Fei Long's Hardest Character to beat

Hi guys,

Since i saw lots of us Fei players have problem with certain characters, I thought that if you could list (in your opinion) the top 10 of the hardest character for Fei to beat and why we can have a better understanding as how to play Fei better as some of you may have difficulties against a character while others have no problems with them.

My apologies if there is a thread that is the same, please feel free to remove this thread.

I don’t really think much about the tier as it is not 100% accurate, it is more on who is playing it, my opinion of Fei Long is he should at least be in the top medium list.

Here is my top 4 hardest character to beat using Fei Long : (I only face few characters while using Fei Long, so i could only list 4)

His Lariat beat almost every Fei’s special moves and easy to do
CW is almost like a suicide when blocked

His damage is too high and his headbutt has armor breaker property
His oichio is too quick and deals quite a damage

His damage is too high
his recovery on projectiles is much quicker compare to others (except maybe Guile)

His pokes are about as fast than Fei’s
His headbutt takes too much damage
Has better reach than Fei

there is a matchup thread stickied on the first page with posts in it about all the characters you’ve listed, and there is some semi in depth coverage of the honda matchup in SAMURAI’s how not to suck at fei long guide that is fairly new.

try to do a little more searching before you post you can find almost any info you need in previous threads and the stickied threads.

and if you felt the need to apologize in advance of creating a useless thread you probably didn’t need to create it in the first place.

The thread you mention is about general strategies not personal users experience. On top of that, just as I expected the OP did not update the 1st post since months. He is not anymore on that forum either I guess. Therefore, you have to go through the 28 pages to find advices for a single matchup which is just dumb. Concrete example, I asked for advices on Balrog lately. I had interesting feedback. But in a few weeks, the answers I got will be lost in an other 10 pages of “chatting”.
What should have been done is a thread by matchup (as I suggested but just got flamed). Unfortunately everyone on the internetz is just scared of the “infamous new thread button”…

Back to the topic !

What would be interesting is to keep some kind of statistics and see which character scares FEi players the most

At the moment :

Gen :
I’ll eat almost every jump-ins he performs
My TV has input lag. This makes it even harder to block and flaming kicking on reaction is just impossible.

Balrog :
As mentionned earlier

Agreed. It’d be nice if someone can make a new matchup thread with most, if not every character. It can avoid these kind of things happen again, well, not as many at least.

so what you just told me is… “im to lazy to look through loads of useful information because i want a quick answer and dont want to learn about other things that may be useful to me in the development of my game.”

What if you already know those things and need that specific one thing only? For example, how do I stop Ken’s step kick setups that usually lead into bnb Tatsu/SRK/Ultra combos?

I’ll start a statistic from today on whom i played against and i’ll post them when i have the chance.

I have heard that Gen is hard to beat but I have not have the chance facing him, waiting for my mate who is a Gen expert (he is currently on G-1).

And I created this thread not to cause trouble but I just wanted to know which character is giving Fei alot of problems and hard to beat.

I did search the threads and I found people say they have problems against this character or that character but all in over the place, and i thought that having a specific thread about user’s experience might help.

For me, mostly the charged characters. But especially:
boxer: it’s not easy to get near him as he’ll poke you back. Charged punches are too fast for my reaction and I can’t seem to punish them even I blocked them.
Bison: His moves has really quick recovery and hard to punish. I still can’t punish his ultra with a combo. s.mk and s.hk are annoying.
Zangief: Can’t afford a single mistake, or I’ll lost half of my life bar. And he’s so durable that he’s just annoying to fight against. A full ultra can take away around 30% of his life bar and he can cut off yours with his ultra by 60%.

good guiles, good sagats and good blankas for me. I guess just good players in general lol.

My roommate plays Sagat and he is really tough, so I usually run over sagat players…Use fei’s low fierce attack, it goes under his Tiger knee and hits, also it stuffs his tiger shots

I just checked my profile, turning my worst match up is Dhalsim:

  1. Dhalsim 52.80% (limb is the main problem)
  2. Zangief 55.17% (mostly because of one or two careless mistakes)
  3. boxer 58.82% (high damage output and out-poked often)
  4. bison 60.00% (failed to punish his moves most of the time)

And my best match up:

  1. Sakura 95.87% (some players do know how to combo, but their defense is really poor)
  2. viper 90.14% (I guess she’s just too hard to use, plus FeiLong is a rare match up for her)
  3. Dan 87.23% (Pretty safe to say scrubs don’t use Dan, so most Dan I’ve fought are actually not that bad and I underestimated them)

Don’t abuse it though. He can uppercut, or just jump in and land a combo before you recover, or worse, ultra.

atm blanka, balrog

Yeah Blanka is hard especially those who spam that rolling attack :frowning: haven’t fought any blanka lately and its been a while

I used to have big problem with Blanka too. But I’ve taken the advice from some pros here and try to punish with rekka, or just dash forward. Once he’s in the corner, it’s payback time.
When you see he’s starting to hit a wall with his bounce back, pressure with rekka, f.mk, cr.mk. If he tries to jump out, give him an ex FK. Mixed with some throws and he’ll be too scared to do anything. Though you need to watch out for his ultra when he has meter.

But I still tend to screw up this match up from time to time, but less often now.
I usually lol’ed when they “counter-pick” with Blanka and still lost.

How do you pull up this kind of information on the PC, I would love to post my stats.

Just stop Gen from jumping at you and you stop 50% of his offense. Stand in the median range of where crane and mantis jumps would end up and flame kick if he jumps at you.

Gen doesn’t particularly need to jump or cross up people to be effective offensively, but if you make him scared to jump he becomes far less mobile. Most average Gen players don’t know how to think outside of cross-ups anyway…

Oops nevermind found it.

Bad Matchups:

  1. Cammy 50% 5/10 (Haven’t played many lol)
  2. Rose 53.65% 22/41 (I do player matches with a great rose)
  3. Blanka 53.84% 28/52 (Struggle punishing balls consistently)
  4. Gen 66.66% 10/15 (Didn’t expect that)

Good Matchups:

  1. Viper 100% 7/7 (Well this is obviously a skewed stat, only seven matches)
  2. Akuma 91.66% 22/24 (I’ve learned pretty well how to get underneath air fireballs, and the rare Fei sighting for these players probably doesn’t help)
  3. Sakura 90.90% 20/22 (Maybe a common thread, perhaps just a match-up in Fei’s favor?)
  4. Fei Long 90.42% 85/94 ( :wink: , had to throw this stat in there)

it is on the character record (where you can see your % of using each character) and you can switch the page and it will tell you your win rate against each character, some say it also including playing against cpu but i’m not too certain

you should be worried about viper and akuma, probably your opponent is not that good viper are deadly when one know how to use it.

the good thing about fei long is that not too many people use it so not too many people know how to play against him

I certainly am taking my stats with a novelty sized grain of salt. The only one that I consider noteworthy is maybe the Sakura one. Just because BGF and I both seem to fair well against her. But maybe all of this is can’t be taken seriously because it’s just PC players.

Trust me I know that akuma and viper aren’t to be taken lightly.