FFA MvC2 Ranbat S6.5 Results (12/21)!


1st Place: Soo
2nd: Megaman DS
3rd: ComboFiend
4th: Dash

Current Point Total:
Megaman DS: 37 points
Clockwise: 14 points
G$$$: 13 points
Soo: 10 points
Illan: 10 points
Chuckstah: 7 points
Neo: 7 points
ComboFiend: 5 points
Fanatiq: 5 points
Knives: 5 points
Dash: 3 points
Ricky: 3 points
Vader: 3 points
Mr. Pasadena: 3 points

Thanks MegamanDS for running the tournament!

The next tournament will be NEXT SATURDAY: 12/27! Be sure to be there!

highlight of the evening was when I tricked MegamanDS into giving his winnings back to the other player.

Next time Soo.

Good games to all, thanks Speed and G$ for help running it.

Stop hiding Finesse! Get out here

Things definitely did not go as planned. :wasted:

Good games to everybody, regardless! CYF was hot with those reflies all night! :tup:

ComboFiend: Too much. Way too much.

:rock: I hope the nxt RanBat is just as hype since it’ll be the last one. The more the better so lets get it poppin ppl and bring it on… :rock:

whoever recorded any of my matches. can you not release any of my matches? freals. thx.

anyway havent been to ff in forever. ggs to everyone last night =D

You were there a week ago trying to sell Jordans.

Good games!

uh ok :wonder: so there wont be any winners finals, grand finals, CYF vs soo, and soo vs Khaos videos.

Is there anyone else that does not want there matches released?
Here is the list of the matches that i recorded
RED = will not be release
Khaos vs Jaminis
Danieru vs La(RENCE)
Dash vs La(RENCE)
MegamanDS vs Matt
CYF vs striderzer0
Danieru vs striderzer0
Danieru vs B.B. Hood
MegamanDS vs Sp33drac3r
MegamanDS vs Dash
Soo vs Khaos
CYF vs Soo
G$$$ vs Matt
Winners Finals: MegamanDS vs Soo
CYF vs Dash
Khaos vs Sp33rac3r
Losers Finals: MegamanDS vs COMBOFIEND
Grand Finals: MegamanDS vs Soo

Release the videos dude, this is America.

looking forward to the vids Strider
boo @ no winners finals!!!
oh well

Second match I just get raped… first one too but its a little better. No need for any of them I say. I have enough vids online with me getting my ass kicked

I got spanked by both Soo and Combo. Too bad the dash was a little funky on the right cab, right side.

I know exactly how you feel

Ghey, release the videos, its not like he has the rights to them.

Thanks for the recording Strider Zero.

Lol soo stoppppp frontinnnnn
Good shit on first tho

And you mock me for doing poor at my ranbats :rofl: Told you FFA has its days, but you dont listen. I pray you go to evo kid, and bring lots of money, you’ll need it.

Excuse me?

See you at Evo. Looking forward to putting that oh-so-free MSP to sleep. :tup:

i was going to go but some one left me hanging

Finesse comes to the team tourney=WIN
Soo come to the singles= WIN
Finesse + Soo = megamands NEEDS MORE PRACTICE

i guess i can try to make the last one to see if i can get TOP 8!

:sad: Dude I’m taking you to the last one if you wanna roll… :shake: