Arsenio Betancourt X
Arturo Veloz
Ben Lagon X
Bob Nadal X
Carlos Martinez
Chris Crespo X
Chris Reardon
Chris Zamora X
Creighton Ashton X
Daniel Scott
Doc Sinister X
Douglas O’Connor X
Dwayne Buchanan X
Emmanuel Jiminez
Eric Luna
Eric Nadal X
Erick Aleman
Frankie Battle X
George Gregory X
Grayson Blackmon X
Harris Chau
Ian shotton
Isaac Arellano
Isaac Chou
Javier Guzman X
Jeffrey Sangster
Jei Torres
Jens Doeppel
Jermaine Benjami
Jigme Dukpa
John Angerson X
John Harper X
John Martin
Johnny Kuroda X
Jose Rullan
Joshua Morales
Keith Kelly X
Lord Beauchamp
Lucas Perez X
Luis Diaz
Manny Manhattan X
Manny Tejeda X
Mark Cochran
Matt Davis X
Miguel Nunez
Mike Brown
Nestor Ramirez x
Nick Williams X
Orlando Suber
Paul Aquino
Peter Susini X
Remz X
Ric Taylor X
Richel Hernandez X
Rick Stalvey X
Thomas Banea
Tim X
Tony Moore X
Torrin Fields
SF4 Team Tourney**

Anal Passions-Nestor, Carlos, Brandon
Bombastars- Alan, Jei, Hugsby
Lo Mein and Grits- Benski, Dark Hokage ssj2jeff
Orlando OGs- Alex, Ricky, Trent
Perfect Minority- Jose, Isais, Torrin
Random Miami Scrubs-Arsenio, Manny, Arturo
Shadaloo Sux- Ian Shotton, Alex, Cheddar
Tampa Tier Whores- Ryu, Sagat, Gief aka Isaac, AD, Ronnie
We’re Going to Win-Andrew, Richel, Peter

STHD Remix

Lord Beauchamp
Nick Williams
Rick FN Stalvey
Ian Shotton
Paul Aquino
Jose rullan
Torrin Fields
Alex Jebailey

Dan Invitational

Alex Jebailey
Doc Sinister
Allen Hou
Harris Chau
Andy Liu
Chris Crespo
Dwayne Buchanan
Matt Davis
Isaac Arellano
Tony Moore
Rick Stalvey
Eric Luna
Nestor Ramirez
Paul Aquino
Jose Rullan
John Martin

that SF4 3v3 is gonna be pretty hype. i should be able to make it.

Put Marvel up in there, David can run it if anything… or even Peter.

Marvel will not be a part of the tournament officially. If you guys can bring your own 2 Tv’s and DC’s(There is plenty of space) you are more then welcome to have your own small tournament and I will create the brackets for you.
If you can get other people from Across Florida to come out for Marvel and not just the very small few that play in Orlando, then I’ll add it to the website.

lol love the single elimination tourney idea google, melbourne is definitely gonna be showin up to this :smiley:

A when does the HD start i’ll be up there at disney so ill have to ditch the family to make it…

And please explain how is there over a 1000 in prize money and, how is it divided between the 3 games

I’m hype for SF4 teams

It’s all together if you combine Smash Brothers and Street Fighter altogether, i’m expecting a turnout of over 150 people for all the different games. I’m working on gift cards from Gamestop and Play n trades as well.

It’s safe to say we’ll start HD Remix at 5 o Clock and not anytime before so Enjoy your family day out. Sorry for not listing the time yet, I wanted to get a feel for the SF4 turnout. I’ll also start the SF4 team tourney as soon as the SF4 Main Event is done.

im coming, road trip again son.

Finally I can go take everyone’s money in Orlando

I will be going to this AND the Super Smash Brothers Melee tournament!

This should be fun!

wow goodjob nominating people to run a tourney with out even talking to them

probably wont be going on the count that im not in FL or wont be in FL anytime soon

He was Referring to another Peter Flash :rofl:.

Yeah I read you’ll be overseas in Sweden, Best of luck buddy in the SBO Qualifiers, I hope you kick butt. Look forward to playing in SF4 sometime soon. We had a big get together at my house last night, about 25 of us on 4 TV’s Playing SF4. The tourney is shaping up to be something special. If you’re the US, hope you come up with the rest of the South Fla guys.

Good luck Man.

Good Luck in SBO Pete!!!

He doesn’t need any luck, don’t you know?? that’s Flash Fucking Metroid!!!

I’ll definitely be going to this one…right around the corner from me :slight_smile:
Hope to see all of you FL peeps there!

be there u already know. bring my prijector and sound for finals so be ready niggaaaaaaas

put me down. Im in for SFIV singles

o man, im going to make plans for this one!

is registering just so you can get an idea of how many people? or is it cool to wait until day of? Also, the 3v3 SF4 is just 8 teams max, i kinda wanna grab a spot for my team before they are gone, so should i just register and check the box for it? or is there a better way to go about it?

either way, i really look forward to this, the constant practicing now has a purpose!!

i guess i over looked it

but how much is the entry fee for hdr?