Favourite character

Hi, just interested in knowing whether or not any of you guys have stuck to one character throughout your whole street fighter gaming experience?
I’m a devoted Ryu player, I remember choosing him in sf2 when I was a kid in the arcades, to now SSF4 ae. I have struggled with his form in Vannilla to his “nerfedness” in SSF4 ae and it doesnt matter to me if his 1st, 2nd or even 100th tier i would still choose him cause he is Ryu.
So just wondering if any of you guys have this “fetish” for a character. Any character in the whole Street Fighter universe that you guys have stuck with?
BTW I know how each character works, and i have tried them… just a little question so my friends don’t think I’m crazy when I fight them next lol Thanx guyz

Sagat always but in 3rd I use Makoto

i’ve used ken since world warrior

Cool so you guyz have stuck with those characters? awesome!!

I like to pick a character and stick with them. It is sad when your character isn’t high in the tier but then you feel like you accomplished something when you win with them.

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Character loyalty is an amusing concept to me

I have playstyle loyalty. Character loyalty, not so much.

MvC3 perfect example. I changed my team even though I loved some of the characters because they where just not what I was looking for. I loved my old team but my new team I though was better to fit my playstyle and also more competitive

I kinda do (did). I used to use Ken a lot, but got bored of him come SF4, and ended up maining Bison. I love Hsien Ko but MvC3 feels like a slap in the face to her so I don’t bother so much. I always use King in KoF though and did the same with Robert until they made him a charge character.

I’ll play anyone that’s interesting to me at the time. I like to use Yang in AE but I don’t use him in 3S simply for the fact that he doesn’t appeal to me there. I find it too hard to be “loyal” to a character(s) I tried using Iori in every KOF I played, now I don’t use him any more because I find him boring :frowning:

I dunno if it’s a product of loyalty so much as I’m getting old and I don’t care to learn characters who are completely alien to my past experience if it can be avoided.

I usually play Blanka in every game that has him. Which was fine and dandy until SFIV wherein they slowed him down, killed his mixups, changed many of his move animations, blunted his claws and made him a joke. :shake:

These days I’ve started drifting more towards grapplers and keep away oriented characters where foresight and system knowledge is more important than raw reaction time and execution ability.

The problem with character loyalty is that few characters behave the same in different engines / games.
I’m going to have fun playing a character that matches my playstyle better than if I stuck with character X because he/she was my first main back in '92.

Also, there wouldn’t be enough love for all the new challengers :slight_smile:

I have character loyalty in few cases, such as using K’ and Kula and every KOF they’re in, and Dr. Doom in every game he’s in. Other than that, I just play whoever fits my playstyle for the most part. I tried to be character loyal to Vega since I mained him in ST but… lol SF4.

I feel ya in that one. capcom fucked up vega big time in sf4 and looks like they intend to keep him that way.

as for loyalty, rolento in EVERY game for me.

and sentinel, strider.

I play Sakura in every game she is in, except CvS2, because she doesn’t fit the groove I like.

I play a lot of other non-SF games, and I generally stick to the same character in those games, as well.

in sf games i usually stick with ken or yang unless i feel they aren’t good. in BB i used to love ragna until cs2, then i played tsubaki.

character loyalty is for suckers play to win.

I’m loyal to top tiers.

Played with Guile since Championship Edition / Charlie since Alpha 1

Played Terry Since FF

Played Yuri and Shermie since Kof 98

Played With Akira since VF 4

Played CapCom since MvC1

Played Siegfried since SoulEdge

Played Bridget and Johnny since GGXX

If they are in the game I play with them, good or bad.

One exception is Makoto, she is WAY too different in SF4 for me to touch her.