Fight sticks available

there available at get yours now, i just got 2 one for me and my bro I CANT BELIEVE IVE BEEN WAITIN FOR SO LONG

Shocked the hell out of me, from no less. Picked up my second one for 360 so no more wining from guests about having an advantage!!

where are you from/at?

Oddly enough, they were “unavailable online” for me, but a zipcode search found one at a local gamestop. After calling, it wasn’t the TE, but the SE, but i reserved it and ran for it! Yay for the random find.

Whats the link to the SE Stick?

What the. Too bad it’s Good Friday and I can’t call until tomorrow.

and it’s sold out now. i hope everyone who ordered one get’s one… :slight_smile:

i think it was for the TE sticks only, which are gone already. i don’t think the SE sticks came up.

Hmmm…Digitech Toys has the TE for $239.00 and the SE for $114.99.

guys ** **has it, that store is from hawaii but u can order on line, its in stock now so get while its hot coz its gonna dissappear quick…

gamestop just ran out, glad I ordered mine before so

heres the link

nearest one to me is over one hour away.

Heard this place is shady…

well ben
i live about 10 mins away from them and ive been buying from them for yrs and haven’t had a single problem, but as far as online go i couldn’t really tell u.

One gamecrazy by my house just got two TE’s and sold them. This is really retarded. They just get some in randomly one store out of the entire district. I have needed to call about 15 stores a day and the one I don’t call get’s it. I’m losing my patience.

this makes me so sad =/

I grabbed one and tried to get a second later on and damn there not even listed anymore. Atleast i got one. Now hopefully they get shipped now

GODDAMN!!! thats what I hate with not having a credit card and stuff…I cant order online so i gotta go to my local gamestop…GG to me…

How do you do a search on their website to see if any local Gamestops have them in stock? I can’t even find the sticks on their website.