Fighting Game Beadsprites

I’ve also got a Magneto in the works and some commissions for other characters I will do.

I want one!!! And Magneto

sick! now do cable lol

screw fighting game characters, do alucard from symphony of the night!

The beginnings of greatness. At least that is how my friend feels about it.

Oh god i can’t wait to see when Mag is done!

Are you gonna be selling these?

Definitely interested if willing to sell some pieces.

Yeah, I do commissions. I need to make a big order soon. I am almost out of boards and will run out of certain colors before mags is done. I’m still trying to work out a good pricing formula.

3.5 hours of work

i want a chun and a mag asap! lol

Magneto updated. I have to wait for my next shipment of beads and boards to continue.

Almost done. 9 hours of work so far.

Prepped and ready. I have some people requesting more fighting game related sprites, but now I think I am going to do some smaller projects for fun.

heres some stuff i did for my son
love the work btw, the best feeling about making these is when your done haha.
i just started beading and i find this fun as hell because of the outcome.

these are pretty sick. i would buy a big blanka 1

Glad to see there is someone else here who does these!

Here’s my newest commission.

Whoa that mags is too sick.

Progress on sakura

Finished with her.

Next is Iori from CvS2.