Fine Tuned Characters: 3S

I notice we haven’t had a thread on this in a while and i was thinking of starting one because i had a question about Q i wanted answered.

What if Q started each round already with three taunt defense?

I think it would make him an actual threat. he would at least be a mid tier character.
the only matches that get drastically changed would be worth it. chun, urien, yun get crippled because of there meter dependence so Q can actually come after them seeing as they have nothing damaging without meter to keep him off them. at least ken still has strong, fierce into LP SRK so he gets at least some damage and a knock down. so that actually evens out his matches with them or puts him into an advantage.

What if Remy’s SA1 was a 3 short bar super (shippu length) with the same damage on it?

This to me would become his most important SA. It would basically become a more reckless chun li low forward late buffer to houyokusen. Remy would have a much more consistent low game because he’ll always have at least one bar stocked which leaves him free to kara throw against crouching opponents all day. The draw back to this though is that since many characters in the game can actually duck the first hits of the super it becomes the worst choice of SA for that character.

tier wise Remy can now fight Ken on the ground much more evenly, random stand strong/crouching short now becomes a super that Remy doesnt mind letting go because he can charge another in 5 seconds. his Yun, Chun, Ibuki, Oro, Yang, Elena matches dont change as much because they duck the first hits, but it does leave Remy with alot more EX’s to abuse. Remy could easily be upper mid tier somewhere between yang and akuma.

If u respond to anything in this thread try to ask a question about tweaking a character and what would it do tier wise.

Give Q’s total destruction activation the same recovery as genei-jin… that would be awesome. Or the ability to cancel far s.MK.

Give Q a win button.


Give Twelve meter for airdashing
Give Ibuki more stamina, and 2 SA3 bars.
Give Sean 2 SA3 bars

if u suggest something give an example on what it would do for a couple of match ups for that character. and tell us where u think the character would move to in the tier list with the one change. its a forum so lets discuss.

I think theoryfighter is actually pretty sweet.

I always thought it would make sense if Twelve were given the ability to parry while flying. That would really make matches against people who can screw his ass open when he’s in the air easier. For example, Ken and Elena wouldn’t be able to dragon punch Twelve into submission and Urien wouldn’t be able to do his hp sphere into 50% combo. Twelve wouldn’t become top tier or anything, I mean he’d still have low life, not very good comboability, and deal out just ok damage, but he’d definitely move up a bit in the rankings.

Also, for Q. I think one of his biggest weaknesses is his lack of any options on wakeup and the frequent lockdowns in the corner from anyone with an air raid or something like that. What if he were given some new special move, dragon punch style or something where he like, has some invincibility and attacks mid and air? This would actually give him a decent, dependable anti-air (as far as any anti-air in 3S can be dependable, given the parry), and his game while waking up would be tons better. Akuma-style lockdown would be less of a problem, and Yun/Yang dive kicks wouldn’t kick his ass so much. Again, this wouldn’t make him awesome; it would just make him a bit more playable.

Personally, I think it’s just a matter of very, very small (but important) tweaks to the lowest-tiered characters. It’s kind of depressing how little it would take to completely overhaul the crappier characters completely.

Add 50% more damage to ALL of his moves. He’s actually a very good, very playable character. But no matter how much you poke people you don’t get enough damage to even it out.

Fix the anti-air damage for SA2, give it two (shorter) bars. There’s no logical reason why he should do less damage on anti-air, it’s almost surely a bug. Just these two things would make him completely valid.

Give him a striking counter-move, like Dudley. This partially fixes lockdown/anti-air problems, because taunted up he would take less damage and be able to defend himself. Also, I’d like to see an anti-air throw, like Daimon from KoF has. That also makes him more threatening, but not completely broken. His supers (except SA3) are all good, he just needs to not be such a big ass target.

More hitstun on his moves. Seriously, that would make him SO MUCH more viable as a character that it’s not even funny. He could then link into supers (like EVERY other decent character), tornado kick without getting his ass beat right away, and pressure like a GOOD character. I’d also cut down the recovery on lk tornado, to give him a good pressure technique, and perhaps make the overhead kick knockdown, again for safety. He’s just too vulnerable, it’s dumb.

Necro: Nothing. Good god, you’re so awesome!


Give his SA2 at least 25% more damage. Strong>Fierce>B.Fierce>SA2 is a good combo already, but the damage for the SA is weak.

Make his Short>Forward>Roundhouse safe. It builds good meter, but will get shippued like nuts. This would give him better ground against ken.

