Flash Bash

Not trying to schill but maybe some of you guys would dig this? Pretty well made flash fighter that doesn’t rip sprites or models from other games. And the controls are as easy as Persona. There is some lag even if the quality is set to low and of course there’s no way to play online. But overall it’s pretty good and free so you can’t complain that much about it.

Dan Mcneely’s oki is too serious.

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Controls are seriously wack and there seems to be no special move input priority so you’ll accidentally do stuff all the time. Oh, and pushback in the corner is too much. It’s kinda cool how you have more combo potential midscreen than in the corner too lol

Otherwise… I really dig this.

in b4 combo videos

Melinka is the hottest shit ever.

It’s actually been awhile since I’ve had so much fun with a character.

I think none of the zombies command grabs are whiff punishable which is a pretty odd choice.

I think Melinka has an infinite.

And if so, yeah, this game is already way more fun than SFXT.

Also, all of the Zombie’s command grabs are whiff punishable.

I played around with Amano a bit. Would have been nice if I knew that for all those chain(?) combos, you can just hold the button down.
Black Typhoon, Px2, (crumple state) Px3 xx dash, j.Kx2, Air Shuriken Super or whatever you wanna do.
It was fun, but too slow.

Luemas for god tier with the Dhalsim fullscreen fireball teleport mixups + that retarded ram move.

EDIT: Nvm, Zombie Inglor is the new hotness

Also it seems like you only get one wall bounce per combo. Wow, it actually has a combo system. And wow I’m enjoying this game way too much.

Amea can cancel the recovery of her air fireball with j.B1. Do it close enough to the ground and you can toss out fireballs faster than her ground fireball. Definitely got a bit of bullet hell going on here. As a bonus, j.B1 will hit out bad jump in attempts.

It’s pretty fun but I can tell there’s some definite broken shit. I think Dragon Boy can make his Dash (X2) B1 totally safe on block with fireball.

Still, if the creator refines it and fixes lag I’d happily pay $5-10 to play it on Steam.

oh boy dubstep intro

It’s decent for Armored Games fare. I mean, it’s a Flash game, but as far as those go, it’s… alright. It’s at least more sophisticated than other Flash fighters in that there seem to be legit links. I share Lincoln’s feeling on specials, though. And the artstyle feels very Deviantart, but what can you expect from a NG game.

Luemas has a dirty, dirty crossup with IAD, Kick. I keep trying to hit low off of it, only to start charging his explosion move, lol

His super where he says something about a floppy disk in some young kid’s voice is ridiculous in how stupid it sounds. And kind of funny.

Found some little glitch to extend some combos. With Dan, when you do d+B1+B2 xx f,f+B1, the uppercut well send them flying across the screen, nothing like when you hit them with f,f+B1 on the ground. However, if you time the f,f+B1 to hit them right when they are about to touch the ground, they get juggled like they would on a grounded f,f+B1. So you can do.

d+B+B2 xx f,f+B1, f+B2, d+B1, d+B1, f+B2, j.d+B1 for like half health.

Kinda fun messing around in this game.

Amea is godlike but DFO is getting all my game time.

Try rumble fighter man. 4 way mixups and an actual 3d fighting game. It might be right up your alley. I’ll even get on and show you some of the basics of drifting and such.

I’ll give it that it’s actually 3D but I didn’t like the feel of it.

oh god, just noticed this was made by godlimations…

this explains a lot

Refining the “Amea Trap.”

:uf: B1, cancel with j.B1 then:
-repeat :uf: B1, cancel with j.B1
-:db: B1 for the electricity thing that’s basically Hidden Missiles
-if they try to jump in:
–neutral jump: :f: B2 (LOL Log Trap)
–no crossup/lands in front: :df: B1
–tries to crossup: :db: B1

Also, there seems to be an SF style one fireball per character on screen rule so that’s something to consider. Trying to do :uf: when one of her fireballs is on screen will simply result in her doing j.B1 in a slightly forward arc. Interestingly enough, you can use this as a sort of safe approach to move forward and apply pressure. The “hitbox” itself on j.B1 is pretty nice, if timed right it can punish characters who try to teleport behind her.

On that air fireball cancel, you can also cancel with j.:d:/:u:B2. It takes about the same time as a j.B1 cancel if you do it low enough, and you’ll stay in relatively the same spot as when you threw it. Ryu fireball trap on steroids?

EDIT: You’ll know you did it right if you see the going down part of the animation for the rocket attack, but she just goes into the ground and she never goes up.

I am going to play the living FUCK out of this game.

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Just found a glitch with [S]Hulk[/S] Inglor. Do a mid-screen :f:B1 with a :df:B1 follow-up, then jump at them and hit j.B1, and sometimes it will cause hitsparks and sound, but no damage or hit-stun, and in perfect range for the throw of your choice.

Glitches in a flash fighting game. Insane, I know.

Also, you get a free un-blockable in the corner after you hit :f:B1 by just holding down the command as he’s doing the 360.