FIGHTING VIPERS the real true ultimate fighting game ever, is only $5.00

Yes, the only fighting game that actually feels like a fight instead of just a combo circus. Well that and UFC feel more like real hardcore fights,
but UFC videogame series has awful controls outside of the striking, plus it’s very sexist. Well recently, Dana White is opening a 135 lbs division for women in real UFC, and Invicta FC is really really awesome, btw, Invicta FC 4 is like around Jan 4! But this isn’t about MMA exactly,

This is about F I G H T I N G V I P E R S, the ultimate fighting videogame ever created. (well that and Bushido Blade 2, but BB2 is a weapons fighting game, a subgenre, and Bushido Blade 2 could use more gameplay polish, but this isn’t about Bushido Blade 2, this is about FIGHTING VIPERS!!!

** hurray! confetti!! fireworks!! FV themed choir music orchaestra! LA laaaa~ **

Yes, Sega were fools to not concentrate on Fighting Vipers series instead of Virtua Fighter. I mean really, it’s like a club favoring country music instead of rock n roll. But this isn’t about Virtua Fighter, this is about
Fighting Vipers! (okay you memorized it)

Now all the pros and newcomers can finally develop a modern community for this since

  1. It’s gonna be playable on PS3 and Xbox 360 for just a few dollars. It’s a TOTAL STEAL at that price!! That leaves people with enough money to afford a fighting controller! (but thankfully, Fighting Vipers is so user friendly, you really don’t need a arcade controller, though it does enhance the arcade feel.)

  2. this is the arcade perfect Model2 arcade Fighting Vipers, not the toned down Saturn version.

  3. It has Online versus!

  4. you can play it at home! No one will stalk you!

  5. It’s ing FIGHTING VIPERS**!!
(fighters generation is so selfish and obsessed with Fighting Vipers, they underrate it so they feel special being the few that play it!!! Those fools!! Everyone deserves to play the ultimate fighting game of all time!! Everyone deserves to play the timeless masterpiece: F i g h t i n g V i p e r s!!)

(emulator on pc)

(emulator on pc)

Trophies/Achievements are found!

Well yea we have to test the netcode, but I’m sure it’s on par with the other playable online fighting games out there. :slight_smile: Plus, people will have more reason to go to EVO since of course EVO will make Fighting Vipers its new fighting game franchise mascot and #1 tournament fighting game to play.

Maybe EVO will be renamed EVO Vipers? :slight_smile:

So now, lets discuss Fighting Vipers. :slight_smile:

I thought that you died

I loved Grace she was so cool

No mention of the TV ad in the 1st post. Shame.


Last Bronx needs more love.

I was going to make a comment about the thread title, then I saw it was affinity, so I just loled instead.

No vid of the tourney that took place in a Steel Cage? That shit was e-sports 10+ years before the term “e-sports” was confirmed.

Anyways, dope game is dope. 4+P and knowing when to Air recover and not air recover is the name of the game otherwise you get juggled like crazy. I know OP made a mention that this isn’t a juggle heavy game, but that’s because he’s a scrub at this game.

MEEEW! mew mew mew mew MEEEEEW!!! An elitist could be a bit more polite about our differences in Fighting Vipers experience. ><

affinity is always extremely hype. But I like colorful forum characters.

As for Fighting Vipers… Was that the one with destructible clothes?

Yes. I hope FV2 gets ported. That had the best KO screen of all time.

My only experience with FV was from Fighters Megamix. I’m reeeaaaally pumped for this now that I know how to play.

SEGA fighters are the best, there are no equals.

Stopped reading when you mentioned ufc.

I lost you at the random mention of the UFC, Dana White, how underrated fighting game players should feel special, or that Evo is in any way affiliated with it. LOL. You can smell the bullshit a mile away.


Sega / Fighting Vipers - Tournament battle in Japan - YouTube


I’m pretty sure Bunbun Maru was the inspiration for GTO, haha.

oh cool, haven’t watched that tournament, then again, youtube wasn’t around back then, I think. and the information age wasn’t as strong.

cant wait to try this one out :slight_smile:

Only got to play the saturn version a tiny bit, so I’m definitely gonna grab this and play it like it should be played.

the ONLINE IS INCREDIBLE!!! It has room for up to 6 players, it has a nice start timer (that host can pause), so matches get started more quickly if people idle too much, the loading is SUPER FAST!!! People can even use X to select1p or 2p side. you can set rounds up to 5, timer up to 90, and you can filter secret character, there are ranked, player matches, and you can custom search too!! The UI looks plain, but EFFECIENT. And NO ANNOYING OBNOXIOUS LOBBY MUSIC (glares at Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix) My experience so far had no noticable slowdown or any input lag either. (Connection experiences may vary.) This is the ultimate fighting game and ultimate port EVER CREATED!!! I haven’t tested the latency with full room (naturally, lag may occur if there are more players), but it’s one of the best netcode ever. And yes PEOPLE CAN SPECTATE. Also if you use SDTV, set PS3 to 16:9 for TRUE fullscreen 4:3 display. in the Fighting Vipers screen options, I set display to highest. :slight_smile:

I think I’m in love with the OP