Fighting game cliches

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This thread is going to deal with addressing fighting game design and cliches. The cliches can relate to story lines, plot devices, character development, game play elements, A.I., stages, fan-base, and anything else in relation to the fighting game genre.
What do you think constitutes a fighting game cliche? Do you find it appealing or annoying?

Girls with MONSTROUS tits who can jump 15+ feet in the air and are otherwise super agile.

Isn’t there a thread for this?

But on topic: Little girls who can somehow beat the shit out of grown ass men.

Pretty much this.

It’s not as irritating as a whole but when you see them juggling wrestlers with hand waves it certainly looks odd >_>

Constant sight of 5HIT

“Destiny” plots


Threads like these are pretty cliche.

pallet swaps

What about SNK bosses or ominous organizations behind tournaments…?

Just for once, I want an FG tournament to end with a shadowy figure coming out onto the stage after the last opponent has been defeated… ominous music plays as the lights darken… the figure menancingly advances towards the player character as the tension grows… and hands the player a giant novelty cheque. “Congratulations! You’ve won the tournament! And now a word from our sponsors…”

Gigantic grappler characters who fight for the the glory of their homeland Mother Russia, fighting against puny capitalists using REAL SOVIET DAMAGE!!!

1 character = cliche?

They don’t really play up his Russian shit much as much as the players do. Shit, he ain’t even a commie anymore.

It was mainly a joke, but the Gief (I assume that’s who you mean) he’s certainly not alone by any means, even outside of fighting games.

To add to that, hand waves for women. Seriously, we all know that shit won’t hurt a fly, let alone a 6’6’’ Siberian wrestler, and it looks silly.

Litchi Fei-Ling is probably the most over-the-top case of this; she looks like she’s doing yoga, not fighting.

In fightings you got Gief (It’s actually a last name and there is no way any russian will short it that way btw >>), Dragunov (guess what it’s last name too), and Bayman (which is… nickname? I guess). They are pretty much different among themselves right? Of all of them only one who really strikes me as a russian is Bayman. Dragunov looks nothing like one. And thing that makes me really sad about him is absence of real russian speech which I was expecting from Tekken. Boo >>
And Gief… You can’t talk seriously about him, right? He really IS a walking cliche. Much like Ryu for that matter - what’s up with having one set of clothes anyways? @@ And yeah, there’s NO WRESTLING IN RUSSIA. There are Olympic kinds of it but they aren’t awfully popular for that matter. If it was for me to create stereotypical russian wrestler I’d came up with sambo user looking somewhat like Abel. Yeah. Abel is looking more russian than Gief as he is >>

PS As much as I LOVE real soviet damage thing (and I love it REALLY MUCH) Tager actually has nothing to do with Russia.
PPS Yeah, I am russian.

"This style of secret martial arts has been passed down for generations!"
Ryu and friends’ Ansatsuken; Andy and Mai’s Shiranui style; Terry, Geese, Tung and Rock’s Hakkyokuseiken; Ryo, Robert, Yuri and Takuma’s Kyokugen; Haohmaru, Genjuro and Nicotine’s unknown fighting style; Kaede, Yuki and Moriya’s Kasshin… it seems like even though there are tons of characters in fighters that use true-to-life fighting styles with some flare thrown in, the main characters almost always have some fighting style that is not known to most the world, yet is extremely deadly and has been around for ages.

"Fire from my fists!"
Open palms, show them to your foe, and fireballs will come out. It only seems normal because we’ve seen it over and over again for the past few decades.

Yeah, Tekken have Mishima style, DOA have ninjutsu >_>

There are crapton of chars who using actual fire but only handful of water users. Pretty much every Protagonist has something to do with fire: Ryu & Ken’s EXes, Kusanagi, Yagami, K’, Ash, Sol, Liu Kang, Scorpion (as Mascot) >_>

Kusanagi style of ancient martial arts

Yeah, that’s another thing - although, Kaede from Last Blade used Water, so at least that’s one thing he does different.

Heh, I knew I was forgetting something. Yagami’s Yasakani style as well.

That didn’t even come from in game. It was Mike Z who made that up in his Tager tutorial.