FFA MvC2 Ranbat S6.5 Results (12/21)!

damm is this beff already or just hating or just talkin shii?

just bust that MM and who ever wins better have respect for the winner and shut the phuck up:woot: yah digg

I would like to money match the winner for his winnings

khaotic all the way!!!

Damm this shit is serious, I’ll be there to get some of the action…

and i will money match the winner of this match for his winnings.

why wait to evo? Just run it on arcade.

so is it decided? console money match this saturday khaos vs freestyle. i can bring a two ps2/psx-> DC converters, a stick, a few mixes of the game and a dreamcast also.

As for the videos I started rendering the 12/24 at 11:43 pm and now its on the 16th video out of 23.i will put them up on a different site( that literelly has only 3 mvc2 videos). and probably embed them on a site


this would be an interesting match even tho i know who would win

but at the end of the day, i like MegamanDS over anybody at the 12/27 ffa tourney

Ill bring a copy of my mix depending what time this starts

I can’t make it this Saturday. Gotta watch that UFC.

tivo that shit

waiting for evo cuz i dont hardly go to FFA or LA no more since my ride got jacked. hes not the one that lives 3 hours away heh.

Nothing to show for it? probably cuz i never entered any tournies. I’ve been to cal poly tournies plenty of times, went to one season of ranbats a lot, and 3 evo’s. Where were you at ? In training mode lol. Now you are mixing my words up. No where did i say i was a top pro like jwong or duc and was known like that. I just know people from tournies and past playing experience. i only go to evo to MM and play casuals with the homies that i dont get to see. Im the scrub, yet no one knows you heh, k. Grats, people at your local arcade know who you are! keep it up playboy!

Lets see, i can have reset, finesse, bbhood, fanatiq, megamands, rich, ytwojay, genghis, crisco, chris schmidt, chunksta, tell you that i will murk you easily. If you think im afraid of your MSS, when i play against reset and all these other guys’ MSS, you are in for an awakening then.


Just to keep all the threads clean from now on. If i can get a chance to get up north with the guys, ill schedule a MM with you on console only since i dont play on 360’s. If you dont take it , then we just wait for evo. No use in talking, i prove my talk in game when im taking your money.

watch my new video [media=youtube]_CrJyXuwSLc[/media]

Then SHUT THE FUCK UP and wait until Evo. Easy. Getting in my face and shit. I started playing in '05. I taught myself pretty much everything I know. I’m not known because I started showing up to James Games and Regency in late 07-early 08. You might and I extremely emphasize MIGHT play smarter, but that’s just experience. I may not be known in the mainstream, but I’m looking to change that. No biggie. I’ll get there.

Hell, I can name people too. Anyone can type in people’s names and say that those can vouch. How about if I say that Yipes and JWong have my back? Hell, JOO and Finesse and Sanford have my back, too. Boo yeah. That really doesn’t make a difference.

Since you won’t accept arcade, and I rarely play console, this just won’t work out. Either you get better at arcade, or I’ll get better at console. Evo sounds just about right. Cool?

i got $50 on freestyle aka Frankezyyyyyy aka make the money boy!! aka it’s a wrapp over khaotic anyday! =)

what’s good!!?

Well you do training mode a lot right?! You got a " YEAR " to train at console then boy, get at it. This should be easy for you since im free right? I also dont train or really play at all here in sd, so that will give you an edge too. If you lose, no complaints, just GG. And the people i mentioned are because you asked me to say who has my back over you. I can have them post if thats what youre looking for lol :rolleyes: :yawn:

I’m looking for you to just stop hating. And I said it won’t help that I don’t play console because I DON’T have the game at home. I only play arcade like once or twice a week. Playing against people at Regency/James/FFA IS my training mode. So there you go.

And I’m nobody’s ‘boy.’ So practice up.


You’re right, Son. Seems like you like calling everyone son when you’re the one that gets sonned in marvel all the time. how can you say you don’t play console when all of the matches you posted are on console? I swore arcade marvel didn’t have custom colors, or maybe I’m just trippin. btw CYF>freeotic one. Reflies don’t get you wins, buddy. Smart thinking gets you the W :rofl: :tup: . Freestyle please whoop this guy and put that sent to shame. Shit, I’ll back you on pad =D.

khoas winning this freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


I think you guys should set it up for cali regionals. I’m sure shogo wouldn’t mind a tv set up for a huge hype money match