Fei Long Video Thread

UPDATE I’ve decided to stop updating this thread. If anyone wants to have this thread update you have to do it yourself, sending me a pm with the entire list updated is the easiest way (for me, I don’t want PMs with just one video added to the list). Last updated 18-oct.

Title says it all. Post a video in this thread or pm me with a link and I’ll put it here. Since this is now the new official Fei Long video thread all discussion goes here too.

http://streetfighterdojo.com/sf4/characters/feilong.html many videos here.

Fei Long tutorial videos by DjB13. These videos miss a lot of really basic stuff but at least there is slow motion replays.
[media=youtube]f17qEQb-TGI"[/media] Part 1
[media=youtube]H7k1OCcaQZk"[/media] Part 2

300 lb Eugene:
[media=youtube]_C0wb1FzLn4"[/media] Tournament match vs Dic

[media=youtube]qUn2ufa99yw"[/media] Online match vs Gouken
[media=youtube]auGSnnBtXNs[/media] Online match vs Seth
[media=youtube]ocCZJDagSik[/media] Online match vs Rufus

[media=youtube]UUApg0UyQv8"[/media] Online match vs Gouken
[media=youtube]MK92DrkWzw0"[/media] Online match vs Blanka
[media=youtube]mSTQUrqYqoE"[/media] Online match vs Abel
[media=youtube]T_gbfmFZImM"[/media] Online match vs Sagat
[media=youtube]WAKsnqdJ08I"[/media] Online match vs El Fuerte
[media=youtube]VmA4wv3WrB0"[/media] Online match vs Cammy
[media=youtube]mYjER63fxPM"[/media] Online match vs Dhalsim
[media=youtube]DfoHcHYg9C0"[/media] Online match vs Boxer
[media=youtube]yXzRPJeGgyc"[/media] Online match vs Gief *now with sound=)
[media=youtube]4b_aGNnM–0"[/media] Online match vs Blanka

[media=youtube]mSDIuxaB6mk[/media] Tournament match vs Chun
[media=youtube]4zsUhpr8hSU"[/media] Tournament match vs Sim part 1
[media=youtube]tCbfGtV-peY"[/media] Tournament match vs Sim part 2
[media=youtube]O_aHTbN1LgY[/media] Tournament match vs Sim
[media=youtube]M5eeIxwPcS8&feature=player_profilepage"[/media] Tournament match vs Chun
[media=youtube]k8FuQN2Mxf8&feature=player_profilepage"[/media] Tournament match vs Ryu
[media=youtube]H9pcXH8arYg&feature=player_profilepage"[/media] Moneymatch vs Ryu =)

http://www.youtube.com/user/desiredkabal Youtube channel, many vids.
[media=youtube]gHUm3zY4H84"[/media] Online match vs Fei
[media=youtube]7p8ZQH-AjMo"[/media] Online match vs Chun
[media=youtube]f5-Sk84ljgE"[/media] Online match vs Ryu
[media=youtube]IiIuOVu4unM"[/media] Online match vs Zangief
[media=youtube]leU6mKusNsw"[/media] Online match vs Sagat
[media=youtube]axSvnG4FFFc"[/media] Online match vs Blanka

[media=youtube]q0uIUVzZhos"[/media] Online matches vs Gouken

HNIC Mike:
[media=youtube]1Hhnva98LhE&feature=channel_page"[/media] Tournament match vs Ken
[media=youtube]6Aqyu4pEQ9E&feature=channel_page"[/media] Tournament match vs Ryu
[media=youtube]FtDcwIq73uQ&feature=channel_page"[/media] Tournament match vs Chun
[media=youtube]EqWIsvtCAEA&feature=channel_page"[/media] Tournament match vs Dictator
[media=youtube]3JMzDn7KUTA"[/media] Casual match vs Gouken
[media=youtube]YdaIb…e=channel_page"[/media] Casual match vs Gouken

http://www.youtube.com/user/MoD1ns1d…12/cD9qt-LRvIQ Online match vs Guile
http://www.youtube.com/user/MoD1ns1d…11/mQ67Ihkq7Hk Online match vs Guile

http://www.justin.tv/clip/ecd24ef3fa0276b0 Casuals vs various characters
http://www.justin.tv/clip/09ca5128a4fa0039 Casuals vs various characters
http://www.justin.tv/clip/4fcc5f2cfdf8c2ec Casuals vs various characters

