Fight sticks available

well when i saw it…below the order now button, theres an option where you can enter your zip code and it tells you wheres the nearest gamestop that has stock

They must have taken them completely down I can’t even find the sticks…


Finally found it… Noone has it within 100 miles of my zip code…

yeah they sold out so fast…But still check your local gamestop to see if they have one…Im gonna check mine tomorrow…4 gamestops

When I was still able to check availability on Gamestop, the one inside this mall (Simi Valley, CA) was listed as having TE’s in stock:

Might want to verify over the phone before heading out there.

I called they said no.

lol i called before my first post

I found the page.

I do have about 16 or so gamestops in my area so I’ll just keep checking everyday.

can someoe find the 360 one. I want to bookmark it.

does anyone know if madcatz is planning on supplying TE sticks to those who didnt make a pre-order?

my SE stick is starting to act funny and i dont want to go through with the hassle of glueing down the washer…so i desperately want to upgrade now…

are you reading the threads? People have been buying all day wihtout preorders online

Anyone know if Best Buy ever had any TE sticks? I’m sitting on a $70 gift card that I really want to use on this

anyone else’s order status on “verifying”?

Thank you man.

some were on amazon for 170 plus 15 dollar shipping.

i hesitated because its 30 bucks more than the normal price and someone beat me to it.

oh well.

Beach audio shows some in stock right now.

They are gone.

sorry, i was primarily referring to whether these things would be available in store, without preorder, as I keep missing the internet sales

I got one off the internet.

Yes, I paid a lot more than I should have, $220. But I figured if I am dropping $150 anyway, what is another $70 for the best stick known to man.

Plus, I really like the game, so it’s a good investment. Well, that is what I am telling myself to not feel stupid for paying way more than I should have because I could not have waited any more.


Mine is also.