Feelings of guilt for using a character that doesn't require "skill"

I’m done feeling guilty about the following things:

Getting the life lead and turtling in the corner waiting for the opponent make mistakes and punishing with air balls.
Dodging fireballs, butt slams, grabs, Vega’s overhead air claw, etc with the press of a button.
Max distance slides.
Chip damage Ultra 2 kills.


Blanka doesn’t have a shoryuken.
All of his bballs are punishable on hit, often times with an ultra.
Can’t turtle in the corner for fireball chip damage.
Has some of the most difficult combos in the game.
Doesn’t have some amazing, practically unpunishable low HK.
And doesn’t have a command grab.

I’m sorry this character is built around punishment and trickery. But I refuse to feel guilty and cheap for punishing your mistakes. You lost. Get over it.


…so I take it you suck with Blanka huh

This isn’t gamefaqs.

Yeah people still bitch about how easy Blanka is to use, and that’s why they don’t play him–yeah right. Dude was playing as Ryu. Blanka has combos, they just don’t do quite as much damage. He’s just a risk/reward character, I can handle that. I fell more guilty using Juri, who is now my secondary character. She basically has the longest poke in the game with that dive bomb kick, she can parry, overhead combo, crossover jump, and win fireball wars.

Mate, just play as dirty as you want. A win’s a win.


I always find it hilarious when i face a cammy. I get the life lead, then they run to the other side of the screen and think I’M going to chase THEM down…laff

bitch, you gotta come to me.

I’m feeling like this should be posted at the top of every thread around right now.

I agree with you all. No reason to feel guilty. If Blanka was so overpowered he’d be the character that wins most tournaments…he’s not. The fact is though, he is a difficult matchup if you can’t punish him on a regular basis (which most online players can’t). One think I don’t see though, Is why most people turtle with him. I consider myself a defensive player but when I play as Blanka I like to mix up ALOT of aggresive stuff to try and keep them guessing. Of course if you play against certain characters like E. Honda, you’d better turtle because he can easily punish your ball (learned that the hard way) and his damage output is better than yours. But the good thing about Blanka is that he can get in very quickly for throw mix up games when the apponent decides to try turtling. Ok, that’s enough rambling. For now.


i used to be a very agressive blanka and use “mix ups”…but once you play a good player all them shenanigans just get you punished real hard.lp ball into grab/electricity, ex ball mixup, hop shenanigans is just free damage .the only way to play a good ryu.ken.sagat, chun, is to have a really solid poke game and turtle on a lead.thats why im playing bison more, he can play aggressive and still remain relatively safe

You’re preaching to the choir.

we get it TC you beat a lot of players online due to Blanka’s overall easy learning curve and you think your not skillful so your writing here hoping people will tell you otherwise.

refer to the other 1,00000 topics about how easy or Blanka is or how BS Blanka is.

Easy damage, easy focus breakers, easy roll, great sliding attack, good focus and anti air with an unfair ultra 2.

Imagine that. A matchup in which you actually have to consider the other character’s options. I can see why you’re so upset!

WTF are you talking about?

What “safe” moves does he have? I hope I’m reading this part incorrectly:

How exactly is Blanka safe in this situation? All it takes is a jab/shoryuken before he lands, or an option select throw to stop ANY Blanka to stop doing this right away. If you can’t see the spacing a Blanka player is try to get to do a jab ball into throw, or whatever, than it’s entirely your fault for not countering it correctly. In short. It’s not safe and you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

How many anti fireball options do you think he has. Let’s go over them:
1.) EX Horizontal ball - Works if you have EX meter and can time it correctly from the right distance. Otherwise your opponent has time to recover, block and more likely punish you with an ultra. Even if it connects, it doesn’t leave you in the best position for a follow up, nor does it give you a knockdown.
2.) EX rainbow roll - horrible option not even going to entertain and answer for this.
3.) Slide - On reaction is not the easiest thing to do, and from a distance leaves you WIDE open. The only time it works well is if the Blanka player can read the fireball patterns. If you’re that predictable with your fireballs, that’s your fault.
4.) Ultra II - You know what, if you see Blanka has this option available to him and you attempt a distanced fireball that isn’t the end of a combo or blockstring (a not completely predictable one at that), then you deserve to be hit by that.
5.) Coward crouch - Useful to avoid chip damage.

As a shoto player you should know any shoryuken will completely kill electricity on wake up. Hell, I’ve thrown Blanka players that do this. Electricity does NOT always break a properly timed focus attack. Actually, I may be wrong, but I think it only breaks focus attacks when used as a reversal no?

The ground attack needs to be timed pretty well for it to have antiair properties. I’ll take a guess and say you jump instead of blocking when ultra II comes out. I’m certain you really have no idea what you are crying about here.

Before you write off Blanka as having too many options for any situation, are you taking into consideration how many moves he has that on HIT aren’t safe from special moves, much less a decent amount of ultras? You say he has “too many tools to be safe and very good chip damage.”, but I would like you to explain that further as his only real chip damage comes from an ultra you can easily counter.

If you take the time to learn the matchup, you would know Blanka is not some godlike character with endless options. If that were the case you would see Blankas winning every tourney. This is clearly not the case.

^^^^ This I’m glad someone put it so eloquently so I didn’t have to.

Yes Blanka has a fairly good game vs. the Shotos and some great anti-FB options but almost all of his specials are unsafe in one way or another hell, we can’t even use hori ball at all if its going to be blocked since 75% of the cast has a punish for it on block and a good portion of the cast has a punish for it on HIT.

lol blanka easy. get real if u wanna talk about easy go to shoto ****

they’re both simple to use characters none the less. Usually when the shoto is losing with that shoto I see them result to Blanka or Gief (I count Sagat in with the shotos)

starting to see Guile more in that character mix up too

I quit feeling that way long ago. Use to main as Chun Li and was winning at a 30% clip. Switched to Blanka and I my self esteem has gone way up.

A ranked win is a ranked win. As I tell people I golf with…there isn’t a column on the scorecard for “pretty” or “ugly”.