Final Round Midwest Qualifier I - Kansas City, 12/18/2010 - Full Results

Results and credits have been posted on the Final Round website here:
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As usual, please contact me if there are any misspelled or incorrect names and I will get them corrected as soon as possible. Pictures will be posted on the “MEDIA” link later, and links to jspot’s video footage will be posted as soon as they are available.

Thanks for making this event such a success, and big downs to Omaha for not showing up :slight_smile: See you all at Final Round!

Dale wrigley…ha!! Actually it’s Dave Wrigley. I must have made my v look like a L. good shit to everyone…except to u deron. U played like crap n the tourney…I mean really losing to phong’s wang…

Kyah, you did a great job with this. Seriously. This has been KC’s best fighting game tournament since I can remember, and you did an awesome job putting this together/promoting it.

Le - Way to run the Super bracket nice and baby smooth. Korean BBQ was too good. Food hookup is the best part of the tournament weekend, for real. And GO TEAM TWINKIE, We know how to troll with alternates!! (Le and I used Viper and Fei Long in the team tournament, and pretty much ONLY wanted to Ultra people so we could do dances as a troll. We failed. :lol: )

Rex - Great job this weekend. You were super on point when we played, I barely even realized it, but I could NOT do damage to you. I have never seen you play so good. I mean, I was playing the best SF I’ve ever played, and I still couldn’t do shit. Awesome. Grats on placing 2nd. Highest for our region at least.

Luger - Cameron, I won’t lie, I trained hard to beat you. I made a real attempt at studying Vega real seriously, because I had you on my hit list this weekend. You and Rex are the only people who consistent beat my ass in tournament around here, so I had something to prove. You are a beast, but I just wanted to put you all on notice KC is NOT free. Although, the way you played vs Toi_yet, it was hard to believe I got past you. THAT was insane. :china:

Nobody - I won’t say I sandbagged the night before, I just wasn’t really fully in there. I was getting mad about dumb shit and letting myself get carried away. Tournament, I was cool during every match. You are an extremely skilled and solid Cammy player though. I’m always worried when I have to play you. You KNOW we’ll get that MM in, I was just burned the hell out when you asked, and ready for some BBQ.

Toi_Yet - Way to make us all look free on Friday night. Not seeing you in the top three was a real surprise, but Rex and Luger are monsters. We’ve all taken beatings from those fellas. You have the best Rufus I’ve played against yet. I learned a lot about the matchup in the few sets we did get to play.

Marcus - You are ridiculous. Best yomi I’ve seen yet. I don’t know man, I was just trying to play my best game against you, and it wasn’t enough at all. Grats on taking the tournament, good luck at Final Round!

Focra - SO close. Man… you are SO close every time to putting me out in a tournament. You are the best up and comer around here, without a doubt in pretty much everyones mind. Great matches post-tournament too. For the first like 20 games it was nice and tight.

Ryan - Thanks for sharing your Souju man. Delicious.

Deron - You are just too funny man. “DRUNKEN VIPER!!” “I’m gonna build casinos on your land” :lol:

Boxy/Kong - You guys are mad sucky for not making it out to this. This event was awesome, and you missed out. Also, it would have been nice if all of KC’s strength had been here to represent at the biggest tourney we’ve had yet. At least Nick had an excuse (work)

Shouts to my AWFUL Tekken performance. If anyone saw my match with Jody, they can probably feel my pain. 2 times a wrap, and 2 times thrown away like a piece of trash. Just terrible.

See everyone at the next one, and look for MAXOUT to be starting it’s new season sometime early January!!

Fixed. I’m quick like that :wink:

Thanks, happy to help!

Well Ill just wanted to do shout outs now. Nice seeing everyone. Le you kick like a girl…j/p I don’t even have a bruise.

Rex, maybe one day I will take at least a match, and stop being free. Thanks for reminding me about going to pick up the Walking Dead.

Focra(alex?)good shit I had fun in that match but I had to look down before i started throwing command elbows, you caught me with U2 a lot last time.

Deron, drunken viper? Really? That is like slow-mo to me, nice talkin to you. I think all you wanted to do is land FFF while inebriated. Funny.

JSpot - Have to get some casuals in and I will try and make a tuesday hookup at some point.

Axiom - Didn’t get to play or talk to you very much but I enjoyed the games. Don’t sweat about a little mixup, I don’t get mad easily it takes a lot. Plus you didn’t know we never talked at length.

I am going to train and study like a mofo now. Learn all of Guy’s matchups so I am not free on the matchups i don’t know. Going to get some note books to right everything down. I want to learn the game inside and out.

I landed Ex Run Stop U2, thats all good but I felt like I could do better.

I had a great time at this tournament; it reminded me why i enjoy the competitive fighting game scene so much. Props to everyone who showed up for making it a successful event.

Damn; that was good times for everyone…HUGE turnout. Saw cats I’ve never seen before; I appreciate everyone making it out.

