FFA SF4 Challenge!

Since there’s only one thread for FFA and it’s for MvC2, i thought i’d start the new and only thread for SF4 sparring sessions.

Although the machines are still .50 cents, you can always settle to bringing your stick and using console.

If anyone is interested in running sessions then PM me please.
I just want to try and level up the rest of the community out there in Granada Hills,
because without FFA i wouldn’t be as determined in this game as i am now.

So if you think you have the skill then why not sharpen it at FFA!
Schedule will most likely look like this:

Thurs/Fri Nights: starts from 8pm - Closing.

if anyone has any suggestions just post here or PM me if you need to.


go to ai… more challenges…

i challenge you to a cute contest vicious.

you better practice, there is a 3 vs 3 tourney am working on.

sup pimpbott… you should come down to la soon…

better make it on a saturday remember that

this isnt for me, it’s for the community in granada hills.

i see alot of potential and wanna see if they can hang with the big boys.

but first i want to see how they do here.

as for pimpbot… you win.

stop f**kin trolling vest

Have a baby by me baby.

Dunno who was playing last night but nikka had 40 wins when I walked in…but I managed to win with Sagat. Was that you Vicious? Lol

would be nice to get a day of the week/weekend where we get some good players at FFA to show up to spar with.
Thursday nights I usually go drinking with co-workers but I’ll try to make it Fridays

Dont hate on mahvel:rofl:…but seriously i need you guys to teach me links, c.lp,c.lp.,lp.mp, g tornado is so sexy.
tourneys/ranbats or even money matches could bring in people

yes that was me, lol
but i did beat you right after.

i had to adapt from playing scrubs all night starting from 6pm lol.
but like i said before itd be nice to have you spar against the other locals to get the competition up.

im gonna talk to the owner about setting up ranbats.


I should be at FFA around 8ish today, look for the guy with RUSSIA shirt

Well I’m here gna be here all night. And I hope ur at the Granada hills FFA and not the la one

GGs tonight Vicious. I was the scrubby azn ryu out there tonight. I still have trouble with Rufus :(, not many people use him over here.

But yeah i’d be down for sessions every friday or so. I usually have work on Thursdays, so I might be too tired to hit up the arcades, but for sure fridays!

Yeah man ggs to you too! Anywho I’m gna try to make this a weekly thing. But I just hope other people show up to these things so I can start hosting ranbats

you guys would start leveling up FFA when i’m off at school

had a great time there, thanks Vicious for showing me how to short jump I had no idea.
here’s one of my matches i had last night [media=youtube]Bnu7oariADY[/media]
i’m the gief