Make 2 hits of Mantis, and 3 hits of EX Mantis safe. This alone would up his case considerably. Verifying Mantis’ would be cake.

About 5 invincible frames for teleport startup, and a shorter recovery. Not really necessary, but this would make him a badass. Still wouldn’t be as good as Gouki’s, but I’d want it that way.

dude, why would you power-up Yang even more? He’s consistently mid-tier already, and a strong one at that.
If you gave him that, he would be broken against Urien. He’s already at an advantage for the vs Urien fight. He would definitely out poke Alex and Necro, which would drop them.

I say, give Remy 2 bars of SA3, and that it stops before the flash kick if it is used as anti-air. This makes SA3 viable against Dudley and Chun. Ok, at least against Dudley.

I personally think that Q should start out with 2 taunt defense, and 1 extra taunt to max it out to 3. Starting with 3 taunt defense makes him too good against Ibuki, imo.

I think Alex should have a easier hit confirm Dwn LK into SA2. Or a dwn MK into SA2, for his high-low game. This would be good against Ken’s massive rushdown against him.

-give him yuns target combo (lp,lk,mp),
-make his teleport have no recovery and invulnerability towards everything (think duo lon in kof2k3.
-make his bufferable,
-make his SA3 better, like maybe like rose a2 soul illusion or a3’s VC.
-make c.lp and into mantis slashes combo.
-make SA2 an instant super and do at least 25% more damage.

sean: bring back 2i sean

ibuki: bring back 2i ibuki

-higher stun bar
-make his have huge frame advantage

all yang would need is:
combo into sa3 or sa3 not damage scalling so much.
and full invic on teleport till he reaperz

Yang with no recovery on his teleport AND make it invincible? That sounds a little too god-tier for anyone’s liking. One or the other. Either give him invincibility frames like Akuma, or give him little to no recovery time on it.

And damage scaling would have to be completely revamped for an SA3 Yang. IMO, the fierce slash, jab slash, kick chain & repeat combo is a lot harder than Yun’s standard f.mkx2, palm GJ. But still, since Yang revolves around his slashes, and juggles are out of the question, I can’t think of any ways to do more damage with SA3, aside from the semi-unblockable that exists now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not like it’d make too much of a difference though… Yang would still be all about the EX slashes. Just a bit more mobile. I think they’d need to hardcore revamp him if they wanted him to play out differently.

But I think it’d be interesting to see Yang have 2 bars for SA1. (If they were to get rid of about 3/4 of the startup time. :P) Since I never really played Double Impact, I have no clue which one people would select…

all i gotta say is up yang and yun’s d alittle i’m tired of losing 2/3’s of my life everytime i play hugo

Elena: Give her just 1 more way to xx BraveDance (The ideal: Standing Fwd).
And let it do some stun. It actually seems like it does NEGATIVE stun… (Stun recovers lower than what the hits cause).

Sean: Let him throw multiple EX-Basketballs: Up to 3. (Bonus Stage II ability).

Yang is already good enough, really.

Elena should have a hitconfirmable low poke, like and I would love her till death

Some characters that could use a little boost are Q, ibuki, Sean, and 12.

Q: Up his defense a little

Ibuki: Up her defense a little too (She takes way too much damage)

Sean: Make his srk arc out a little more, with more hit frames. Less recovery on his qcf+K and qcb+k

12: Make his moves do a little more damage, get meter for air dashing.

I’ll do Hugo.

  1. No whiff throw animation on 360+K (bas. quicker start up)
    2)1-2 frame quicker start-up on standing strong and c.forward.
    3)A lil bit more distance on his Ultra throw.
    4)Shorter bar on his Hammer Frenzy (not GJ short, shippu short).

W/o the whiff throw animation, he could go from palm bomber to that pretty easily, right now it’s easy to see coming. And the shorter bar, that would be killer, he could fill that sucker faster than Yun w/ palm bomber. Less frames on said moves would just improve his guessing game.
Thats about all I guess, feel free to comment.

Crosscounter and EXCC supercancelable

And be able to control the angle of the rose. Dudley is pimp.

why change a game thats already perfect? :wow:

Elena - Give the girl an air throw
Against ChunLi in the air she could parry ChunLi’s flying double fierce and throw her across the screen to keep her zoning. I don’t think this would move Elena up in tier but would make her a more solid Midtier.

Q - Give him a qcf+p move that launches his mechnical arms across the screen on big metal springs to sucker punch people.
This would help keep people away so you can get taunts in while without making him to over powered cause in the end its just a crappy fireball. This would put him at god tier rather than the top tier he already is.