First off, I want to say…5 fucking Sakura players??? When has this happened in the history of ever? Not that it’s a bad thing, but holy shit! Shoutouts to Kurasa placing higher than me (though I beat your Sakura…fuck Balrog :3).

JSpot - I’m sorry I didn’t put up much of a fight. Trying to read you is like trying to dodge a train 3 feet in front of you. It’s hard to figure out the spacing on that…one of these days, I’ll give you some trouble. Until then, continue to see repeated failures, of varying degrees lmao. Thanks for bringing the recording stuff; the commentary was solid all around (I appreciate you letting me get in on it).

Jeremy - Good seeing you again. You’re always in high spirits lol. I’ve never heard so much TFA nut-huggin’ before lmao (j/k bro). That was good times man; I enjoyed commentating with you, dude.

STL - Glad to see you guys, man. I’ve never actually sat and “chilled” with you guys, per se. That was a nice change…I only really know you guys via fighting games, so it was a nice change of pace to chat a bit, you know? As usual, you guys played great in everything, though (for PJ and Jeff) it sucks that the TvC thing fell out. I wanted to see that!

Phantom - I never got to ask you how well you did…let me know. You play VERY solid, but I’m going to have to hit you up for Ibuki tips. I’d like to play you some more…you’ve improved a lot since the last time we played. Keep it up, dude.

Alex - I’m diggin’ the Hakan. You never seem to play him anymore (which has made your Gief MUCH better), but playing him some more isn’t a bad idea. Like you said, he’ll be great after the buffs they’re giving him. As usual, you played very well, and though it sucks about the match with John, you’re a good sportsman for continuing. One more thing…“RICKY 'RASSLIN!!!”

Jeff - Dude; those Third Strike matches were the shit! I had no idea you were so good! You really should start where you left off and get back into it; it’s a shame we don’t have a scene for it. Also, good match man. Truth be told, you threw me for a HUGE loop with Balrog. Shit, I didn’t even know you played him at all.

Cameron - Thanks for making me look like a bitch in teams lol. It’s crazy how much better you’ve gotten in a short period of time. CLAW OF AMERICA!!! One of these days, I want to see you taking Evo. Also, do that damn money match with Noel. That would be awesome!

Rex - Congratulations on 2nd man. Marcus is on another level, but you played well. Though, I don’t think you’re discouraged <_< Also, thanks for the matches later. I’m slowly figuring out that Balrog matchup, though he does have a million advantages over Sakura lol. I wish you had been more awake when we played, but I’ll take what I can get hehe.

John - You played so well there. I was quite surprised (in a good way). Gratz on the bronze medal lol. I hope I’m not bothersome for asking you for advice…though any you give me will be taken. And despite how it seems, I enjoy playing Sakura more; but if what you said is true, and playing him is making me do certain things better, I’ll have to start using him more.

If I missed anybody, I apologize. I’ve no intention of offending. That was a fucking blast, and it was well worth every penny.

Good shit Cameron :slight_smile:

This was a great tournament. Big thanks to Bobsmack for being an outstanding T.O. and to the KC crew for helping out with the equipment. I had a ton of fun this weekend!

Shout outs later :clown:

Shoutouts To pretty much everyone that recked me at the tournament in tournament play. Thanks to Final Round for throwing a Great tournament and Bobsmack for being a great cordinator.

For anyone I didnt play, Next time

Sam- Yea Just ask she has some cool tricks alot of people dont know about.


Im going to Keep training for next max out and transfer to stick cuz pad just wasnt cuting it.

overall GS everyone.

Shoutouts to:

-Kyah aka BobSmack for providing a great venue and running a great tournament

-Brother Rex for the Sunday Morning casual sermon

-Sam for helping me out in a pinch. Thank you for the lift sir.

-Luger for the great matches all weekend. I felt lost when we first played, but maybe I started to get the feel for it during our later matches. Definitely need to play more next time.

-TuboWare for out-laming me with Blanka. It’s been so long since I’ve played a legit Blanka, I forgot about the shenanigans. Thank you for reminding me.

-Marcus for dispatching me in an efficient and gentlemanly manner during the team tournament

-Kurasa for the HF matches and allowing me to team up with him so we could run through fools. Team Kurachachi FTW.

-Chad for the KOF 2002 matches. Yamazaki’s coming up, making me actually have to play Terry. I dig it.

-Boxy for no-showing. I had to take my frustrations out on another Cammy player. Hope you feel good about yourself.

-That kid who accused PRO of stealing his jacket. Medium would be kinda tight fitting on Rob. Good try though.

-Salty Yugi-oh players who can’t appreciate actual hype.

-Choga for having gdlk Korean BBQ. Probably the second best $20 I’ve ever spent.

-Everyone else who made it out and got some games in. Not everybody can take home the cash, but hopefully everyone got something positive out of the tournament experience.

That tournament was awesome, it gave my friends and I a lot of insight about our skills and the scene.
It was worth it, and I’ll be better next time.

