Feel my Power! The Nova Video Thread

Some good videos of Nova already scouted off youtube.

Goes through his entire movelist, and how to control human rocket.

Nova Mission mode (Guy has so/so execution…)

Post up as you find em’!

Human Rocket punch is an overhead :o

No, it’s not. He put it on all guard (low only) which means it only blocks low attacks. Human Rocket is a mid attack. There’s no way to test overheads in training by yourself, unfortunately… they need to include an all guard (mid and low only). I don’t know how they could neglect that.

Ah, a rookie mistake on my part.

Nah, the dude in the video is the rookie. :sunglasses:

The work around I use to test overheads in training is to select the character you want to test for the opposing team, record them doing the move you want to test, then playback, and block accordingly.

Not as easy as setting the dummy block settings but it works.

Also, works of you want to test how to punish certain moves.

Edit: Typo

^ Oh, duh. =P Why didn’t I think of that? I need to make use of the record function more often.



what’s the notation for those…

Really? It’s in the description…

Who the fuck goes to the full youtube page when they’re embedded? You don’t see descriptions when they’re embedded…

but fuck that - fly unfly is my bane…I’ll see what other BnBs I can figure out…

It’s also in the combo thread


FC’s Nova Guide.

Test it with Low Only, then Test it on High and Low Only, If it hits the first time but not the second, its and Overhead. It it hits both times, its a Mid.

Seeing that there’s a lack of match videos, I’ll post this here.

Nothing too special, I definitely go for jumping.H way too much.

EDIT: Sorry for no sound, we didn’t have the equipment available at that time.

Me to Im going to start switching it up with Tri Dash L’s

Okay, I’m gonna take a bit of a dump here:

Anywhere BnB, not the most damage, but it has alot of spots where you can add assists and up the damage.

Rocket Punch loop in the corner. Its good because you can confirm it off anything, you don’t need jH>5H starter.

Combo using Slant Shot to combo into Nova’s Crumple:

A better and more technical version of the combo, is very swag if you understand all the tricks that make it work.

Maximum swag. Just demonstrating potential ways to use assists in Nova combos.

Also, I made two tech videos as part of a little series I’m gonna try and do:

I’ll probably repost this in the combo thread too.


Long Set I had with a random guy online FT 10 I get mauled pretty bad in like the first 15 minutes lol. But you gotta get whooped to get better right ??


very nice stuff FlyingVe