Flash Forward - TV Show

Its by David Goyer (who wrote Batman Begins and the Dark Knight). Premise is that everyone in the world blacks out at the same time and experiences their life 6 months in the future. They try to piece together how and why.

Anyone check it out? Its pretty good, I’ll watch for a couple more shows.

Yeah, and my wife picked out Jett Jackson as another one, haha.

I thought it was pretty good. I noticed some Lost elements like an advert for oceanic and I swear I caught a glimpse of a darma symbol on a computer screen.

Just saw this show and from the looks of it I won’t be missing any episodes.

one thing that seemed odd to me was why did that main dude get to go home with his wife and kid

like shouldn’t he be working 24/7 for the next couple of months

Yay for hulu.

Checked it out last night. Looked good.

John Cho cannot act being pissed off.

I saw a billboard that had gabrielle Union in it and i have a rule: If you put Gabrielle union in ANYTHING i’ll give it a shot for one episode

Random kangaroo ftw.

goddammit they got me. Modern Family was hilarious too.

But he’ll be dead in 6 months.

See what I did there?

will he? his wife saw him at their wedding

is it this?..

Olivia Snow uploaded this image to

He didn’t have a ‘flash forward’ thingy or whatever. He himself said that since he didn’t have a vision of the future six months from now, he’d be dead.

Or will he? Fuck this show has me really interested. Hopefully I can get into it and keep up with all the plot twists and turns.

I wanted to watch it, but I keep forgetting that if it says it airs 9pm PST then often in Hawaii it’s 8pm (I miss a lot of shows cuz of this), not sure how that works but whatever I downloaded it and am gonna give it a watch. The commercials made it looks really good

Going to watch this and all the other TV show premieres this weekend. Seems like I missed some good stuff.

Gotdammit BlackShinobi, I was on the fucking fence but you just HAD to push a brother back into watching this one didn’t you.

As interesting as the show is, the main FBI guy (or more precisely the actor’s face) for some reason pisses me off, and despite Harold, Jet Jackson and Riley from Buffy being on the show, I wasn’t that interested in the show’s hinted at future stories. But Gabrielle Union is a must watch, even though usually shows she is on get canceled after one season.

FBI agent Harold without Kumar is with the people who did the all flashforward thingie
oh and this is NOT a spoiler just a theory

yea but at the end he was in bed with his chick and he’s like what did you dream about

and she’s like we were getting married and he’s like i was there? and she’s like YEP

then he looked all confused like why didn’t i have a dream but she dreamt i was at the wedding with her

maybe he’s blind in the future or he was awake during it and lied about blacking out

here was the oceaniac billboard


the top says perfect safety record

Yeah its pretty interesting… one more thing to add to my dl list.