Good games to everyone I played, and to Kurasa who I played in TVC Casuals, I was the Ryu/Roll guy.

Fun tourney and well run by Bobsmack and Radian!

Axiom/Le- Thanks for putting us up as always. Wish we would have had another chance to play John, good shit in the tournament. You too Le.
DrewBS- 2-2 in your first tournament is nice. Keep playing and you’ll get back in fighting shape in no time.
Toi-Yet- Wish we would have got a chance to play more. Hopefully i’ll see yah again before you head back to PA.
Marcus- Too strong! Enjoyed the games and appreciate the meal. I’ll hit yah up on xlive.
TuboWare- You do it big, fuck blanka :P.

Finally went to a tournament, so I guess I should finally post.
BTW, it is conical mushroom, not ‘critical’ mushroom, and it is mostly my fault for never correcting anyone on it, even though I knew it was the wrong name. Sorry about that. Anyway, shoutouts, in no particular order(Sorry for lack of names):

-the organizers, because that was a pretty awesome tournament, from my experience(apart from me losing, but w/e). Good job.

-The people I played in Blazblue casuals, for being generally friendly people, even though I still don’t really know how that game really works, but it was fun.

-German Luger and AntKC, for beating down my scrubby Dhalsim quickly. GGs guys.

-all the people whose path I blocked by standing around looking lost. There seemed to be a lot of them, so I should probably find a chair next time or something.

That’s all I got. Sorry for not talking with anyone hardly ever, and for leaving early. It was regardless an excellent tournament and I’m glad to have participated in it.

GGs to the BB people I played. DatboySTL and blargh specifically for being all hype for it lol.

GGS to the random SF4 and T6 people, i joined the tournaments just cuz even though I really don’t play the games, fun times.

Whole thing was awesome though, hilarious Yu-Gi-Oh! players filling the other part of the building.

grats to rexor marcus axiom and pbj

@BobSmack: My last name is actually DeMaria, I can’t blame you for getting it wrong though cuz my handwriting is terrible :bottle: I’m definitely hoping for another tourney like this sometime though, GJ running it

@PJ: Thanks for the asswhoopings/games we had post-tourney. I feel like I improved from the last Max Out, even if I’m just slowly inching forwards while trying to get on your level. See you at the next Max Out

@Deron: We’ll definitely do some BB next time I’m @ a hookup. I look forward to hearing what you got to say

@iw2ma: Nice meeting you and really good games. I know I told you this a bunch at the tourney but GO TO MAX OUT SOMETIME MAN! I want to money match you next time I see you, even if it’s just for $1 cuz you stole grand finals from me right under my nose (good shit for doing that though). Hope to see your Bang again in the future

@Toiyet: Man, in hindsight I wish I had gotten in more games with you. Our tourney match was hella close, great Litchi and GGs

@Ryan: I’d bring a stinky gym sock or something to distract/troll you next tourney, except it’d distract me too :lol: Thanks again for the Souja shot, that stuff was great

@Patapete: Nice getting to know you man, thanks for answering my questions about Melty Blood

@STL: Quit prolonging the tourney while everyone else is hungrily waiting for the food hookup :razz:

Overall, it was a great event with the most close calls I’ve ever experienced tourney-wise. Good shit everyone

Was a fun tourney, was nice meeting some KC folk as well. Hopefully we’ll come back for another some time.

Shoutouts to Pete: We had some ggs, you played super on-point in losers and grand finals and definitely showed me what I still need to work into my C-Vakiha game. Thanks for letting me borrow your pad, and giving Sam a run for his money to make Melty more interesting.

Maybe next time I’ll bring my own doujintop. Fuck yo kitty maids.


Mad shout outs to:

Le- Good shit on running the tourney fast. Just remember, if you need anyone to say some shit really loud, I’m your man :slight_smile:

Luger- Just remember bro… Noel Fucking Brown.

Rex0r- I had that ultra, you know it. Regardless, fuck that frame trap. Oh, and good shit man, you cock stomped me. Reminded me why I hate that matchup.

Jody The Great- Good shit on the ride bro. It was hella fun to kick it with you.

Marcus- Youre a scrub and I hate you. I carried the 2v2 team. Step your Bison up.

Chachi- Billy the fucking Power Ranger. Rex wasn’t ready.

Axiom- Thanks for letting us crash at your place. You and Le are gdlk for that.

Kurasa- Get lost in the beat, bruh.

Nobody- I hate Cammy. I really gotta learn that match one day. I’d honestly rather play Rog than Cammy.

Jake- We had the best match of the tournament, hands down. Good shit man. I got you next time though :slight_smile:

Focra- Good shit bro. True protector of the Russian skies.

To any one I missed, I’m sorry. I’m tired :frowning:
I had tons of fun at the tournament. It was extremely well run and went by fast. Shout outs to all of KS for being a great host to us out of towners.