First time You were called Cheap?

When was the first time you were called cheap after trouncing somebody in a fighting game?

My first time was when I was playing Killer Instinct back on the SNES. I figured out this beastly Combo combo (and I was young and figured it out entirely on my own through hours of practice mode) and I smack talked somebody into playing me. And I kept doing it, and simply stomped him. He then said I was fighting cheap…and I stopped using the combo. That experience set me back yearsin fighting games…

I one time pissed someone off using T.J. Combo on KI2. Yeah, all I did was Stun Super and Quick Opener to Ender combos. Yeah, when playing KI, I tend to not do auto links to avoid combo breakers.

I think I OCV’ed some guy in CvS2 with a Guile with some major major zoning in the corner, countered all his moves and and mixed it up alot with throws. That person got pretty damn mad and left muttering cheap ass motherfucker.


crouching roundhouse x6 on chun in the corner with dudley.

still pisses people off. :rofl:

When I played my local friends at SF2 and would beat them just by tripping and tick throwing.

After that, they all moved to X-Men VS Street Fighter, so I learned quickly on the internet how to do Sabretooth 100% damage combos, and they called me cheap on that game too. :stuck_out_tongue:

After I did a cross up in 3rd Strike.

AHVB x 3, naturally. And throws back in the sf2 days.

It took you that long to get called cheap?

When I switched characters and used DHC’s in MVC2…

EDIT Oh yeah… and killing a guy with Aegis in the corner in CFJ when I was starting to learn Urien LOL

Not my first time but the best time was at castro valley golfland. I was playing cvs2 i think and i was playing bison and held the stick straight up and kept pressing short on the way down to hit someone, and when he tried to jump at me id hit roundhouse. I beat him without releasing up on the joystick. He told his friend ‘this is bullshit i cant beat him if he wont play real’. I thought it was funny because if he cant beat me when im jumping straight up how did he expect to beat me when i did?

Some tournament I was invited to in Windsor. For CvS2, I used P/S/K-Groove mostly so I decided to try out A-Groove for kicks. As soon as I did some Cammy, Eagle, Rock and Athena customs, everyone was saying A-Groove is cheap bewcause I was able to land in 25+ hits. To further the laughs, I show them all videos of Sakura and Bison customs and they still complain A-Groove as cheap. For CFE, I chose Jedah and they call him cheap because of his air-dashing, stalled projectile and chain-combos. 'Nuff said.

When i’m racing in MarioKart against my friends and I get a Lightning while i’m in 2nd place 3rd lap.

when i was picking Sagat in cvs2.

Earliest time I remember was in one of the marvel games, I just used Cyclops’s crouching fierce over and over. There was probably some time before that with some grab though.

mvc2 dhalsim…

You lot make me feel old.

First time I ever got called cheap? The day I first picked Guile in SF2:WW.

Double Dash koopa team spam into triple red shell

I’ve never really been called cheap, If I’m that much better then someone I’ll usually give them a chance to at least attempt something. Now how I would do in a tournament is a different story. The only cheap thing I can remember doing was beasting on some guy in Alpha 2 or 3 with Ryu. I did his infinite hurricane kick combo cause the guy didn’t air recover, and my life was down to about 10%. You know jump in FP, down MP, RK hurricane, down MP, RK hurricane…stun.

I don’t remember the first time somebody ever called me cheap but below are complains I hear very often:

-killing people by block damage
-low/overhead mix-ups
-Chun Li’s s.HP/b+HP in 3S
-Makoto’s command grab in 3S
-Iori’s command grab in KOF & CvS2
-Sol’s Dust Loop in GGXX#R
-Slayer’s Bite Loop in GGXX#R
-Storm’s j.HP/s.HP in MvC2
-Cable’s AHVB in MvC2
-lvl 2 cancel combos in CvS2
-A-groove CCs in CvS2
-RCs in CvS2
-Jedah in CFE
-Demitri in CFE
-juggles in Tekken

someone over xbox live that I threw like 4 time straight in third strike then i went UOH, SA3 and got a perfect on him…oh yea i had ken.