Fighting Games in Ireland


Right I’ve set up a facebook group thing, for Irish fighting game meetups (super generic I know)
The aim is to keep people informed and to inform new (probably more casual) people about The Irish fighting game scene North and South. And East. And West.

So If your an Irish fighting game fan who’s a bit lonely and looking for heads to bust check it.

Anywho here’s the link:

This might be handy for those who don’t post on forums much, or don’t check regularly as you’ll get an email about any upcoming events.

If you are looking for the forum where Republic of Ireland players post:

You’ll find plenty of Irish gamertags to add there

For northern Irish players:

Though of course Feel free to go the site too.

Anywho hope that this is of some interest to any random irish people floating on by.

Currently Casual meet ups happen in Dublin at a rate of about 1 a week
Each Saturday from 2 - 6pm @ The Xtreme Gaming Centre on Lower Liffey Street

I’ll Try keep this thread updated with whats going on; The next meet up, any changes, forthcoming tournaments etc etc.

Generally the price is ?5 and Pints are often had afterwards.
Well I always do anyway.

Here is it on a map

From Busaras (the Central Bustation of Dublin) It is a 5-10 minute walk towards and past Liberty Hall (tallest building) and down by the Quays till you get to the Ha’penny Bridge.

The Nearest LUAS Stop is Jervis

From the Connelly Train station Take Talbot street until you reach O Connel Street and head south to reach the quays. Follow the Quays east until you hit the ha’penny bridge and its down a side street to your right.

This is the bridge. From this Angle The Xgc Centre would be on the Left hand side.

If you ever happen to be in dublin and fancy some games, some of the people from will probably meet up with you regardless of the day of the week it is.
They are a friendly lot.

Forum link


Right I hope this Helps someone out. Especially if it is handy to people on holidays in Ireland.
If anyone has any questions feel free to pm me.

Currently the Next Meet up will be on Saturday Sep 12th from 2- 6pm.

Sounds cool.

Hi just a message to everyone to let you know whats going down with the Irish SF community.

I’ll keep you up to date if it kills me.

Ultra Casuals for 4 hours this Saturday at the xgc.
Cross Up into pints and the Ireland match afterwards.

Roughly 20 people confirmed so far but the more the merrier.

A-Trak is the man to thank for getting people out of their beds and show up this sat.

Price?5 approx


Also: are having a get together for 48 hours, lots of call of duty 4 and other FPS stuff.
But there are also holding a Street Fighter IV competition, ?20 to enter.
so the prize should be big.

here for more details:

That’s about it for now, anyone has any questions please post here or pm me or leave a message on my page.

That should be

The SFIV comp is E20 to enter, with 50% going to prize money.

To signup, goto

I’m hoping to kick off the comp at around 2pm on Saturday.
If theres time, we might be able to run a 3S tourney aswell.

Oh also, Gaelcon is running an event on the Sunday

Goto for more info.

On Dec 5th at the XGC lower liffey street dublin, the next Irish ranking battle is being held:

Game: Street Fighter 4.
Location: The Extreme Gaming Cafe, Liffey Street Dublin.
Date: Saturday the 5th of December
Starting time: 1:00PM
Entry fee: 15.00
Format: Xbox 360 and PS3
Prize: 10.00 from each persons entry fee will be added to the prize pot.
Pot Split: 60/30/10 for the top 3 finishers.

Full details and signups can be found here:

A good crowd and therefore prize pot is expected.

Irish Fighting Game forum
Facebook page

Doing my updating rounds :wink:

Shinku! Update time!

Inferno Ranbat 7
Organiser: Azza
Location: XGC Lower Liffey Street
Game: Street Fighter IV
Entry Fee: 15
Use of Fee: 10 for prize pot, 5 for Console rental
Time: 1 PM - 6 PM
Casuals will be running concurrently and after the tourny.
Prize split: 60/30/10
Post Tournament Pints: Yum Yum

The Irish players forum:

Facebook page:

Happy Street Fighting. Sen

From Azza:

31 players, our highest number yet and we had at least 4 regulars missing.

Finishing order was
1st. Cobelcog 186
2nd. Bush 93
3rd. Azza 31

4th Dreddybjas

5th Doctor DooM
5th Dark Talant

7th Dark Onion
7th Ken B

9th Animax
9th Chunkis
9th Eddie
9th A-Trak

13th Banjo B
13th Jonnny Bluez
13th Foamymushroom
13th Chopperbyrne

Some photomographs

vids to come

Any tourneys going on PM me can make it to most i would think.

Sign up and check the forums man, seriously… if your irish and play fighting games and your not part of the irish community your missing out. Big time.

Fair play kneecaps for this thread!

Hi, I am from NYC and am staying at the Temple Bar Hotel from this sunday until next Saturday. Looks like i miss the weekly stuff on Saturdays, do people just casually come and go and play at he Extreme Gaming Cafe, Liffey Street Dublin. just randomly?


As far as I can tell, no, but a session is planned for Wednesday afternoon/evening, it seems.

damnit!!! lol techincally, I am in Dublin Sun-Tues, then Sligo We-Thirs and back in Dublin for Fri so I can catch a Saturday flight home…

Almost Every Saturday between 2 and 6pm, there is a street fighter session in the XGC.
Directions are above.
Just enter the shop and head to the back and go up the stairs, the street fighter players will immediately be obvious and will help you out.

This wednesday the 17th and hopefully following wednesdays, the SF players will be there also.

This Saturday the 20th for a change a session is being held in Co.meath in Dunboyne, Information is available on the facebook group and on the forum.

If you can’t make any of those, I suggest you join and post a message in our section (linked below) Some of the dublin (or maybe even sligo) based players may be able to meet up with you.

Also to anyone reading, If you need to contact me quickly I suggest you PM me as I don’t check this forum everyday and might miss you.

What times do folks show up for casuals at XGC? I’m in Dublin at the moment and am interested in visiting on Wednesday night.

We’ll be there from about five on Wednesday.

thanks for the games last week guys, feel free to add me to xbox if you want

Glad you Got some games in the end, despite the awkward timing. The players here are always willing to accomadate. I don’t live in Dublin myself unfortunatly.

Anyway World Game Cup in on in Cannes this week and Ireland are sending a 14 man contingent.

Looks like it will be epic.

Exciting times for the Irish FG scene. This weekend will be the moment of truth.