FFA MvC2 Ranbat S6.5 Results (12/21)!

Not called freestyle for nothing. Gonna make a video out of you in front of all your peepz. Aint gonna be no reflying that day khaos, bet it. k-mac tell this nigga whats really hood, he just dont know…

just mm at the ranbat next sat and then quit the bull ya digg :rofl:
my ni99a lspawn tell them waz really h00d

Good shit guys…

LOL I love it!

Too free!

soo no use in tryin to hide your msp massacre videos dude, we already know how nice you are!!

Knowing you, you won’t even have any money to play with hahaha. your mss is a joke lolz. not gonna waste any more time on you. :woot:

awwww shit:rofl:

Good games to everyone i played. Got so close to beating soo, maybe next time.
Strider, don’t put my matches up with soo, that was embarassing, i made too many mistakes.

Good shit to soo for taking 1st.
Props to megamands for running the tourney.
Kaos needs to check himself into a rehab, your reflies are too DOPE.

i’ll be there this sat. marvel is crack.


I’ve been waiting forever for some good ffa vids

release them shits, let the hog out:mad:

LOL Oh wow… I’ll just forget the last part of the name and just start referring to you as “free.” Sound good? And why wait til Evo? Head down to FFA. After we play you’ll have to start looking for some new nicknames. Here’s a few:


lol Looking forward to seeing you embarrass the name of San Diego with that free-s-p.

BOOM. Done. :tup:

Hadouken: It would be cool if we could get some training mode going. Remind me to show you the Sentinel video next time I see you.

Don’t forget next ranbat is this sat!!! Merry Christmas!

Its gonna be so good to get free money from you. but i know you, you wont even show to evo, so its all good. ya you want to play at arcades that dont even work half decent most of the time, good job pro. come back to me when people actually know you bro. only people who know you are your little fan boys who watch you in training doing reflies lol. your reflies dont even get you anywhere haha. its all for show. so keep practicing stuff that doesnt make you any better :rofl: nobody knows you khaos, get over yourself. you are trying to be what i was 4 years ago :rofl: you are pathetic. just dont reply anymore. when i beat you on console, dont say shit just gimmie my money and peace out scrub.

I can name so many heads from ffa and other top namers who will tell you to your face and on here that i will massacre you kid, thats what you dont understand. you dont know me or who i am and you’re talking like you’re going to beast me which is comedy. get on my lvl nub. no wonder no one likes you lol, you’re too stupid for your own good. matter of fact, just keep replying so i can just laugh from now on cuz its like talking to a rock.

how those vids coming

Gee whiz! TOO much free time! Well, simply put:

Why do you keep saying you KNOW me? And honestly, I couldn’t give a flying fuck about your opinions. You’re the scrub getting in MY face. So play me at FFA, EVO, wherever. If not, stfu. Dude, you’ve been playing since 2000. 8 years under your belt and you’ve got NOTHING to show for it. Please.

As for those names, give em to me. Let me know who has your back. Name those heads. lol Keep it coming. Haterstyle!

Private message function


They should do a first to ten this sat. Before the tourney starts.

Just let me know when. Im off on weekends

ft10 freestyle vs khaos?
There’s also console at ffa…

I’ll bring the dreamcast and MvC 2. Only if it is scheduled to happen though.