Justin wong:
[media=youtube]IYWo8ooW-GQ"[/media] Tournament match vs Blanka
[media=youtube]zqHxmYsuelg"[/media] J. Wong Fei vs Chris Hu Ryu Grand Finals part 1 of 3
[media=youtube]0MtGZzydUoA&feature=related"[/media] J. Wong Fei vs Chris Hu Ryu Grand Finals part 2 of 3
[media=youtube]HgaRyEf0xbE&feature=related"[/media] J. Wong Fei vs Chris Hu Ryu Grand Finals part 3 of 3
[media=youtube]WH5L1j8UiJ8&feature=related"[/media] J. Wong Fei vs Sanford Cammy Losers Final 1 of 2
[media=youtube]9VknUULRhWM&feature=related"[/media] J. Wong Fei vs Sanford Cammy Losers Final 2 of 2
[media=youtube]8f3HyM5Us04&feature=related"[/media] J. Wong Fei vs Chris Hu Ryu Winners Final

http://www.justin.tv/nemesys_syndrome Online matches vs Akuma, Chun and Fei (judge_rl)

Nicovids (good matches against various characters):
http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm7399682 I can’t load this one.
http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm8064853 vs gief, gen, ryu, balrog, sakura, chun, gief, elf

http://www.mmcafe.com/nico.html Use this if you don’t have an account

[media=youtube]9zpu9YYx-ek&feature=related#t=4m48s"[/media] Korea’s top player, Poongko plays Fei Long for a match

[media=youtube]hOPcnSAhIhs"[/media] Online matches vs Boxer and Guile
[media=youtube]Cj1O-UHn3HA"[/media] Online matches vs Cammy
[media=youtube]b8l_FkJ_4A8"[/media] Online match vs Gief
[media=youtube]Y7sACSuCVdw"[/media] Online match vs Sagat
[media=youtube]Jv4WZZXCreI"[/media] Online match vs Ken

http://www.youtube.com/user/captaingoodgame His youtube channel. It has over 50 videos. Most of them are Fei matches but there is also specific matchup tips and other things. Good stuff.
[media=youtube]i33af7jLKMc&feature=PlayList&p=FBA45E55356B2CDE"[/media] 7 matches vs Viper

[media=youtube]odG3EpRvQVY"[/media] Tournament match vs Boxer
[media=youtube]03w8JhttONg"[/media] Tournament match vs Honda
[media=youtube]mp8Haz51PzA"[/media] Tournament match vs Gief
[media=youtube]lhmP2LEGyiU"[/media] Tournament match vs Boxer
[media=youtube]oJozFzMDDWY"[/media] Tournament match vs Ryu
[media=youtube]oehYQRMUZkI"[/media] Online match vs Guile
[media=youtube]2egJtaryP0s"[/media] Online match vs Sagat
[media=youtube]JLRVrgjiqZg"[/media] Tournament match vs Boxer
[media=youtube]iOuWIkm5zyk"[/media] Tournament match vs Honda
[media=youtube]fVJo8LNRoH4"[/media] Tournament match vs Gief
[media=youtube]fRDaQ2IdIkI[/media] Online match vs Ben J (Sagat)
[media=youtube]JfoXTIVEsn8[/media] Online match vs GTO Mrick (Abel)
[media=youtube]trzIWOI0ZqI[/media] Online match vs Dark2Moon (Honda) (Lord DVD Disciple :))

[media=youtube]O3ncRyg8ZSc"[/media] Short combo video

xS A M U R A Ix:
[media=youtube]XNG0D_JqPTo[/media] Tournament match vs Sagat
[media=youtube]vzXqZDSKzUs&feature=related[/media]Tournament match vs Sagat
Tournament match vs Sagat


thanks and thanks again for capping those matches

Thanks for this. Really needed another video list, last one was horrible to sift through.

A french tournament held on last saturday

Here’s my match for the 1/4 finals


I’ve done a lot of crap (stupid 3 rekka ken in guard)
Good Boxers are still hard to deal with.

pretty good. two or three things i noticed that might help.

first thing is once you get an opponent in the corner, try to figure a way to work your pressure without sacrificing position. i probrablly counted 4 seperate occasions where you went for crossups while you had him trapped. he diddnt make you pay huge, but against a more turtle style opponent, you would have to chase him down as he walks back across the screen.

with your opponent trapped, you can stay at fie’s most effective attack range, while not leaving your opponent too many escape options. versus rog, unless he has two or three stocks of ex, you can keep him pinned down with pokes, as most rush punches have long periods of startup where he is vulnerable to being hit.

the second thing is to keep your ultra and super buffered in as often as possible versus rog. any rush punch or TAP can be ultraed on reaction. you just have to watch for ex punches, as they will absorb the first hit of the ultra. this can be countered as well tho. rogs ex punches loose the armor property a few frames before he attacks. so if you delay the ultra a split second, your inv frames will keep you safe while still allowing you to land an attack

lastly, try to mix up your pre-emptive counters to his rush punches. a more skilled opponent may have noticed you trying to absorb his rushes, and gone with the gut punch, which armor breaks. mix in some neutral jump RH. better yet, if your reaction time is good enough, just go RH CW

The end of the first match was just nasty. Boxer does EX rush upper to counter focus and gets hit by a flame kick into a counter hit focus, good stuff. That boxer was charging db a lot you can take advantage of that easily by just playing simple footsies and scare him a bit with focus.

Edit: StarNab I found an online match with you. I put it here if you have any problem with it I’ll remove it.

Thanks for the advices. True for the corner cross-up ! Never really thought about
But Boxer jab machine gun ruins my poking game and if i manage to beat Jab-mania, he’ll throw some random Headbutt. That’s why I have to calm down and take some distance sometimes.

I knew my opponent a bit and he is not the kind that throws full screen dash punches. When I know my opponent will try things like that I usually buffer Cr.MK -> Super, inputing the full motion. So in case he gets hit by the cr.MK, super comes out. if not, only cr.MK comes out.

I usually mix my pre-emptive counters with what you mention plus cr.HP which is pretty effective against the armor break dash punch.

@Bubblan : Sure you can. I remember that match. GeoM is easily the toughest Guile online. Encountered him many times, beat him only once.

couple more vids of me-

first, a tourney we had a couple months back. my last tourney on a pad as i was learning to play stick. terrible execution, lots of jump. beat a ken, got destroyed by a ryu, who eventually won the whole thing. im much better than that now, but here it is anyway:



then a casual tourney from yesterday versus a chun, and a bison. i lose both of these, but these are guys i play on a weekly basis, so they kinda go 50/50. the bison match looks a lot worse than than it is because usually whoever gets the momentum wins by a fucking landslide. so if i beat him, it looks equally as bad. but i put it up for your enjoyment and disection anyway



enjoy. im posting in both video threads

Bubblan. What were you trying to do on wake-up vs Sim’s ultra in the 2nd round? EX CW?


good thread

Yes. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Might want to reference these videos here…in case. Good reference tool?

DjB13’s Advanced Play - Fei Long

[media=youtube]f17qEQb-TGI[/media] (Part 1)

[media=youtube]H7k1OCcaQZk[/media] (Part 2)

Bumping this topic (because it should be the main video thread) with a couple more Japanese Fei vids from Nicovideo:



Yah but if its not updated it will just turn out like the first one.

Well bubblan’s done a good job of keeping the first post updated, it’s just that not many people have posted in it so far. He’ll notice it a lot easier if we keep it near the top of the list. :slight_smile:

Thanks soakrates

Does anybody know who I should talk to to get this thread stickied? I feel that this thread won’t go anywhere unless it becomes the main video thread. Right now I’m mostly copying the better vids from the main video thread into this one.

Edit: I sent a request to sosage and I figured out how to make links look like
this so if I’m really bored sometime I’ll make the links look better.

nice work bubblan

this gives me the chance to watch again the great 40 min video of that japanese fei

Hey there I’d like to post some video of me against a viper


SFrichy is captaingoodgames your channel?

Yay. This finally got stickied.

As a “present”, here’s my latest recorded match against a Balrog. I’d say I did better than the one with Akuma. >_<


Played him quite a few times. Win rate is around 50% I think. Could’ve gone for cr.lp>rekka for the overhead punishments.