FLAG - An Open Group Dedicated to the Integrity of the FG Community

In recent light of interviews with BurnYourBra (the sexual harassment and racism she’s endured), and the bracket controversies of recent major tournaments, I have created an open, community effort group called “Fight Like a Gentleman (FLAG).”

I feel integrity is the last major missing element from the fighting game community. While some of us have it, others intend to abuse it, while the community shows no difference in reaction to either the good or bad conduct.

Not anymore.

There is now a Facebook group called “Fight like a Gentleman (FLAG)” here: Login | Facebook

Here is the fundamental code of conduct and description for FLAG.

FLAG (Fight Like a Gentleman) is a group dedicated to the integrity of the fighting game community.

We invite everyone in the community to join, recommend ideas to improve how we treat each other, or recommend outstanding members of the community for our quarterly FLAG induction/honor. Joining is simply a statement of commitment to improving our community.

Also, once a year, we recommend one outstanding member of the community for the FLAG Hall of Fame and engraved plaque that goes along with it.


  • Though some of us are better fighters than others does NOT make us entitled to special treatment or make us better people.

  • Trash talking is fun, but it should never attack race, gender, sexuality, or religion.

  • ALWAYS treat your fellow players as you’d like to be treated.

  • While we’re individuals, we are ALL representations of the community as a whole.

  • Be friendly with one another. It’s awesome that we can be brought together by the unique experience that is fighting games. Let’s show each other how fortunate we are.

Lastly, use the Facebook wall to post examples of outstanding conduct at your local tournament/scene. Or post something that’s been bugging you in the community and want everyone’s opinions.

I’d love it if everyone could share their ideas on how to improve this community effort group (there is a logo being created right now, and will be up later today).

Also, I will be attending CEO in representation of FLAG.

Thank you, and let’s make this community a stronger and safer one together,

Ryan (aka Tryken/GentlemanTryken) Tullis

P.S. On a personal note, I wanted to do something for the community. Only a select few people will ever be on the player level of Daigo, Wong, Momochi, Ortiz, etc… And while I’m a decent player, I have to recognize that fact. So this is my effort to the community I love, because I truly believe we need hard working, community-focused people like Spooky, Seth Killian, the Shoryuken and eventhubs guys, etc. So here’s my dedication. Let’s do this together.

So submit ideas! And please, join the Facebook group and show your support!


But seriously, this is kind of silly and unnecessary.

This statement is the biggest problem with the community. Nobody is unbeatable. Just because it’ll take you some time to get to that level doesn’t mean that you won’t.

Fucking sad, defeatist attitude.

Why do you think religion deserves equal asylum as race, gender, or sexuality?

Oh no. I plan to beat anybody who shows up at CEO this year. But I can do more for the community than just show up and fight, can’t I?

Because it’s protected by our constitution. And nobody should have to be worried about being attacked for any of those reasons.

And ask BurnUrBra how silly it felt when she was harassed on account of her race and gender.

> Creating a group dedicating to sorting problems in the FG community, one of which is sexism
>Calling it Fight Like A Gentleman

Haha. It’s just to quote Dudley. I did think about that, but I wanted to keep it true to the quote.

That wasn’t silly at all.

It was hilarious!

But seriously, people are just going to be dicks sometimes and that is how life is. Creating a group like this will accomplish nothing.

I lol’ed.

sexism/racism/people generally acting like obnoxious shitheads in the community is a legitimate topic for discussion but this is a really silly tryhard and ultimately ineffectual way to do it.

If everyone went through life with your attitude, we’d be living like fucking animals.

Do everyone that plans on reading this a favor by shutting up.

Tryken, I think it’s a great idea and hope that you, and others that share your views can help clean up our community.

I completely agree with the sentiment behind this, but an “organization” isn’t the right way to go about it. Not as long as this community is infested with wannabe alpha males and (no homo) is still A Thing, not as long as “rape” is still an accepted term, and not as long as the games themselves continue to feed into the idea of women as nothing more than pussy.

Any competitive game draws people with these attitudes…sports are probably worse but much better at hiding it from the public. I’ll leave it at that for now.

well, like i mentioned before in the shady tourny thread…after reading about some ‘supposed’ incidents of people breaking stuff from fits of rage, spiking their arcade sticks, and punching/hitting people at these events…i’m left in shock and disbelief.
i mean really, there has got to be heavier penalties and bannings handed out by organizers at violators for behaving in a immature, non-adult, classless, cretin-like manner at these events.
its not that hard to stay composed and say GGs to your opponent, whether you win or lose, cordially shake hands, and move on to your next match.
i mean really.
its not rocket science.
its just knowing how to act in public, thats all.
~you spike your controller-you get ejected from tourny, banned for 6 months from major events
~you trash talk/taunt/talk smack before, during, after your match to your opponent-ejected from tourny, banned for 6 months from events
~you verbally threaten someone with physical or bodily harm-cops called, banned for life.
~you commit physical assault on anyone at the tourny-ejected from tourny, cops called, banned for life from all events
~you break stuff at the venue that’s property of the venue/establishment in a fit of rage-ejected, cops called on you, banned for 1 year/possibly life.

those would be my rules that i’d make damn sure would get enforced.

thats real life.
its simple really.
i like how violators of these social rules are actually getting to be organizers and event runners instead of being banned/punished accordingly, lol.
what a joke.
act like grown ups in public is all i ask.
because i don’t think most people wanna deal with infantile behavior at social gatherings.
i know i don’t.
i’m too damn old to be having to put up with high-schoolish behavior.
i left high-schoolish behavior back in high school many many years ago.

i’d rather not go to these events if things like tantrums and tyraids are being displayed by fellow tourny participants.
i think most people feel the same way,
or at least i’d hope so.
act like a jack ass all you want on the net, but act like grown ups in real life i.e. in public.

i’m sure 99% of people want to gather and enjoy themselves and NOT get molested, verbally abused,and/or distracted while their trying to focus on their match by nutty antics going on at the venue floor by crazy scary and strange people.

just sayin’

:crybaby: WAHHHHH, the big boys are calling me names, WAHHHHH :crybaby:

edit: axl master, every time you press the return key instead of using a period you should slap yourself as hard as you can

Wow, that was a fantastic post. Good thing people are allowed to express their opinions, otherwise we’d be living like fucking animals. :coffee:

Shit like this should be left up to TO’s. Have them set rules and enforce them. FG’s are not a sport and do not need some outside rule-enforcing organization. Nor do we need even more white knights coming in to save helpless girls like BurnUrBra.

more like Females Lesbians and Gays

That’s because sports are cordoned according to sexes. You would never have seen this topic had BurnYourBra, a woman, not complained about something that has been going on for years. Men are expected to simply “suck it up.”

Welcome to a misandrist society. :cool:

It’s just an open group that people can join and show some support to, not so much an “organization,” so I apologize for the misconception.

Anyway, I’d love some ideas from you guys. The “FLAG” code is just a way people who support the cause should act. That’s all.

Is this the best way to do it? I have no idea. But if you guys have ideas, throw them down. I’d love to discuss them.