Fist of the North Star condoms, I kid you not

Here is the link

I mean whats the tag line ‘‘you already came’’ or ‘‘you have ten seconds before you cum’’

Gettin’ Jagi with it

Too late, she is already pregnant

I was saying “you’re already dead” before I blew anyway.

I would’ve expected grappler baki to have these before FOTNS, considering there’s an entire hentai volume with BakiXKozue

EDIT: For anyone interested in buying, just google Fist of the North Star Condoms :^>

Will they magically make my pelvic thrusts fast enough to the point where I can go “ATATATATATATATATA!” when I make sweet love? :lovin:

I want an epic narrator to announce the name of my techniques.

I just want Basketball infinites when I OTG some sweet ass


“Let me hear you say it louder, KING RAOH! KING RAOH!”
-from the Streamline Pictures dub of the movie

^Considering Raoh’s body grows when using his power, it shouldn’t have surprised anyone that he’d be extra large. King Raoh indeed.

This doesn’t surprise me. I found street fighter condoms at a gas station recently.

Man this takes on a whole new meaning. Kenshiro don’t give a fuck about bush.

did you drive in at night?

you already came

Sounds like it is used in conjunction with this Street Fighter brand Viagra!!!

censored but still nsfw


This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen

i just hit your pressure point G spot…you have ten seconds before you orgasm.

Hopefully I can snag some Raoh Condoms.
Need my dick to just destroy bitches.


My O Face: