Final Round XI (11) suggestions thread

Ok people it’s about that time I start planning for our major and I would like to know what ya’ll think of this tournament lineup. It will be in Atlanta, Ga.

  1. streetfighter III 3rd strike -ps2
  2. cvs2- dc or ps2
  3. mvc2-dc
  4. soul cal4
  5. tekken 6 hopefully
  6. Streetfighter2 SuperTurbo-Maybe the HD version if it’s arcade perfect. If not I have the cab’s.
    7.Super Smash Brother’s Brawl
  7. KOF98
  8. GGXX:AC
  9. who knows?!?!? Could be A3, A2, fist of the northstar, or the new capcom sam. showdown fighter (i can’t remember the name of it). Arc. Heart.

I might add madden08 also. It’s almost fall and spring willl be here before you know it people.


Let’s make this years event the best in the nation.:wonder:

Well, that’s a given.

Sorry, but it’s GOTTA be PS2. I know a lot of people didn’t sign up or dropped out of CvS2 at FRX simply because it was on DC (me included)


I don’t think either one of them will be out yet…might have to do DR and SC3 again.

Another given.

Popular, but obtaining enough Wiis to handle the amount of players could be an issue.

Maybe if KOF98 UM is released on time. However, I still think KOFXI will be much more popular in our area.


Yeah, it could be anything. I dunno, maybe this game can be the “People’s Choice” game…set up a poll next year and have people vote for the winner. I would also suggest Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, Vampire Savior, and Arcana Heart as nominees.

Don’t know about this. Fighting game players and Dat Madden players don’t always coexist well…

I would have one suggestion, and it’s one that I know will be ill recieved by a number of players. We have arcade perfect versions of every tournament game now, ST included. It’s simply impractical to run any major tournament on cabinets now. With consoles, it’s faster to run, people can use their own sticks, and there’s way less hassle overall. There’s no reason that ST should take even half as long as it did last year, as fast as that game plays.

I’ll be there either way, tho.

Misc. suggestions:

–Intercom system and/or megaphones available for EVERYONE who’s running an official tournament.

–Online registration, where you can pay your entry fee and order your badges ahead of time. People can then pick up their badges at the front desk when they check-in to their room. Most people can then just go straight to the tournament pot table on the days of the tournies.

–Set up a rule for the first round of winners: you either have 5 minutes/name called 3 times/whatever to report to your match or you’re put into losers. Assuming every tournament manager has a megaphone and/or we have an intercom, I think this would be more than fair.

–Keep the doors open, as long as possible.

[quote=“GiefRules, post:3, topic:28671”]

I would have one suggestion, and it’s one that I know will be ill recieved by a number of players. We have arcade perfect versions of every tournament game now, ST included. It’s simply impractical to run any major tournament on cabinets now. With consoles, it’s faster to run, people can use their own sticks, and there’s way less hassle overall. There’s no reason that ST should take even half as long as it did last year, as fast as that game plays.

You’re kidding right? You realize that the PS2 version of ST has major issues…

MWC is always going to have arcade cabinets in their tourneys no matter what. As much as everyone wants to emulate the Japanese, everyone simply forgets how much they shun console and how much of a difference their skill level is console to arcade. They don’t really play console, or consider it an accurate depiction of skill, and all their majors are on arcade. While I do realize it is much easier to run things on console, there are no “arcade perfect” versions of ST, A3, CVS2, or MVC2. CVS2 and MVC2 have speed issues, albeit small, but they are there, but they are the most playable. ST is a total mess. THe Alpha Anthology has game lag (non HDTV), both this and CCC2 are based off emus, and suffer from certain issues. Play them side by side on cabinet/supergun and you might see what I am talking about…

About the console cabinet issue, if you think it’s better judge of skill with people sitting cross legged on the floor instead of on a cabinet, I’m not sure what to say to that.

And no, this is not a slight against your tourney shinblanka, you know where I stand on arcade/console…

I guess everybody who played ST at EVO was just a cross-legged scrub then, right???


Return of Shiki, do you really think most of those results are accurate? Do you know how many problems Mike Watson as an example has? The games are not the same. If you don’t understand the game, you should not be going just by EVO results. There were people in the top 64 that go 2 and out a lot at MWC on arcade each year. This is the 4th different ST/AE version in consecutive years.

Mike Watson= not in the best 64 people in the USA at ST, sure.

Gian: comes from Japan and realizes how horrible the game is and is obviously the best player there and can’t get top 8 even…cancels all money matches.

Also, I never called anyone a “scrub”, I said console is not exactly the best judgment of skill for the top players sometimes… Do you really think the US players are on par with Japan in all these games? If that was the case, where are we when we go to SBO and play on their turf? Oh yeah, that’s right, we don’t place very well at all because it’s ARCADE.

Perhaps, but then ultimately America will always be at a disadvantage because Japan has so many more arcades and cabs than America, and the American arcades keep shrinking by the minute.

Therefore, a REALLY serious American ST player only has a few options:

–Buy his own cab
–Move to Japan
–Move to New York or any of the other few places in America that still have an arcade
Adapt to the console versions

Return of Shiki: I know, I chose to just cry ;( I do have a cabinet though, but no one plays on it much…

it’s a big line up so i suggest to make a time schedule to make sure that each game gets the amount of time needed to be run properly. No crap like 3s at Evo being 1 game, and for MvC2, PLEASE!!!, Winners/Loser finals 3 out of 5, GF 4 out of 7.

Agreed, but I don’t think Final Round has ever had those problems.

Also, one other thing to consider about ST:

It has been “discovered” that the CCCv2 version of ST is not only arcade IMperfect, but also happens to be a laggy piece of crap.
Of course, most players already knew this but got shot down whenever anybody questioned it. I’m a scrub, but even I remember playing the original arcade ST and I thought the game NEVER felt right.
I was sure after it was discovered that Hawk’s and Zangief’s stages have significant slowdown, that the game was not even close to perfect.

The DIFFERENCE next year, however, is SSF2T HD…which I think will have the orignal arcade version in addition to the Arranged HD version. Therefore, I would be more optimistic about having accurate results in that console version (if nothing else, because no other ST console version is acceptable anymore).

I don’t think there will be any debate about ST HD being arcade perfect because it’s completely redrawn. There is nothing to compare it to, so there should be no issues with that unless the XBOX 360 version is better than the PS3 somehow. IF there is no arcade eversion, there will be less bickering from the old school players.

I definitely do not agree there needs to ever be a 4/7 grand finals. That’s just too much. 3/5 grand finals is normal, 4/7 is a bit overdoing it

What the heck is the point of all the damn arguing about arcade or console, who gives a crap. It’s not gonna change so get over it. In a perfect world everything would be on a supergun and we would all play on our own sticks. It’s not gonna happen. If it’s on arcade, people are going to complain about the sticks, if it’s on console, people are going to complain about it not being arcade perfect. Nobody’s ever going to win.

Regardless of what system it’s on, everyone’s still going to go. FR is bigger and bigger every year, and it’s going to continue to get bigger. Nobody’s going to miss 5 people who don’t attend because it’s not on the system they want it to be on.

The better player is going to win no matter what system it’s on. And if he doesn’t, then the other guy either just got a lucky break and upset him, or he got better and beat the guy everyone thought was going to win. Big deal, upsets happen anywhere and everywhere, that’s why you play the game. If not we would all just get to a tournament and vote on who wins and just play casuals all day.

If you’re use to playing on arcade, pick up a console somewhere and practice on it to get used to it. If you’re use to playing on console and the tourney is on arcade, practice when you get to the arcade on it so you can get used to it. It’s that simple, if you don’t do well, big deal, there are more tournaments to redeam yourself.

Anyways, stop bitching, Larry’s gonna run the tournament the way he’s always run it, and it’s going to be bigger than ever like it always is.

IF madden is at the tournament, I know a LOT of people that will want to compete.

Hmm…this explains quite a lot. Still, my main point regarding the whole console/arcade thing was mainly based on quantity, not quality. The ST tournament last year did not have nearly enough entrants to justify the time it took to run it, and I figured more stations would make it smoother and quicker. Now I see that without more cabs/boards/etc., this isn’t happening. My bad.

Everything ran smooth last time, i don’t think there’s much to change. ST ran on two cabinets i believe, and it seemed to work out well. Unless the turn out is double last years, i think it staying on cabinet is for the best. It doesn’t take long to run it anyways. CVS2 on PS2 seems like the best idea, there was a ton of debate about it last time, i’m pretty sure CVS2 on PS2 would add at least 10 more players into the mix. For the most part, everything else should be on console, FRX is too big a tourney to be scrambling around for spare cabinets. Majority hasn’t complained about it, so it should stay the way it is.

Tekken 6 and SC4 would be cool, but that’s a last minute decision probably. Shouldn’t be a big problem though. SSB Brawl shouldn’t be a prob either, as long as there are TV"s. There are a ton of Smash players more then willing to bring in Wii’s if there’s a tourney. Madden would be interesting, but i’d rather see A3 and NGBC. And KoFXI.

I’m all for giving the tourney megaphones, major props to everyone who ran brackets last year. Yelling 8+ hours a tourney. Madness.

All sounds great. Fuck Madden. Thats just asking for trouble.

I think so, too. More trouble than it would be worth.

man as long as A3 happens this year. i wasnt doin the greatest but i think i could have got somewhere in that tourney.

Larry, I’m petitioning to add Arcana Heart to the fr11 lineup for next year. I know the game isn’t out yet, but if you do a srk search for keyword arcana, you will see that a lot of small communities/random places are hella interested in the game, and it hasnt even come out yet. after sbo, hype is def building up for this game. obviously wed have to wait until the console release comes out to judge interest but i think adding it to a major like fr11 (nec is already running AHF as a major part of their tourney) would give the AHF scene a huge boost to keep the hype going. With that said, I hope you can seriously consider it. Thanks Larry!

edit: and yeah i would like to add i found this thread cause every now and then i type in “arcana” in the srk search engine - shiki said the keyword and i was directed to here. lol!